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Healthy Thanksgiving Tips, Mel Blanc Bio & Billie Holiday 78s Highlight 8th Month of BearManor Radio

 Joe Bev produces 15 new radio hours: Voice Actor Show, Lorie's Book Nook, J-OTR Show, Fred Frees Favorites, What's Cookin'?, Aroma Thyme Radio, Audio Classics Archive, Cartoon Carnival, Comedy-O-Rama Hour , Jazz-O-Rama Hour, Lost OTR Show, MANC, more.

November 2014, Joe Bevilacqua has produced another 15 unique radio hours, 12 of which air on BearManor Radio (BMR).

Each BearManor Radio show is wrapped in a funny Ludwig Von Whatchamacallit interstitial:Bear Manor Turkey Convention, voiced by Fred Frees, Joe Bev and Lorie Kellogg.

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All 12 BMR hours are podcast
on demand and streamed 24/7 at


9:00 am & pm
The Voice Actor Show with Joe Bev
Mendoza & Bev part 1
Part one of Chef Steve Mendoza (What's Cookin'?) interviewing Joe Bev about his career.
Blast from the Past: The Mel Blanc Show #3: Mel Bakes A Prize Winning Putty Cake (09/17/46)

10:00 am & pm
Lorie's Book Nook with Lorie Kellogg
Guest Scott Voisin, author of Character Kings
A profile of the BearManor Media book: Character Kings by Scott Voisin, which takes a look at the careers of 15 working actors and reveals the struggles they've endured in order to survive in Hollywood.
Blast From The Past: 1) Suspense: The Man Who Thought He Was Edward G. Robinson
Written by Leslie Raddis and produced and directed by William Spier. Edward G. Robinson starred as himself and Homer. Ada was played by Verna Felton. Also appearing were Jerry Hausner, Wally Maher, and Joseph Kearns. (10/17/46)

11:00 am & pm
The J-OTR Show with Joe Bev
Duffy's Tavern Meets Duffy's Tavern
1. Duffy's Tavern #115: Archie Needs Finnegan to Marry with guest start Billie Burke! (02/01/44)
2. Duffy's Tavern: If We All Talked Like Allen Jenkins
Archie, Finnegan, Eddie, Miss Duffy and all the gang are back "where the elite meet to eat" in this first new Duffy's Tavern outing since 1952. Archie tries to lure the Shriner's Convention to the tavern with promises of big stars he can't deliver, not knowing the real Warner Brothers movie actors Edward G. Robinson and Allen Jenkins are hiding in the kitchen. This new Duffy's Tavern written and directed by Joe Bevilacqua and performed by Liquid Comedy: Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, Kenny Savoy, and Jim Folly, with Aundrae Dair, and music by Paul Salomone (piano) and Joan Bierschenk (bagpipes).  Recorded before a live audience at SUNY Dutchess in Poughkeepsie, New York. (3/20/07)

Noon & Midnight
Fred Frees Favorites: An Audio Book Sampler
Mel Blanc & Daws Butler
1) Chapter 1 of Mel Blanc, Man of a Thousand Voices, written by Ben Ohmart, read by Fred Frees
2) Part 2 of What the Butler Wrote, Scenes from the Daws Butler Workshop

1:00 pm & am
What's Cooking? with Chef Steve Mendoza
Holiday Special
How to Prepare a Turkey, a profile on BearManor book Pat Buttram, Rocking-Chair Humorist by Sandra Grabman, and more.
Plus, Ludwig interstitial: Bear Manor Turkey Convention, voiced by Fred Frees, Joe Bev and Lorie Kellogg

2:00 pm & am
Aroma Thyme Radio with Chef Marcus Guilliano
Healthy Thanksgiving
Healthy Thanksgiving tips with Jamie Guilliano, raw foods, and omega fatty acids, plus Dr. Andrew Weil M.D. tells how to stop obsessive thinking patterns, and a profile of the BearManor Media book Ted Healy, Nobody's Stooge by by Bill Cassara.

3:00 pm & am
Audio Classics Archive with Terry Salomonson
Red Ryder & Sam Spade
Red Ryder #10: Hot Lead In Scorpion Gulch (02/24/42)
The Adventures Of Sam Spade #108: The Missing News Hawk Caper (07/18/48)

4:00 pm & am
Cartoon Carnival with Joe Bev
The Cartoon Carnival Thanksgiving Special
Joe Bevilacqua's alter ego, noted newsman Walter Cockeyed fills in again as host and presents a wide array of classic and rare holiday themed cartoon, record and radio audio, including Arthur Q. Bryan, Mel Blanc and Sarah Berner in Friz Freleng's The Hardship of Miles Standish (1938); selections from Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America; Jack Benny has a Turkey Dream (1947), with Mel Blanc, Bea Benaderet, Eddie Rochester Anderson, Frank Nelson and the Sportsman Quartet; Jack Mercer in Pilgrim Popeye (1951); Daws Butler and Don Messick in the Yogi Bear cartoon Rah-Rah Bear! (1959); and listener Kevin Butler ( talks about the history CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade.

5:00 pm & am
The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
Camp Waterlogg: Planes, Bicycles and Dumbbells
Sgt. Lefty can't stop exercising because he misses his wife Olive Pitts, who is away on a trip with her father, plus America's Got Two Left Feet,  The Two Spells (a tribute to Monty Python's Flying Circus by Pedro Pablo Sacristan), Malcolm the Old Tire by Daws Butler (the voice of Yogi Bear), and an installment of The Adventures of Teaman by Mitchell Pearson and the DQD Theater of Philadelphia.

6:00 pm & am
The Jazz-O-Rama Hour with Joe Bev
An hour of 78 RPM Jazz with a Sense of Humor: Teddy Wilson with & without Billie Holiday
A Sunbonnet Blue -  (1935)
Jumpin' on the Blacks and Whites (1939)
Eeny Meeny Miney Mo (1935)
Blues in C Sharp Minor  (1936)
Twenty Four Hours A Day (1936)
Jumpin' For Joy (1939)
Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town (1935)
Miss Brown To You (1936)
Jungle Love (1938)
These Foolish Things (1936)
Booly-Ja-Ja (1939)
It's Too Hot For Words (1935)
What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl (1935)
Early Session Hop (1939)
Spreadin' Rhythm Around (1935)

7:00 pm & am
The Lost OTR Show with Joe Bev
A Date with Judy #45: Car Trouble (03/07/44)
Cisco Kid #179: Killers at Large

8:00 pm & am
The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention
Celebrity Interviews

BearManor Media Publisher Ben Ohmart talks with Derek Tague about voice actors and play examples of Mel Blanc and Paul Frees.

More Joe Bev podcasts at http://www.joebev.com and

The Joe Bev Audio Theater
Dimension X Revisited or Willoughby Goes and Gets It
This new radio theater, written by Joe Bevilacqua and Robert J. Cirasa, and produced, directed and voiced entirely by Joe Bevilacqua, is based on the short story appearing in the book, It's That Time Again: The New Stories of Old Time Radio, published by BearManor Media.

The Joe Bev Experience
A Conversation with Tom Sito
A new installment of Cartoon Carnival, featuring a SKYPE with Tom Sito, the "well-known American animator, animation historian and teacher. He has been called a 'key figure in the Disney Renaissance', and one of the One Hundred Most Important People in Animation. Also heard on the show, audio clips from classic animated cartoons, include Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Flies Ain't Human (1941), Minding the Baby (1931), Wackiki Wabbit (1943), What's Up, Doc? (1950), Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988), Raggedy Ann & Andy (1977), and Hillbilly Hare (1950). The hour will also feature a cut from the soon to be released Rare Daws Butler 04: Mr. Jinks (Daws Butler) and Chas Butler in Baby Setter Sitter, and Big Mouth Fox, a Pedro's Fable--produced, directed and voiced by Joe Bev.

The Joe Bev Hour Sunday Edition
The Lost OTR Show
A Date with Judy #1: Tiger
Bulldog Drummond: A Dinner with Death 4/23/45

Joe Bev & Lorie Kellogg produced a fundraiser video for the Ellenville Cooperative Nursery School...

Joe Bev produces 15 podcasts!

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 All the Waterlogg Titles can be found here...
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Thursday, November 20, 2014



An Ellenville World Premiere!
Nursery School's Iron Man 6 At Shadowland
Lorie Kellogg working with
the students on thier flying scene.
ELLENVILLE – Most little boys want to be superheroes, but not five-year-old Jonah Althouse. At age four he didn't want to be a hero; his dream was to film them... and in his quest to do so, mom Natasha Althouse says, something truly magical happened. A whole community embraced her "little man's" dream and made it real enough to be pegged for a premiere at Shadowland Theatre this Friday evening, November 21.
Green screen cut out and sky added.
For Iron Man 6's origins, reach back a year to the morning that a then 4-year-old Jonah bounded into the kitchen and
declared his intentions to be a film maker. Mom and son got busy writing the story, with Jonah dictating his short film idea to mom as she busily transcribed at the table what's become a twenty minute film based on those Marvel comic characters, The Avengers. The plot, created by Jonah, revolves around the kidnapping of "Max" and a subsequent rescue.
Green Screen before Effects
 Playing the Marvel Avengers in real life were young Althouse's fellow Ellenville Cooperative Nursery School students and friends.

The director's mom pointed out how Jonah's long had a nightly wish for his parents to come up with a story "from their heads" each bedtime. She also surmised that the superhero interest may have stemmed from the boy's shift from only child to big brother.

Still from final film using green screen key.
"Phil and I are avid supporters of whatever they want to be," Althouse said of her young director and his eighteen-month-old sister, Norah's, future career choices. "We encourage him and explain that to manifest a dream, you have to visualize."
Jonah, who plays Hulk in the movie, has no idea how big a deal all this is, his mom added. He took his role as co-director seriously, she went on, writing scripts, reading scenes and directing the film. But film mechanics aside, she's as interested in that special something else that happened while Iron Man 6 was being made.
"It's the affirmation that people are still out there, taking time out of their lives, trying to keep afloat and say, 'I believe in that, let's do it,'" she said. "Ellenville gets a bad rap but it's beautiful to see this in fruition; this little man did this, and I feel blessed."

Helping bring the film project to life was a large crew of local professionals with film background, including award-winning producer, director, writer and actor Joe Bevilacqua, who created the Iron Man 6 soundtrack and produced its sound effects, music and voice editing, and Lorie Kellogg, an actress, writer and video /graphic artist who produced the visual effects and graphic design for the short film. Filling out the crew was co-director Jaf Zarkas, set design and construction by Jesika Farkas, special effects by Johann Kunz, voice work by Kenny Savoy, and Prashanti Massage as executive producer.

Jonah Althouse left and Jonas Trzeciak

Filming was at the Ellenville Cooperative Nursery school, over the course of two days last February, and at nearly one hundred hours of editing, over ten hours of filming, and loads of professional filming apparatus such as green and blue screens, Kellogg noted how the short film would have cost nearly $50,000 to create were it not for the community help.
"We all liked the fact that they're really trying to raise money for the school," Kellogg said, noting that all proceeds raised from ticket sales and raffles will go to keeping the Ellenville Cooperative Nursery school up and running.
"I don't think I could have done anything like that at Jonah's age," Bevilacqua said. "If he stays in this and continues he'll go professional."

Jonah himself, meanwhile, was excited that everyone will see his movie. Now, the director/writer/star turned Ellenville Central School kindergartener said, he's more into Star Wars. Although he added that he is working on an armor suit — like Iron Man's — to keep soldiers safe.

The premiere of Iron Man 6 will be held this Friday, November 21 at 6 p.m. The evening will start with a showing of 'Hatching Houseflies for Profit,' an animated short-film produced, directed and voiced by Bevilacqua and edited by Kellogg that features characters created by Bevilacqua when he was eleven. Aroma Thyme Bistro will provide appetizers and there will be raffles for items including an original signed print from Marvel illustrator Herb Trimpe, plus other surprises.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SCRIBD DEAL IS GOOD NEWS for Waterlogg Prod. and Blackstone Audio!


Scribd expands its subscription library to include audiobooks

Subscription service takes on Audible with unlimited access

Scribd is about to give Audible a serious run for its money. Today it's adding an audiobooks section to its ebooks subscription service, giving its customers access to more than 30,000 audiobooks as part of their existing $8.99 per month subscription. That's a huge addition, and it's going to make Audible's subscribers think twice about paying $14.95 every month for only a single audiobook.
Subscribers may not want to jump ship just yet, however. For one, Scribd won't let you keep ebooks after you cancel like Audible does. And more importantly, Audible offers over 150,000 audiobooks as part of its subscription service. For now, Scribd only has a direct deal with one of the big publishers, HarperCollins, and it gets access to other big publisher's books through deals with companies like Blackstone Audio. Scholastic is also on board, so you'll at least be able to start listening through The Hunger Games before the next movie comes out.
Ebook subscriptions services have had a tough time getting off the ground because of their limited content offerings, with the big publishers generally being hesitant to sign on. Over the past year, however, Scribd has grown to include ebooks from both HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster. That's still not everything you'd want out of the much-fabled Netflix for ebooks, but it's a solid start. And more than anything, it's a great deal compared to Audible.
"Audiobooks are more than a $1 billion a year industry, and they are a natural extension of Scribd’s existing content offering," Trip Adler, CEO of Scribd, says in a statement. "This has been one of our most popular requests and we’re excited to reach book lovers wherever they are and however they choose to read – or listen." Scribd is adding audiobook support to its Android and Kindle Fire apps today, with an update its iOS app coming soon. Audiobooks can also be listened to on its website.
Audible has dominated the audiobooks world for what feels like time immemorial, and the fact that it's become part of Amazon's empire only entrenches that. Though it has a distinctly different business model than what Scribd is offering here — Audible is essentially signing you up to buy a single audiobook a month — that model is far from ideal for a good many listeners: it's expensive, and it negates the benefit of having access to 150,000 audiobooks because you can only ever try out one each month anyway. It certainly remains to be seen how well that can be challenged, but HarperCollins makes it sound like that's something it welcomes.
"Audio is a growing category and one that needs additional distribution channels," Chantal Restivo-Alessi, HarperCollins' digital chief, says in a statement. "By making our audiobooks available through Scribd, we’re opening up a much wider market for our authors’ works."
While Scribd may still be widely known for hosting PDFs, that's built it a big audience — 80 million monthly readers — that it can attempt to transition into paying customers (Scribd hasn't stated how many paying subscribers it has just yet). Scribd is also facing off against the competing ebook subscription service Oyster, which has also signed HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster but doesn't offer audiobooks.
Amazon actually does offer a directly competing service to what Scribd is launching today. It's called Kindle Unlimited, and it lets you read and listen to books for a monthly subscription. But Amazon says that it only grants access to "thousands" of audiobooks — it launched this summer with around 2,000 — suggesting that Amazon's offerings are far more limited than what you'd find on Scribd. That figure is small enough to make Kindle Unlimited a nonstarter for someone who's primarily interested in audiobooks. It also costs a dollar more, at $9.99 per month.
That makes Scribd's announcement a direct shot at Amazon in one way or another. It's not hard to imagine that Amazon will eventually step up its game in response, and when it does, that's likely to be good news for everyone interested in listening to a book.
Correction November 6th, 1:50PM: Scribd has access to many big publisher's audiobooks through its deal with Blackstone. This article previously stated that Scribd only had access to one of the big publisher's titles. That is in fact its only direct deal.

"What is Waterlogg Audio?"

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Joseph Bevilacqua's latest acting reel!

Contact us for Joe's info!

CV/Head Shot: JOE-BEVILACQUA-acting-cv-photos.pdf
VO Demo: joe-bev-demo-03.mp3

Terry King on REDRUM for Investigation Discovery Channel
The Head of CBS Radio on Boardwalk Empire
General Smedley Butler for The Travel Channel
General Montgomery in THE WARS a History Channel mini-series about WWII
The Coroner in the film "Cold In July" shot in the Hudson Valley, NY
Nikola Tesla in Monumental Mysteries for the Travel Channel
Bud Abbott in Joe & Bob as Bud & Lou: A Tribute To Abbott  Costello
    at the Lafayette Theater and The National Museum of American Jewish History
Crazed Town Person in David Cross's film "HITS" in Liberty, NY.
Irwin in an Adobe sponsored web series
Animal Rights Protester in Alpha House for Amazon

Friday, November 14, 2014

Waterlogg Productions has everything you need for the Holidays!

Let's get ready to Celebrate!

Holiday Collection


This collection of stories features holiday tales for both young and old!

The Christmas That Almost Never Was
It is Christmas Eve at the North Pole, and Santa Claus has lost his “remembery.” Now only a child who has been good for a full year can save Christmas! Producer Joe Bevilacqua has unearthed this vintage 1940s recording of the charming Yuletide children’s radio play, written by and starring Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, and most of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters. Also heard in this old time radio show is Don Messick, the voice of Boo Boo Bear, Ranger Smith, and Scooby Doo.

Daws Butler’s Halloween Happening
A new production of the classic radio play by the voice of Yogi Bear, Daws Butler!

Pedro’s Christmas Fables for Kids
Visit Santa at the North Pole, witness the birth of Jesus, go inside Noah’s Ark, and more with these timeless short stories that will charm and entertain your whole family! Produced with wonderful sound effects and music by veteran radio theater producer Joe Bevilacqua and performed by him and his wife, Lorie Kellogg, these Christmas stories include “The Best Choice,” “A Forced Christmas,” “Bula the Traveler,” “Christmas Presents,” “The Please-O-Meter,” and “The Little Christmas Star.” Other stories include “The Tidy Toys,” “The Match and the Toy Men,” “Problems on the Ark,” “A Colorful Head,” “A Drop of Water,” and “Balloon Acrobatics.”

Pedro’s Halloween Fables for Kids
Goblins, fairies, witches, and ghosts! These short Halloween themed stories by noted Spanish children’s author Pedro Pablo Sacristan will charm and entertain your whole family! Produced with wonderful sound effects and music by veteran radio theater producer Joe Bevilacqua, and performed by husband and wife team Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg, the stories include “The Creature in the Attic,” “A Different Take on Halloween,” “Waking Nightmare,” “The Evil Goblins,” “The Brave Boy and the Multicolored Ghost,” “The Monster in the Wardrobe,”“Forever a Monster,” “Bewitched Tongues,” The Funny-Looking Fairy,” and “The Evil Millisphore.”

A Waterlogg Double Feature
A Waterlogg double feature from husband and wife team Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg
First is “The Joe Bev Valentine Treat.” This is a charming hour of stories (real and fictional) about love hosted by veteran public radio producer Joe Bevilacqua.
The hour includes “Who’s Afraid of a Virginian’s Wrath,” “A Valentine from Graham Nash’s Mac,” “Ode to a Transfer Station or Love Poem for the Dump,” “A Mathematical Valentine,” “The Love of Lee the Horselogger,” “Marian the Librarian Finds Love at the Bookmobile,” and “Valentine Vignette.”
Second is “The Comedy-O-Rama Hour Valentine Special: Cupid Comes to Camp Waterlogg,” a comic one-hour radio play by Joe Bevilacqua, performed by Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg, plus Cousin Kenny Savoy, Jim Folly, Tom Giannazzo, and Reagan Bonjorno Leonard. Recorded in the woods of Napanoch, New York, and at Carolyn’s on Broadway in New York City.

The Gift of the Magi
O. Henry’s classic Christmas short story is charmingly told by Lorie Kellogg and Joe Bevilacqua. William Sydney Porter, known by his pen name O. Henry, was an American writer, whose short stories are known for their wit, wordplay, warm characterization, and clever twists.

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