Saturday, November 15, 2014

Joseph Bevilacqua's latest acting reel!

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CV/Head Shot: JOE-BEVILACQUA-acting-cv-photos.pdf
VO Demo: joe-bev-demo-03.mp3

Terry King on REDRUM for Investigation Discovery Channel
The Head of CBS Radio on Boardwalk Empire
General Smedley Butler for The Travel Channel
General Montgomery in THE WARS a History Channel mini-series about WWII
The Coroner in the film "Cold In July" shot in the Hudson Valley, NY
Nikola Tesla in Monumental Mysteries for the Travel Channel
Bud Abbott in Joe & Bob as Bud & Lou: A Tribute To Abbott  Costello
    at the Lafayette Theater and The National Museum of American Jewish History
Crazed Town Person in David Cross's film "HITS" in Liberty, NY.
Irwin in an Adobe sponsored web series
Animal Rights Protester in Alpha House for Amazon

Friday, November 14, 2014

Waterlogg Productions has everything you need for the Holidays!

Let's get ready to Celebrate!

Holiday Collection


This collection of stories features holiday tales for both young and old!

The Christmas That Almost Never Was
It is Christmas Eve at the North Pole, and Santa Claus has lost his “remembery.” Now only a child who has been good for a full year can save Christmas! Producer Joe Bevilacqua has unearthed this vintage 1940s recording of the charming Yuletide children’s radio play, written by and starring Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, and most of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters. Also heard in this old time radio show is Don Messick, the voice of Boo Boo Bear, Ranger Smith, and Scooby Doo.

Daws Butler’s Halloween Happening
A new production of the classic radio play by the voice of Yogi Bear, Daws Butler!

Pedro’s Christmas Fables for Kids
Visit Santa at the North Pole, witness the birth of Jesus, go inside Noah’s Ark, and more with these timeless short stories that will charm and entertain your whole family! Produced with wonderful sound effects and music by veteran radio theater producer Joe Bevilacqua and performed by him and his wife, Lorie Kellogg, these Christmas stories include “The Best Choice,” “A Forced Christmas,” “Bula the Traveler,” “Christmas Presents,” “The Please-O-Meter,” and “The Little Christmas Star.” Other stories include “The Tidy Toys,” “The Match and the Toy Men,” “Problems on the Ark,” “A Colorful Head,” “A Drop of Water,” and “Balloon Acrobatics.”

Pedro’s Halloween Fables for Kids
Goblins, fairies, witches, and ghosts! These short Halloween themed stories by noted Spanish children’s author Pedro Pablo Sacristan will charm and entertain your whole family! Produced with wonderful sound effects and music by veteran radio theater producer Joe Bevilacqua, and performed by husband and wife team Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg, the stories include “The Creature in the Attic,” “A Different Take on Halloween,” “Waking Nightmare,” “The Evil Goblins,” “The Brave Boy and the Multicolored Ghost,” “The Monster in the Wardrobe,”“Forever a Monster,” “Bewitched Tongues,” The Funny-Looking Fairy,” and “The Evil Millisphore.”

A Waterlogg Double Feature
A Waterlogg double feature from husband and wife team Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg
First is “The Joe Bev Valentine Treat.” This is a charming hour of stories (real and fictional) about love hosted by veteran public radio producer Joe Bevilacqua.
The hour includes “Who’s Afraid of a Virginian’s Wrath,” “A Valentine from Graham Nash’s Mac,” “Ode to a Transfer Station or Love Poem for the Dump,” “A Mathematical Valentine,” “The Love of Lee the Horselogger,” “Marian the Librarian Finds Love at the Bookmobile,” and “Valentine Vignette.”
Second is “The Comedy-O-Rama Hour Valentine Special: Cupid Comes to Camp Waterlogg,” a comic one-hour radio play by Joe Bevilacqua, performed by Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg, plus Cousin Kenny Savoy, Jim Folly, Tom Giannazzo, and Reagan Bonjorno Leonard. Recorded in the woods of Napanoch, New York, and at Carolyn’s on Broadway in New York City.

The Gift of the Magi
O. Henry’s classic Christmas short story is charmingly told by Lorie Kellogg and Joe Bevilacqua. William Sydney Porter, known by his pen name O. Henry, was an American writer, whose short stories are known for their wit, wordplay, warm characterization, and clever twists.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Five Year Old Makes Iron Man 6 Movie, Premieres at Shadowland Theater



Premieres at the Shadowland Theater in Ellenville, NY on November 21st at 6 pm. All the proceeds will be donated to the Ellenville Cooperative Nursery School.

Jonah Althouse is a five year old student at Ellenville Elementary School. When he was four, he woke up one day and said to his mom that he wanted to be a film maker.

This original film will be have its premiere screening at the Shadowland Theater in Ellenville, NY on November 21st at 6 pm.
Tickets for the show are available at the door.
CALL 845-647-6405 FOR INFO
Jonah Althouse as Zodiac

All the proceeds will be donated to the nursery school to help them stay open despite financial hardships.

The evening will begin with the showing of a film Hatching House Flies for Profit, an animated short produced, directed and voiced by Joe Bevilacqua, and edited by Lorie Kellogg, part of the Science-O-Rama online series, created for Imagine Science Films and Popular Science Magazine. The film features Willoughby and the Professor, characters created by Bevilacqua when he was 11 years old in 1972.

Herb Trimpe
"I used to think of myself as a bit of a child protegee but nothing compared to five year old Jonah! It is truly astounding to be able to develop a film idea into an exciting and entertaining story as such a young age," admits Bevilacqua who spent many hours creating the sound track to Jonah's film.

List price $34.95 (You save $13.85)
In addition to the screening there will be a raffle for an original print from famed marvel illustrator Herb Trimpe. Mr.Trimpe is the original illustrator of the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine.

Also raffled will be The Complete Pedro's 200 Fables Master Collection (Audio Theater) Audiobook CD set, perfect for bedtime, car rides, and classrooms, these whimsical tales will delight children of all ages. This entertaining and educational collection features two hundred stories by noted Spanish children's author Pedro Pablo Sacristán. Translated into English and produced with full music and sound effects, by Joe Bevilacqua, and voiced by Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg.


Au d'oeuvres will be served and donated by Aroma Thyme Bistro and tickets for the show are available at the door.

Adults are $5 each, children 5 years and older are $3 and  younger than 5 years old are free.

Jaf Farkas as Tech Guy
Production credits:
Lorie Kellogg: video editing graphics and voice acting
Joe Bevilacqua: sound, sound effects, music and voice acting
Kenny Savoy: voice acting
Johann Kunz: special effects
Jesika Farkas: set design and construction
Jaf Farkas: head director
Jonah Althouse: screenwriter and co-director
Prashanti Massage: executive producer

Joe Bev in costume
for the film The Better Angles
(Showed at the
Woodstock Film Fest 2014)

Joe Bevilacqua (also known as Joe Bev) is a veteran award-winning producer, director, writer and actor. Through his Waterlogg Productions, Bevilacqua currently creates 15 different radio shows, from home studio, nestled in the bucolic woods of Napanoch, Ulster County, New York. Bevilacqua's work is heard on stations around the world and podcast on demand, and has over 100 audio titles distributed by
All Waterlogg Titles are distributed
through Blackstone Audio Inc.
Blackstone Audio, cartoons, comedies, dramas, mysteries, science fiction, documentaries, interviews and autobiographies and biographies, including many in a radio theater style. He has acted on camera on television on in film, included portraying General Montgomery in the History Channel series The Wars and the head of NBC radio in 1931 for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. “Joe Bev” is also is the program director for BearManor Radio. He co-wrote Daws Butler, Characters Actor with Ben Ohmart, co-wrote and edited Uncle Dunkle and Donnie, Fractured Fables by Daws Butler, and edited Scenes for Actors and Voices by Daws Butler, all books published by BearManor Media..        More at

What Is Waterlogg Audio?

Lorie Kellogg is an actress, seen in such films as The Fly Room (2014) and Mr. Lamb (2014), a comedian, writer, and a video and graphic artist with degrees from The Kansas City Art Institute and CalArts. She is the co-founder of Waterlogg Productions and often works in tandem with her husband Joe Bevilacqua.

Lorie Kellogg in the
NYU film "Mr. Lamb"

"He then dictated a whole script for a short film and recorded it," beams Jonah's mom , Natasha Althouse, owner of Prashanti Massage in Ellenville, New York.  She continues, "He cast his friends from the Ellenville Cooperative Nursery School and a handful of film professionals donated their time and expertise to help Jonah create Iron Man 6."

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