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Husband and wife team create a world of characters on weekly Comedy-O-Rama podcast

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The Joe Bev Hour is six different shows per week--syndicated worldwide--on Dream Stream Radio, Sound Stages Radio, WHRO-Norfolk, The 1920s Radio Network, Toon Radio, Radio Book Channel, Pawling Public Radio, Radio New Zealand, WGTD, more.

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour: 
We Lost the Children
but Gained Some Chickens

When Lorie Kellogg married Joe Bevilacqua in 1997, she never imagined she'd also be married to timid Ellis, brash Lefty, silly Andy, and hundreds of other characters that have been coming out of Bevilacqua's mouth since he was a child.

Kellogg ad Bev provide all the voices in Camp Waterlogg-A-Go-Go! We Lost the Children but Gained Some Chickens. Ranger Joe and Ranger Lorie hike the New York Catskill Park, leaving Sgt. Lefty and Olive Pitts to heard eleven wild baby chicks (and their mom) to safety. Meanwhile Mrs. Terwilliger, her sister, and 56 camp kids are lost in the woods.

To create such a complex radio theater hour every week, Kellogg and Bev mix real life with fiction while recording in their cabin like home, and the surrounding woods and mountains.

"Lorie and I had to save those wild chicks anyway, so we did it in the voices of Lefty and Olive. What you hear is real but not real at the same time," admits Bev who improvises about half the show with his wife each week.

Bev recorded the couple's actually hike to the Red Hill Fire Tower some 3,000 feet atop the Catskills, complete with other hikers and a real park ranger telling its history.


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These real life moments are blending with scenes of flights of fancy at the fictional Camp Waterlogg. This week, Kellogg as Mrs. Terwilliger and Bev as her sister get each other lost and the woods. They also voice the crowd of children. Bev as Adam Maxwell saves them in a hot air balloon.

This week's show also includes the continuing parody of TV's Whale Wars with Ellis and Elise on Beluga Battles and the cartoon Balloon Actrobatics by Pedro Pablo Sacristan.

Joe Bevilacqua is a veteran radio theater producer and voice actor. He also works on stage and is the winner of the 2012 New York TANYS Award for Excellence in Acting. He has performed at the Improv, Caroline's on Broadway, Catch a Rising Star, the Comic Strip, opened for Uncle Floyd, worked with Al Franken, Shelley Berman, Louis Black and Rick Overton. Joe has also MC'd shows featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Mahr and Gilbert Gottfried. He has been regularly heard on National Public Radio and Sirius-XM Radio and has produced hundreds of hours of audiobooks.

Lorie Kellogg and Joe Bev
Lorie Kellogg started her education at the Kansas City Art Institute. There she studied painting, printmaking, photography, commercial design and video. She continued to Graduate School at the California Institute of the Arts where she received her MFA in Film/Video. Lorie is a graphic designer creating websites, logos, newsletters, newspaper & magazine layout, package design, ad design, and edits video & audio. On Comedy-O-Rama, Lorie also voices Ranger Lorie, Olive Pitts, Lkie (Sqweeky), Mrs. Terwilliger,  and the other half of voices in the Pedro cartoons.

On this week's shows:


Length: 29.5 hours
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cartoon carnival holiday

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour...
Camp Waterlogg-A-Go-Go!
We Lost the Children
but Gained Some Chickens


 GET THE APP MAN!Part improvisation, part audio cartoon, The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles, Seasons 1–5 is a five-volume collection of the successful comedy show created by two radio-theater veterans.
Each volume contains six one-hour segments of the comic misadventures of Sergeant Lefty, Olive Pitts, Ellis the Boatkeeper, Squeaky Lkie, Stinky Peter, Mrs. Terwilliger, and all the wacky denizens of Camp Waterlogg, the dilapidated camp for kids in the Catskills. The creation of husband and wife team Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) and Lorie Kellogg, theses episodes are part of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour, a successful radio theater show on Sirius XM Radio.

Other editions of this week's The Joe Bev Hour including:

The Jazz-O-Rama Hour
Fletcher  Henderson & Sidney Bechet
1. Swing Parade - Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Feetwarmers (1941)
2. Viper Mad - Sidney Bechet (1938)
3. Limehouse Blues - Sidney Bechet (1941)
4. Grand Terrace Rhythm - Fletcher Henderson (1936)
5. I'm Just Wild About Harry - Sidney Bechet (1937)
6. Polka Dot Rag - Sidney Bechet (1936)
7. Polka Dot Rag - Sidney Bechet (1934)
8. Hold Tight - Sidney Bechet (1938)
9. Marche Du Coloneo Bogey - Sidney Bechet & Willie The Lion Smith (1939)
10. Hotter Than 'Ell - Fletcher Henderson (1934)
11. Meringue D'amour - Sidney Bechet & Haitian Orchestra (1939)
10. Sous Les Palmiers [Meringue] - Sidney Bechet & Haitian Orchestra (1939)
11. Baba [Rhumba] - Sidney Bechet & Haitian Orchestra (1939)
12. All God's Children Got Rhythm (1937)
13. Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) - Fletcher Henderson
14. Christopher Columbus - Fletcher Henderson (1936)

Sidney Bechet was an American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer. He was one of the first important soloists in jazz (beating cornetist and trumpeter Louis Armstrong to the recording studio by several months and later playing duets with Armstrong), and was perhaps the first notable jazz saxophonist. Forceful delivery, well-constructed improvisations, and a distinctive, wide vibrato characterized Bechet's playing.

James Fletcher Hamilton Henderson, Jr. was an American pianist, bandleader, arranger and composer, important in the development of big band jazz and swing music. His was one of the most prolific black orchestras and his influence was vast. Fletcher Henderson led the most commercially successful of the African-American Jazz bands of the 1920s. The smooth sound of his orchestra gave birth to the Swing style of the next decade. 

Streets of Staccato, Episode 1:
The Joe Bev Experience
Ancient Rising, Chapter 4: Settling In
Streets of Staccato: Stench of the City part 5
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, A Call from the Storm part 2

Ancient Rising: A Joe Bev Audio Theater
by JC De La Torre
Produced & directed by Joe Bevilacqua
Narrated by Joe Bevilacqua
11 Hours, 44 minutes, 17 seconds
[Audio Theater - Performed by Joe Bevilacqua]

JC De La Torre takes you on a breathless search for the lost continent of Atlantis in this action-packed tale of fantasy and adventure. -- A widower is set off on an amazing adventure by a man claiming to be a god in this epic fantasy tale that reads like 'Indiana Jones' meets 'Clash of the Titans'. Follow Dan Ryan through Egypt, Greece, and the Mexican jungle as he unlocks the keys to finding the lost continent of Atlantis and the gods imprisoned there. -- Eight years after its initial publication, Ancient Rising still captures the hearts and minds of adventurous readers (and now listeners) beginning their trek into the world of the ancients. With book one of the 'Rise of the Ancients' saga, JC De La Torre puts together a fast-paced adventure of a lifetime. Here, award-winning radio-theater artist Joe Bevilacqua breathes new life into the characters that make Ancient Rising one of the most exciting tales out there. -- Bevilacqua introduces you to the Bev-O-Vision 3D audiobook experience, designed to completely immerse you in the story. He weeps when Dan Ryan loses someone close to him. He cries out when Ryan exclaims in pain. He becomes Ryan, Doc Constant, Mina, Hermes, and all of the other colorful characters found within these pages. JC De La Torre takes you on a breathless search for the lost continent of Atlantis, and Bevilacqua delivers each and every action-packed moment. From the debut of the Greek god Hermes to the pits of Hades and the rise of Atlantis, Ancient Rising puts you on course for action-packed fun.

Streets of Staccato, Episode 1: 'Stench of the City' [Unabridged] [Audible Audio Edition]
by Mr. Victor Gates W. Ralph Walters (Author), Mr. Elie Hirschman David Sobkowiak W. Ralph Walter (Narrator)
In the first episode of Victor Gates's hilariously naughty 70's cop show with a modern sense of humor, Sgt. Staccato and his men battle it out with stinky pirates as Father Kelly from Belfast tags along. Craziness ensues as events lead to an epic showdown at Mr. B's Ballroom.

Credits: Sgt. Staccato - Elie Hirschman; Sgt. Berk - David Sobkowiak; Chief Kilvinski - W. Ralph Walters; Father Kelly - Victor Gates; Officer Chuck - Victor Gates; Officer Ted - W. Ralph Walters; Officer Zombie - Scott Wentworth; Narrator - W. Ralph Walters; Streetwalker - W. Ralph Walters; The Trucker - Mindy Rast; Mr. B - W. Ralph Walters; Cutthroat Carl - Scott Wentworth; Salty Sam - W. Ralph Walters; Skinny Bill - David Sobkowiak; The Barmaid - Elie Hirschman; Bob Wolfenbridgen - Bill Holiweg; Marlea Ledford - Mindy Rast; Guy Kowabunga - W. Ralph Walters; Max Goldman - Victor Gates; Mayor Zimmer - Victor Gates

Written by Victor Gates and W. Ralph Walters. Additional dialogue by Elie Hirschman and Mindy Rast. Theme music mixed by W. Ralph Walters. Produced and directed by Victor Gates. Distributed by Waterlogg Productions.

The New Stories of Old Time Radio, Volume One, Set One, produced, directed and voiced by Joe Bevilacqua, with Lorie Kellogg.

The first anthology of NEW fiction based on the beloved OTR characters and shows we know and love. Old Time Radio fans have something new to listen to!

Includes: Our Miss Brooks: One Principal Too Many, One Principal Too Meanie by Clair Schulz; Tom Mix: Tom Mix and the Mystery of the Bodiless Horseman by Jim Harmon; Candy Matson Yukon 2-8209: The Japanese Sandman by Jack French; The Clyde Beatty Show: Perils of the Tiger Barn by Roger Smith; The Green Lama: The Case of the Bashful Spider by Bob Martin; Sgt. Preston of the Yukon: A Call from the Storm by Jim Nixon.

These are not old time radio shows, but incredible simulations! beams veteran award-winning radio producer Joe Bevilacqua, who voiced most of the audiobook, including dead-on impressions of Paul Frees as The Green Lama, Gale Gordon as Mr. Conklin, Richard Crenna as Walter Denton, Paul Sutton as Sgt. Preston, and even essays some of the woman roles, including the voice of Candy Matson! For the woman roles Bevilacqua could not voice, he turned to his talented wife and creative partner Lorie Kellogg, who has acted in many of his radio theater productions in the past. Kellogg is the voice of Eve Arden's Connie Brooks in the new Our Miss Brooks story, as well as voicing her landlady Mrs. Davis, Clyde Beatty's wife, and other roles. OTR fans tired of listening to the same old recordings over and over will love these new audio stories! concludes Bevilacqua. Joe Bev. (as he also known) is a veteran radio drama producer, whose past credits include XM Radio's The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes, and Old-time Radio Parodies.



Cartoon Carnival
An Interview with Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc 
Host Joe Bevilacqua presents Ray Campi's interview with Mel Blanc (1974); Mel Blanc and June Foray in the Warner Brothers cartoon Deduce, You Say (1956); Mel Blanc in Woody Woodpecker's Talent Show part one; Tale of the Tootlebird from The Captain Kangaroo Show (1962); Daws Butler and Bill Thompson in Tex Avery's Three Lil Pups (1953); Joe Bev performs Donnie and the Piggy Bank and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon: A Call From the Storm part two.

Mel Blanc 


The New Stories of Old-Time Radio:
The Joe Bev Experience
The Joe Bev Audio Theater
Teaman and Friends #2
Midsummer Night's Dream part 2

Get yours HERE
A Joe Bev Audio Theater Sampler, Volume 1 
[Unabridged] [Audible Audio Edition]
by Joe Bevilacqua (Author), Alan Reed (Author), William Melillo (Author), Charlie Morrow (Author), Victor Gates (Author), Ralph Tyler (Author), Anton Chekhov (Author), various authors (Author), Lorie Kellogg (Narrator)
A Joe Bev AudioTheater Sampler, Volume 1 is an anthology representing more than forty years of storytelling by Joe Bevilacqua, a.k.a Joe Bev, the award-winning actor, writer, producer, and director. Each half-hour is beautifully produced with original a cast of professional actors, sound effects, and music.

Volume 1 includes:
The Mystery of the Creepy Hack Writer by Joe Bevilacqua
Arise from the Angry Seas by J. C. Del La Torre
Oedipus Noir by Ralph Tyler
The House of Wax by Joe Bevilacqua
Seven Letters of Love by William Melillo
The Silhouette Meets His Reflection by Joe Bevilacqua
On with the Show! by Alan Reed
Stench of the City by Victor Gates
The Bear by by Anton Chekhov
Trouble in Simuland by Charlie Morrow
Hermes by J. C. Del La Torre
Pedro's Parodies by Pedro Pablo Sacristán
©2014 Various Authors; (P)2014 Blackstone Audiobooks


The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes:
READ the REVIEW from the

"The Little Stone Bird" by Pedro Pablo Sacristan is included in:


The Joe Bev Hour Sunday Edition
The Joe Bev Audio Theater: 
"The Mystery of the Creepy Hack Writer" by Joe Bevilacqua
"Arise from the Angry Seas"
Chapter 1 of Ancient Rising by JC Del La Torre & "The Little Stone Bird" by Pedro Pablo Sacristan

Joe Bev and Lorie Kellogg provide most of the character voices on this wacky hour of radio theater. This week, Camp Waterlogg is in chaos, as Sgt Lefty, Ellis, and Andy (Joe Bev) and Olive, Elise, and Lkie try to cook for themselves while Chef Ron is away. Kellogg & Bev perform The Little Glutton by Pedro Pablo Sacristan. Joe Bev performs Daws Butler's Donnie and the Piggy Bank. Donnie Pitchford is both Lum and Abner needing groceries. Willoughby and the Professor Meets Bartizan the Genie (Joe Bev) continues. The newest Adventures of Teaman is heard. Meanwhile, back in 1888 at 221-B Baker Street, London, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson are having a strange meal of their own. 

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