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Bob & Ray, Mystery Theater, Jean Shepherd, and Sears Radio Theater Join The Joe Bev Audio Theater for WOR FRIDAYS on The BearManor Radio Network!

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BearManor Radio Program Director Joe Bevilacqua has a special message for our listeners: "Wow! I can't believe we have been on the air for over a year now! We had only four listeners that first month, but we must be doing something right, because our current audience is in the tens of thousands!"

Jean Shepherd
Yes, it is true! Bob & Ray, Mystery Theater, Jean Shepherd, and Sears Radio Theater are back... and in the right order!

"I used to listen to this GREAT lineup EVERY weeknight on WOR in New York City when I was a teen growing up in Iselin, NJ," say BearManor Radio Program Director Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) of his first introduction to the art of radio theater, which soon led him to old time radio and finally his own 40-plus year catalog of audio drama.
Jean Shepherd
Bevilacqua recalls writing a letter to Mystery Theater producer Hyman Brown, stating the 15 year old wanted to act in, write and direct radio theater. "He wrote back a very curt note to the effect that my dream was something that will never happen."

41 years later, Bevilacqua is still producing new and popular radio theater, including a new Sherlock Holmes drama series available for Christmas.

The award-winning show biz veteran concludes, "The idea of WOR Fridays on on The BearManor Radio Network is to let listeners today experience what I did way back in the 1970s."

is also part of WOR Fridays!

Ray & Bob
Includes FOUR HOURS of Bob & Ray, just like the good ol' days!

3:00 PM - Bob & Ray
7:00 PM - The CBS Mystery Mystery Theater
8:00 PM  - The Joe Bev Audio Theater
9:00 PM - Jean Shepherd

10:00 PM - The Sears Radio Theater 


Ray & Bob
Bob & Ray's 40-year career began at WHDH, Boston. Bob was a disc jockey, and Ray a newscaster. When the Red Sox games were delayed on account of rain, they began to amuse each other to fill the time. Soon they had a daily show of their own, "Matinee with Bob & Ray," an improvised, madcap exercise in controlled chaos. Over their long career, they created more than a hundred characters, all played by Bob or Ray. Wally Ballou, the hapless journalist, Mary McGoon, whose recipe for frozen ginger ale salad prefigures Martha Stewart; Biff Burns in the sports room, Webley Webster, Barry Campbell, a third rate actor with an ego the size of the universe, Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife whose pals travel the world in search of goofy adventure.

Their humor is subtle, dry, intelligent and clean. Bob & Ray have a keen ear for language, how it is used and misused by the con artists, hucksters and hustlers who populate radio and television. Their humor is timeless. Bob & Ray ‘s satire of soap operas, game shows, radio shrinks and other self-appointed "experts," and commercials, is as pertinent today as it was in 1946. They belong in the pantheon of American humor, alongside Mark Twain, George Ade, Will Rogers, and S. J. Pearlman.

In 1951 NBC brought them to New York for a daily 15-minute television program, and numerous radio shows. Over the next thirty years they appeared on every major network, and on three powerful New York stations. They finished their radio career on public radio with the "The Bob & Ray Public Radio Show” (1982-2004), and a farewell appearance at Carnegie Hall (1984). All of these performances have been preserved on CDs from™.


Hosted by E.G. Marshall, The CBS Radio Mystery Theater (or CBSRMT) was an ambitious and sustained attempt in the 1970s to revive the great drama of old-time radio. Created by Himan Brown (who had by then become a radio legend due to his work on Inner Sanctum Mysteries The Adventures of Nero Wolfe and other shows dating back to the 1930s), it aired on affiliate stations across the CBS Radio network. The series began its long run January 6, 1974; the final episode ran December 31, 1982.

The show was broadcast nightly and ran for one hour, including news and commercials. Typically, a week consisted of three to four new episodes, with the remainder of the week filled out with reruns. There were 1,399 original episodes broadcast

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Actors who performed on CBSRMT included Mason Adams, Ed Ames, Dianne Baker, Jackson Beck, Joseph Campenella, Richard Crenna, Morgan Fairchild, John Forsythe, Arlene Francis, Tammy Grimes, Vincent Guardinia, Fred Gwynn, Joan Hackett, Julie Harris, Marriette Hartley, Margaret Hamilton, Kim Hunter, Lou Jacoby, Mercedes McCambridge, Kevin McCarthy, Marvin Miller, Brett Morrison, Anges Moorehead, Robert Morse, Barry Nelson, Phyllis Newman, Julie Newmar, Glynnis O'Connor, Patrick O'Neal, Betsy Palmer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mandy Patinkin, Brock Peters, Kathleen Quinlan, Bryna Raeburn, Arnold Stang, Alan Swift, Les Tremayne, Janet Waldo, and Ruth Warrick.

Sears Radio Theater was a radio drama anthology series which ran weeknights on CBS Radio in 1979, sponsored by the Sears chain. Often paired with The CBS Radio Mystery Theater during its first season, the program offered a different genre of drama for each day's broadcast.

In 1980, the program moved to the Mutual Broadcasting System and became the Mutual Radio Theater. The Mutual series broadcast repeats from the CBS run until September 1980, when a short season of new dramas was presented. Sears continued as a sponsor during the Mutual run.

Monday was "Western Night" and was hosted by Lorne Greene. Tuesday was "Comedy Night", hosted by Andy Griffith. Wednesday was "Mystery Night" with Vincent Price as host. Thursday was "Love And Hate Night" with Cicely Tyson doing honors as host. Finally, Friday brought "Adventure Night", first hosted by Richard Widmark and later by Howard Duff and then by Leonard Nimoy.

Actors heard on the series included Daws Butler, Shep Menken, Parley Baer, Mary Jane Croft, Howard Culver, John Dehner, Virginia Gregg, Janet Waldo, Vic Perrin, Hans Conried, Marvin Miller, Elliot Lewis, Jeff Corey, Lesley Woods, Robert Rockwell, Lurene Tuttle, Eve Arden, Keith Andes, Harriet Nelson, Alan Young, Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Lloyd Bochner, Rick Jason, Frank Campanella, Toni Tennille, Arthur Hill, Dan O'Herlihy, Jesse White, and Frank Nelson.

It was produced and directed by Fletcher Markle and Elliott Lewis. The theme was composed and conducted by Nelson Riddle.     

 All the Waterlogg Titles can be found here...
New & Old Time Radio Collection
Length: 8 hours
8 CD Set or Download

A tribute to the golden age of radio from veteran producer Joe Bevilacqua, The New Stories of Old Time Radio is a collection of radio dramas and parodies featuring beloved radio characters and shows.

The New Stories of Old Time Radio: Volume One, Set One
Produced, directed, and voiced by Joe Bevilacqua, with Lorie Kellogg, this is the first anthology of new fiction based on the beloved old-time radio characters and shows.
The New Stories of Old Time Radio: “Fibber McGee” and “Duffy’s Tavern” 
A follow-up to the first volume, this radio theater production features two new old-time radio stories, complete with sound effects and music. 
cartoon carnival holiday



Old Time Radio Parodies: The Best of Comedy-O-Rama Hour, Season Two 
Producer Joe Bevilacqua parodies some of the most beloved old-time radio shows, including The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, and War of the Worlds.

© 2014 by Joe Bevilacqua, Waterlogg Productions
The Whithering of Willoughby and the Professor: Their Ways in the Worlds

Length: 8.1 hours
8 CD Set or Download

This is an epic science fiction/fantasy comedy about a boy and his professor who travel willy-nilly across time and space in a failed attempt to “cure the world of all its ills.”
Stories include:Episode One: “I'll Teach You!” or “Box of Nothing”

Episode Two: “Holy Smoke” or “The Red-Suited Man”
Episode Three: “More Edible Than Durable” or “You Smashed My Monkey!”
Episode Four: “Oh Boy, She Looks Great!” or “Which Witchway is Which?”
Episode Five: “Your Separate World Lines” or I'm Big and You’re Small”
Episode Six: “Now It's Time To Sing!” or “Unwanted Noises in the Air”
Episode Seven: “I Like This Box!” or “Oh Victim Man!”
Episode Eight: “Oh Dalai” or “Life is Dukka” 
cartoon carnival holiday

Episode Nine: “The Traveling Extravaganza” or “His Name is Bub”
Episode Ten: “More Dogs For Me?” or “Knock-a-knock-knuckles”
Episode Eleven: “You’re a Messiah” or “Buboes in the Lymph Nodes”

Episode Thirteen: “Is Eloquence a Bauble” or “Where’s My Cyaneus
Episode Fourteen: “I Do Not Like the Blackness of Her Nose” or “The Penguins Laugh at You!”
Episode Fifteen: “The Genius of These Woods” or “I’m Also Wearing Explosives”
Episode Sixteen: “Say Jacques!” or “She’s Got Kneepads!"

© 2014 by Joe Bevilacqua, Waterlogg Productions
A Joe Bev
Cartoon Collection

Selected, produced, 
and directed by Joe Bevilacqua 

Featuring works by Joe Bevilacqua, Pedro Pablo Sacristán, and many others 

Performed by Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, William Melillo, and others 

Genre: Fiction/Humor
ISBN-13: 978-1-4830-1554-5

Length: 7.7 hours
8 CD Set or Download

In A Joe Bev Cartoon Collection,
award-winning radio producer
and voice actor Joe Bevilacqua, a.k.a. Joe Bev, presents …

An hour of film noir parodies, including
  1. The Mysterious Thief of Thieves
  2. The Safe
  3. The Japanese Sandman
  4. The Mystery of the Missing Coin
  5. The Camp Kilmer Case

An hour of sea adventure parodies, including
  1. An Octopus in Trouble
  2. Britty the Starfish
  3. The Good Pirate
  4. Pete the Pelican
  5. Lola the Whale
  6. Birth of the Turtles
  7. Sherlock Snail Finds a Home
  8. The Cockerel, the Duck, and the Mermaids
  9. Stickybeard’s Treasure
  10. A Warm Whale
  11. Maddie’s Treasure

An hour of big-top parodies, including
  1. The Careless Clown
  2. The Happy Sweeper
  3. Perils of the Tiger Barn
  4. Sticky Wicket
  5. The Mysterious Juggling Clown
  6. The Traveling Extravaganza, or, His Name is Bub

cartoon carnival holiday


Two hours of horse opera parodies, including
  1. The Deductive Mr. Horsefly
  2. The Mystery of the Bodiless Horseman
  3. Johnny the Lizard
  4. The Lonely Ranger
  5. Deadeye Dunbar
  6. Rapunzel and the Bandit
  7. The Old Ranger
  8. The Full Warren

An hour of sci-fi parodies, including
  1. The Crashed Martian
  2. The Red Moon
  3. The Best Robot
  4. The Hypersensor
  5. Squidge Attack
  6. Huck Goes to the Moon
  7. Drums in Space
  8. Timmy in the Future
  9. Robot with a Virus
  10. The Old Man on the Moon

An hour of jungle adventure parodies, including
  1. A Lion without a Roar
  2. Johnny the Giraffe
  3. The Colorless Tiger
  4. Ice in the Jungle
  5. The Tickling Scales
  6. The Mocking Tiger
  7. Jemima the Nosy Giraffe
  8. Never Make Fun of a Rhino
  9. The Photographic Elephant
  10. Peter Bergman and the End of the World
  11. The Boo Boo Monkeys
© 2014 by Joe Bevilacqua,
Waterlogg Productions

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