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Program Director Joe Bevilacqua has a special message for our listeners:

"Wow! I can't believe we have been on the air for over a year now! We had only four listeners that first month, but we must be doing something right, because our current audience is in the tens of thousands!"

Publisher Ben Ohmart and I should have called this The BearManor NOSTALGIA Network. After all, our original programming is geared toward the subject.

With that in mind, we added a PLETHORA of classic old time radio shows, some starring the likes of Jimmy Stewart, Joel McCrea, Ronald Coleman, Orson Welles, and too many stars to mention. AND as a very special treat for our listeners, we are devoting Sunday to a 16 hour transcription of the entire Washington, D.C. WJSV Radio broadcast day: September 21, 1939, during which you'll hear, soaps, news, sports, President Roosevelt, Anges Moorehead, Joe E. Brown, and Louis Prima.

More shows, old and new, to come! Enjoy! ...
and Thanks for listening!" 

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Check out our list of shows below!

"A fast paced thrill seeking experience takes us listeners in search for Atlantis that grips a sense of well played imaginative proportion. The extremely talented voices of Joe Bevilacqua has an infectious attitude as he smoothly breaths life into an escapade of non-stop entertainment. Joe sets the scene for a performance of enhanced sound effects with the back drop of music scores that play an important role in this audio drama's success. He is an award winning radio theater personality who really shines with affluence with his unique and creative influence in 'Ancient Rising: Book 1'. Highly recommended." New Review for Waterlogg Productions Anceint Rising Audio Book
"Keep up the good work,
I absolutely love the station.
It is now my favorite."

- Martin Grams, Jr.
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SPERDVAC LOGOSpecial Thanks 
to the good folks at SPERDVAC, The Society To Preserve
and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy.

For more the latest information on Waterlogg Productions please visit their blog.

Here are the shows you will hear streaming 24/7
on the BearManor Radio Network.

Aroma Thyme Radio

Lights Out

The Adventures of Superman

The MANC Celebrity Interviews

Audio Classics Archive

Lorie's Book Nook

The Aldridge Family

The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes

Big Band Remotes

Lum and Abner

The Burns and Allen Show

Willoughby and the Professor

Bob and Ray

Martin and Lewis

The CBS Mystery Mystery Theater

The Mel Blanc Show

Boston Blackie

Movies on the Air

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour

The Mighty Wurlitzer

Cartoon Carnival

My Favorite Husband

The Fred Allen Show

The Phil Harris-
Alice Faye Show

Dimension X
X Minus One

My Friend Irma

The Great Gildersleeve

The Roy Rogers Show

Duffy's Tavern

OTR Wheel of Fortune Surprise

The Green Hornet

The Sears Radio Theater


Our Miss Brooks

The Halls of Ivy
with Ronald Coleman

The Shadow

Father Knows Best

Perry Mason

The Jack Benny Show

The Six Shooter
with Jimmy Stewart

Fibber McGee and Molly

Pedro's Fables

The Jazz-O-Rama Hour

The Stan Freberg Show

Fred Frees Favorites

Philip Marlowe

The Joe Bev Audio Theater

The Voice Actor Show


Richard Diamond P.I.

The Joe Bev

The Whistler

Hank Williams

Sgt. Preston
The Challenge of the Yukon

The Joe Bev Hour

Uncle Dunkle & Donnie

Have Gun Will Travel


The J-OTR Show

Vic and Sade

Hopalong Cassidy

Tales of the Texas Rangers with Joel McCrea

The Judy Canova Show

Whatever Happens to?

Inner Sanctum


The Lives of Harry Lime

What's Cookin'?

Jean Shepherd

The Abbott and Costello Show

The Lone Ranger

Wild Bill Hickock

Jungle Jim

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

The Lost OTR Show

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Including an entire Washington, D.C. WJSV Radio broadcast day from September 21, 1939 (16 hour transcribed)

Sundial with Arthur Godfrey (music)

When a Girl Marries

Premier Edouard

Joe E. Brown

Certified Magic Carpet
(quiz show)

The Romance of Helen Trent (soap)

Address Commentary

Ask-It Basket

Bachelor's Children

Our Gal Sunday

The Career of Alice Blair (soap)

Strange as it Seems
(true stories)

Pretty Kitty Kelly

The Goldbergs


Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour (variety)

The Story of Myrt & Marge

Life Can Be Beautiful (soap)

Rhythm & Romance

The Columbia Workshop - "Now It's Summer" (drama)

Hilltop House

Road of Life

Scattergood Baines

Americans at Work (true stories)


This Day Is Ours

Baseball: Cleveland Indians at Washington Senators (sports)


Mary Lee Taylor

Sunshine Report

The World Dances


Brenda Curtis (soap, featuring Agnes Moorehead)

The Life & Love of Dr. Susan (soap)


Albert Warner

Big Sister

Your Family and Mine (soap)

Sports News

Teddy Powell Band

Aunt Jenny's True Life Stories (soap that Bob & Ray loved to parody)


Amos and Andy

Louis Prima Orchestra

Jean Abbey
(news for women)

President Roosevelt's Address to Congress (speech)

The Parker Family

Bob Chester Orchestra

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