Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Cartoon Carnival Wonderama Christmas Special with Kevin Butler

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Kevin Butler & Craig Marin
with Sir Clive Clyde & Geeba Geeba
The Cartoon Carnival Wonderama Christmas Special with Kevin Butler

Sonny Fox & Child

Veteran Fictional Newscaster Water Cockeyed (Joe Bev) hosts a brand new Cartoon Carnival featuring: Kevin Butler talks about the Wonderama Christmas Party, audio and music from
3 Stooges sing
The Alphabet Song
Wonderama, the 3 Stooges sing The Alphabet Song, Herman and Katnip jump some jive, Sandy Becker's Theme-That Happy Feeling, Sonny Fox introduces the Warner Brothers-Tex Avery cartoon Of Fox and Hounds, Bob and Ray, Capt. Jack McCarthy and more!  


Sonny Fox
Wonderama is a long-running children's television program that appeared on the Metromedia-owned stations from 1955 to 1986, with WNEW-TV in New York City as its originating station.

Herman and Katnip
Wonderama also ran in five other markets in which Metromedia owned television stations: WTTG in Washington D.C., KMBC-TV in Kansas City, KTTV in Los Angeles, WXIX-TV in Cincinnati, and WTCN-TV in Minneapolis – Saint Paul. The show ran three hours, and later two hours, on Sunday mornings.

In the 1960s, Wonderama aired in a one-hour weekday version in addition to the three-hour Sunday show. The one-hour program lasted until 1970.

Tex Avery cartoon Of Fox and Hounds
In 1977, the show scaled back to two hours before WNEW canceled it in December of that year. The last produced show was taped December 21 before airing on December 25. Host Bob McAllister was upset when an advertisement for the 1972 Charles Bronson movie The Mechanic aired during the show.[where?] McAllister bought an ad in The New York Times that told viewers to stop watching Wonderama.[citation needed] In a 1990s interview with the Southern California interview show 
Sonny Fox
Remember When,[where?] McAllister said that might have led to the cancellation of Wonderama. However, in an interview on WNEW's local talk show Midday with Bill 
Sandy Becker
Chuck McCann
Boggs on the day of Wonderama's cancellation, McAllister claimed to have no idea why the show ended. After its cancellation, Wonderama continued in two-hour Sunday morning reruns from January 1978 to June 1980. McAllister reportedly was unhappy with 
Bob & Ray's voices
the edits, which usually eliminated celebrity performances in order to avoid having to pay royalties.


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