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New Waterlogg "Public Radio to Audio Book Program" Helps Producers Distribute Direct to Listeners

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Waterlogg Productions announced today the new Public Radio to Audio Book Program, a service designed to assist under-distributed public radio producers sell direct-to-listeners distribution.

Each producer gets five free packaged CD sets of their work with cover art, distribution to all online vendors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WalMart, and libraries, as well as full marketing and promotion services, and 50% of all retail sales. 

Public radio producers may submit their work by emailing info@waterlogg.com, with the name, a short description and length of the show or series. If chosen, shows will be delivered via Dropbox.

"We are happy to offer this service at no cost to the public radio producer" says Waterlogg Productions founder and veteran award-winning public radio producer Joe Bevilacqua.

Documentary Pack

Audio CD – Audiobook

Bevilacqua is among the few public radio producers who has successfully transitioned to the digital and audio book landscape of the 21st Century, releasing over 120 audio titles through Blackstone Audio since 2009.

Chosen works so far include Radio Tales for the Road by Barbara Bernstein, The Streets of Staccato by Victor Gates, and Doctor Geek's Laboratory by Dr. Scott Viguie.


The current Waterlogg audio catalog encompasses every style of audio storytelling, including traditional readings of fiction and non-fiction published books, new full scale audio theater productions, and compilations of Bevilacqua's 40 plus years in public radio.

Bevilacqua explains, "Our Public Radio to Audiobook Program is for producers who have tried and failed or are unhappy with the level of their success. Our partners understand clearly we are giving them something they cannot do on their own."

ADVERTISEMENT.... (but it's all our good stuff for download or on CDs!)
More than 100 audio titles are available from Joe Bev at http://joebev.com/buy.html

Joe Bev also creates 34 hours of audio podcasts every month, under the collective title of The Joe Bev Hour, airing on radio stations around the world, podcast at iTunes, Tunein.com (http://tunein.com/search/?query=Joe%20Bevilacqua) and via Smart Phone at http://waterlogg-productions.mobapp.at/.

Bev also programs ten monthly hours for The Bear Manor Radio Network streaming at http://www.bearmanorradio.com.

It was announced on May 13, 2014, Joe Bev podcasts had surpassed 100 download per day - up 862% since September 2013.

On this week's "Joe Bev Hour" shows:

Length: 29.5 hours
CD Set or Download
cartoon carnival holiday
The Comedy-O-Rama Hour...
Camp Waterlogg: Happy Birthday, Uncle Goopie! Redux

The Camp is preparing for a big birthday bash for former Camp Waterlogg owner, Uncle Goopie who is now a hermit in a cave who only comes out once a year on his birthday. Uncle Goopie is played by Bob Camp, co-creator of Ren & Stimpy.

Show creator Joe Bevilacqua says, ''Bob is not only a cartoonist, comic book artist, director, and producer, but a great actor as well! Bob plays him like Ernest T. Bass and the name comes from the This is Your Life sketch from Your Show of Shows with Morris, Sid Caesar and Carl Reiner.''





The Jazz-O-Rama Hour...
Remastered Rhapsodies


Host Joe Bev presents remastered 78 RPM records including:
Rhapsody in Blue - The Paul Whiteman Orchestra, conducted by Nat Shilkret, with George Gershwin on piano (1927)
Creole Rhapsody - Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra (1931)
Fifi's Rhapsody - The John Kirby Orchestra (1941)
Ebony Rhapsody - Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra (1934)
The Guy With The Slide Trombone (Hungarian Rhapsody) The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (1945)
Melancholy Rhapsody - The Harry James Orchestra (1941)
Lazy Rhapsody - Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra (1932)
Second Rhapsody - The Paul Whiteman Orchestra, with George Gershwin on piano (1931)
What makes The Jazz-O-Rama Hour unique is that Bev remasters all the 78 RPM records he plays: ''Most CD collections compress these old recordings to limit the hiss, pops and crackles. The result is a loss of the full depth of the music. I bring back all the bass, treble and mid-tones, so you can hear it all," explains Bev, who adds that listeners will notice a soft high pitched hiss on "Rhapsody in Blue," a small price to pay for the rich sound of Whiteman's band.''

Length: 8.8 hrs
CD Set or Download
More funny children stories by noted Spanish author Pedro Pablo Sacristán, translated into English, in themes kids love! Perfect for bedtime, car rides, or anywhere you go, The Pedro’s Fables Themes Collection is an entertaining and educational anthology of Pedro Pablo Sacristán’s most beloved tales. Organized into themes and produced with full music and sound effects, this delightful collection is sure to charm the entire family.

The Joe Bev Experience...
The Cartoon Carnival
Jazz Special


One of Joe Bev's many alter egos Mr. Jazzbo (a talking 78 RPM record) introduces soundtracks from Max Fleischer, Famous Studios, Paramount, MGM and Warner Brothers Cartoons that feature classic jazz, including:
You Don't Know What Your Doing - Merrie Melody with The Abe Lyman Orchestra - Warner Brothers (1931)
Minnie the Moocher - Betty Boop & The Cab Calloway Orchestra - Max Fleischer (1932)
Snow White -  Betty Boop & The Cab Calloway Orchestra - Max Fleischer (1933)
The Old Man of the Mountain Betty Boop & The Cab Calloway Orchestra - Max Fleischer (1933)
Katnip Kollege - Merrie Melody - Warner Brothers (1938)
Me Musical Nephews - Popeye the Sailor - Famous Studios / Paramount (1942)
Solid Serenade - Tom & Jerry (1946)



catroon carnival

Voiced by Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, Joe Barbera, Leonard Maltin, Bob Clampett, Stan Freberg, Daws Butler, Mel Blanc, Bill Marx, June Foray, Craig Marin, Janet Waldo 

Length: 2 hours & 51 min.

Cartoon Carnival...
Bob Clampett's Time Beany Part 2 Redux


Host Joe Be presents part two of a tribute to Bob Clampett's "Time for Beany," featuring Stan Freberg and Daws Butler, Bill Marx (author of "Son of Harpo Speaks") talks about his dad's favorite children shows, "Clyde Crashcup Invents the Bathtub" with Shep Menken (1961), Pebbles and Bamm Bamm sing Let the Sun Shine In (1965), part four of "Willoughby and the Professor Meet Bartizan the Genie," (1975), Daws Butler teaches Joe Bev how to be a voice actor, part four (1975), and Uncle Dunkle and Donnie in "Perky the Pig" (2009).



Length: 8.7 hours - CD Set or Download
cartoon carnival holiday

The Joe Bev Audio Theater...
Son of Harpo Speaks!,
part 1 &

Homeland Security Comes to Camp Waterlogg
Son of Harpo Speaks! A Family Portrait, was produced, written, and narrated, with voices and music, by Bill Marx and produced by Joe Bevilacqua. It was co-produced, directed, edited, and digitally mastered by Gerry Bucci at Gerico 1 Media. Buy the companion book here: http://www.amazon.com/Son-Harpo-Speaks-Family-Portrait/dp/1482930757

Bill Marx says, ''For many years, friends and family have asked me, 'Bill, why don't you write a book about your life? You must have had quite a childhood growing up with your dad, Harpo, and those zany uncles of yours, the Marx Brothers. And what about those weird, maybe fatalistic happenings you've experienced that can only be described as too-Hollywood-to-believe?''
In Homeland-Security-Comes-to-Camp-Waterlogg, Ranger Joe Bevilacqua and Ranger Lorie Kellogg improvise radio theater stories, doing most of the voices themselves, from their cabin in Catskill Mountains.


Length: 29.5 hours
CD Set or Download
cartoon carnival holiday
The Joe Bev Hour Sunday Edition...
The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
Camp Waterlogg: The Animals are Revolting

This week, the chipmunks and squirrels are throw nuts and acorns at the staff and visitors at Camp Waterlogg. Chef Ron Drysdale is still missing and now Adam Maxwell (Joe Bev) from US Homeland Security is look for him. Joe Bev also plays Sgt Lefty, Ellis da Boatkeeper, Woody, Adam Maxwell and Lil Orphan Andy. Kellogg is also heard as Lkie, Elise and Mrs. Terwilliger. Plus, the audio cartoon "Reddy Robin and the Owl" by Daws Butler, and more.



A Conversation with Fred Frees
Blast from the Past: Paul Frees & Groucho on Rankin & Bass's The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians
Joe Bev's wife Lorie Kellogg and guest Fred Frees join him for an hour of conversation and rare audio about Fred's dad, legendary voice actor,  Paul Frees  Paul was the voice of the Ghost Host at Disney's Haunted Mansion, the dastardly Boris Badenov from Bullwinkle, Professor Ludwig Von Drake via the Wonderful World of Disney, the Pillsbury Dougboy, Ape in George of the Jungle, and many other voices. Ben Ohmart's book: Welcome, Foolish Mortals the Life and Voices of  Paul Frees  (Revised Edition) is available at bearmanormedia.com.

Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House 
Blast from the Past: Groucho in Film & Radio
Host Lorie Kellogg talks with her guest Steve Stoliar, author of Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House , available at bearmanormedia.com, about his career as Groucho Marx's personal secretary and archivist.

 with Joe Bev 
Fibber McGee Meets Fibber McGee
ON  Fibber McGee an Molly Fibber Builds a Doghouse & The House of Wax
Joe Bev hosts an hour old time radio mashup between two Fibber McGee and Molly episodes, one from January 2, 1940 and the other new! Fibber McGee and Molly ran on the NBC Radio Network from 1935 until 1959. Fibber McGee's Scrapbook is available at bearmanormedia.com. New Fiber McGee is available at waterlogg.com.

Son of Harpo Speaks and Son of Groucho Speaks 
Host Fred Frees presents an hour of audio delights from the Bear Manor and Waterlogg catalogs, plus some rarities of all kinds. This time, part 1 Son of Harpo Speaks, written and read by Bill Marx, and a rare interview with Arthur Marx, from 1972. The book is available at bearmanormedia.com. The audiobook is available at waterlogg.com.

Joe Bevilacqua (also know as Joe Bev) has published a number of booked under the Bear Manor banner, including Daws Butler: Characters Actor, Uncle Uncle and Donnie, and Scenes for Actors and Voices.

Bevilacqua has been a staple of public radio since the 1980s, with award-winning appearances on NPR's All Things Considered and Weekend Edition. He has most recently turned his attention to online radio streaming, podcasts and audiobooks.
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The veteran broadcaster has developed a number of successful public radio shows airing on stations around the world, including The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, The Jazz-O-Rama Hour, The Joe Bev Experience, Cartoon Carnival, The Joe Bev Audio Theater, and The Joe Bev Hour Sunday Edition.  Stations include Pawling Public Radio, Radio New Zealand, WGTD, Wisconsin Public Radio, Dream Stream Radio, Sound Stages Radio, WHRO-Norfolk, VA, The 1920s Radio Network, Toon Radio, The Radio Book Channel and The Couch TV Network. Available at http://joebev.com/buy.html
 All the Waterlogg Titles can be found here...

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