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The Joe Bev Hour Premieres on Wisconsin Public Radio Affiliate WGTD HD 3 - Tonight at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT

The Joe Bev Hour airs five times per week
on radio stations around the world.
The Joe Bev Hour airs five different shows per week--on Dream Stream Radio, Sound Stages Radio, WHRO-Norfolk, VA, The 1920s Radio Network, Toon Radio, Pawling Public Radio, Radio New Zealand, and WGTD, Wisconsin Public Radio.

WGTD HD3 will once again be showcasing the talents of “Joe Bev” five nights a week, with Joe’s full array of five different programs, all under the banner of “The Joe Bev Hour.”  The five programs include:  The Jazz-O-Rama Hour, Cartoon Carnival, The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, The Joe Bev Experience, and The Joe Bev Audio Theater.

“The Joe Bev Hour” can be heard Monday through Friday, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., (CT), at 91.1 FM, HD3, and on the Internet at, and also through your smart phone “app” and

In 1971 Bevilacqua’s father bought him a cassette recorder, on which is created his first audio story, “Willoughby and the Professor,” providing all the voices himself at the age of 12.  In 1975, Daws Butler, the voice ofYogi Bear and many Hanna-Barbera and Jay Ward cartoon characters, dubbed himself Joe Bev’s  personal mentor, after hearing a 120-minute cassette of Bev’s Willoughby improvisations.

Since 1980, Bevilacqua has produced many award-winning radio programs for National Public Radio (NPR), Sirius XM Radio, and others.

In 2003, Bevilacqua co-founded Waterlogg Productions with his wife Lorie Kellogg. In 2012, he signed an exclusive distribution deal with Blackstone Audio, for his more than 40 years of audio work. As of 2013, he has released more than 75 audio books, including hundreds of hours of audio documentaries, comedies, dramas, autobiographies.

Joe Bevilacqua also acts on stage, playing Martin Dysart in “Equus”, roles in “Bedroom Farce,” “Applause,” “Black Comedy,” and others. He is touring as Bud Abbott to Bob Greenberg’s Lou Costello in “A Tribute to Bud & Lou.”

He has authored several books, including Daws ButlerCharacters Actor, and Uncle Dunkle and Donnie.

 Bevilacqua is the 2013 recipient of the Kean University Distinguished Alumni Award. His documentary “Lady Bird Johnson – Legacy of a First Lady” won the 2001 New York Festivals Award. He won a 2007 New York Festivals Awards for his “Tribute to Joe Barbera” which aired on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” And, his NPR Weekend Edition story “A Guy Named Joe Bevilacqua” won the 2004 National Federation of Community Broadcasters Award.

According to WGTD HD3 Program Director, Dr. Steve Brown, “We are thrilled to have ‘Joe Bev’ once again back on WGTD HD3.  We started with Cartoon Carnival over five years ago, and now we will have five great shows from Joe every week for our audience to enjoy. WGTD HD3 is proud to be Joe Bev’s home here in Wisconsin and in the Midwest. Welcome home, Joe and Lorie!!

Here is a quick summary of the five programs WGTD will bring to the airwaves and from the creative mind and many voices of Joe Bev:

§  The Comedy-O-Rama Hour is a weekly improvised radio theater produced and directed by Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) and performed by Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, Kenny Savoy and Jim Folly.

§  The Jazz-O-Rama Hour is a weekly music show hosted by Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) and featuring 78 RPM and early LP recordings remastered from his own personal collection spanning the 1920s to the 1960s.

§  The Joe Bev Experience is a weekly omnibus of the forty plus year career in audio of Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev), including documentaries, interviews, comedy and drama.
§  Cartoon Carnival is a weekly hour of rare and classic cartoon audio, children’s records, cartoon music and sound effects, new radio cartoons, interviews and mini-documentaries about the wonderful world of animation, hosted by Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev).

§  The Joe Bev Audio Theater is a weekly one-hour anthology representing more than forty years of storytelling by Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev), the veteran, award-winning actor, writer, producer, director.
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“The Joe Bev Hour” can be heard Monday through Friday, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., (CT), at 91.1 FM, HD3, and on the Internet at WGTD.ORG (HD3), 

Comedienne Judy Tenuta improvises with Joe Bevilacqua/Joe Bev and Lorie Kellogg on The Joe Bev Hour

The Joe Bev Hour airs five times per week
on radio stations around the world.

The Joe Bev Hour airs five different shows per week--on Dream Stream Radio, Sound Stages Radio, WHRO-Norfolk, VA, The 1920s Radio Network, Toon Radio, Pawling Public Radio, Radio New Zealand, and WGTD, Wisconsin Public Radio.

Judy Tenuta, Fred Frees, Swing 78s, June Foray, Alan Reed and The Lone Ranger are among the audio gold on this week's The Joe Bev Hour.

The internationally syndicated radio omnibus is produced and hosted by veteran award-winning personality Joe Bevilacqua (aka Joe Bev) and includes five unique programs each week: The Jazz-O-Rama Hour, Cartoon Carnival, The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, The Joe Bev Experience, and The Joe Bev Audio Theater.

The series is also podcast free on the web at iTunes and others, including,  
http://www.comedyorama.com, and


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ADVERTISEMENT.... (but it's all our good stuff for download or on CDs!)
More than 75 audio titles are available from Joe Bev at
On this week's shows:


Length: 29.5 hours
CD Set or Download
cartoon carnival holiday

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
The Wedding of Ellis & Elise
 - part 3


This week, popular comedienne Judy Tenuta gives relationship advice to characters Ellis and Elise (voiced by Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg) and plays accordion and sings at their Pastafarian Pirate wedding and then marries them under her own religion Judyism.

"The Aphrodite of the Accordion," as she calls herself, is comic Judy Tenuta. She is best known for her brash, offbeat humor, she was the first stand-up to win Best Female Comedian at the American Comedy Awards and has released three CDs, two of which were nominated for a Grammy. More about Tenuta and her comedy can be found on her website,

 The Love Goddess Judy Tenuta 


The Jazz-O-Rama Hour
 Fred Frees Favorites


Joe Bev presents 78 RPM Jazz introduced by Fred Frees, including:
Benny Goodman:  It's Only a Paper Moon (1945)
Count Basie: Volcano (1939)
Duke Ellington: Bensonality (1952)
Benny Goodman: King Porter Stomp (1935)
Count Basie: One O'Clock Jump (1937)
Duke Ellington: Take the A Train (1941)
Benny Goodman: Tiger Rag (1936)
Benny Goodman: If You Haven't Got a Girl (1931)
Count Basie: Jumpin' at the Woodside (1938)
Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee: Blues in the Night (1941)
Count Basie: 9:20 Special 1941
Duke Ellington: Perdido (1942)
Duke Ellington: Ring Dem Bells (1931)

Voice actor and the son of legendary voice actor, Fred Frees DJs the show. Fred is a voice actor and the son of legendary voice actor, Paul Frees. Among his credits, he has worked for the Cartoon Network, Disney Interactive, and provided test spots as the Pillsbury Dough Boy for Leo Burnett Co.

On The Jazz-O-Rama Hour, Frees introduces 78 RPM records in the voices of cartoon characters including his father's Boris Badanov from Jay Ward's "Rocky and Bullwinkle", Professor Ludwig Von Drake from Disney's "Wonderful World of Color" and Disney's Haunted Mansion voice.

Old-Time Radio Parodies: 
The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour, Season Two

By Joe Bevilacqua, William Melillo, Robert J. Cirasa
Voiced by Joe Bevilacqua, Rick Ramos, Alison Nead, Cathi Tully , William Melillo, Jay Snyder, Peter Cummings, Thomas Babakowski, Peter Nevargic, James Cronin

Length: 2 hours  & 53 min.

As heard on Sirius XM Radio and NPR stations! Old Time Radio Parodies, Volume Two of The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour, produced and directed by Joe Bevilacqua, written by Joe Bevilacqua, William Melillo, and Robert J. Cirasa. These are not old-time radio shows but incredible simulations! Created by veteran audio theater producer Joe Bevilacqua, these humorious half-hours take off on such classic old time radio shows as The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, War of the Worlds, Suspense and The Jack Benny Program. The fine cast includes Joe Bevilacqua, Rick Ramos, Alison Nead, Cathi Tully, William Melillo, Jay Snyder, Peter Cummings, Thomas Babakowski, Peter Nevargic and James Cronin.

The Joe Bev Experience
Cartoon Carnival Meets
the Lone Ranger - part 2


Bill Cosby, Bugs Bunny and Glenn Campbell give their take on The Lone Ranger on the 29th edition of The Joe Bev Experience. During "Cartoon Carnival Meets the Lone Ranger" part two, host Joe Bevilacqua presents Bill Cosby's version of "The Lone Ranger" (1964), Joe Bev, Jay Snyder, Rick Ramos, Alison Nead, Cathi Tully and Tom Babkowski in "The Old Ranger" (1987), Glenn Campbell playing "The Lone Ranger" theme, Mel Blanc in the Warner Brothers cartoon "Buckaroo Bugs" (1944), and William Conrad in audio from "The Lone Ranger" TV cartoon (1980).

The Joe Bev Experience is a weekly radio hour anthology series representing the depth and breath of Bev's 40-plus year career in audio storytelling, from documentary to radio drama, and new and classic installments of Bev's older radio show Cartoon Carnival (still heard on many stations).


The first of 2,956 radio episodes of The Lone Ranger premiered on January 30, 1933 on WXYZ, a radio station serving Detroit, Michigan. (


catroon carnival

Voiced by Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, Joe Barbera, Leonard Maltin, Bob Clampett, Stan Freberg, Daws Butler, Mel Blanc, Bill Marx, June Foray, Craig Marin, Janet Waldo 

Length: 2 hours & 51 min.


Cartoon Carnival
An Interview with June Foray
and Bill Scott - Part 6


Joe Bev hosts an hour of animation related audio including: June Foray and Bill Scott ("Rocky and Bullwinkle") talk with Bob Claster (1985) conclusion William Conrad, Bill Scott, June Foray, and Paul Frees in Rocky and Bullwinkle: "Jet Rocket Fuel" part two (1959), "Jack and the Beans Talk" as told by Uncle Dunkle (2009), "Mary Had a Lil Lamb" as told by Mr. Jinks (1982), Daws Butler and Doug Young in n "Augie Doggie" cartoon (1959), "Tom Mix and the Mystery of the Bodiless Horseman" part four (2010), "Willoughby and the Professor Meet the Godfather" conclusion (1972), and music from the "Captain Kangaroo" show.


Yabba Dabba Doo!
Yabba Dabba Doo! 
The Alan Reed Story
by Alan Reed
voiced by Alan Reed Jr.
with Bill Marx as Fred Allen, Commentary by Joe Bevilacqua



Streets of Staccato is included in this collection...

cartoon carnival holiday

Length: 5.3 hours
CD Set or Download
This variety pack includes comedy sketches and audio dramatizations that will keep you entertained throughout.



The Joe Bev Audio Theater
The Village Life and Stench of the City conclusion


First, Alan Reed tells the story of his first business: candy making in The Village Life, chapter three of Yabba Daba Doo! The Alan Reed Story. The full audio autobiography of the voice of Fred Flintstone is available at Amazon and all online vendors or at The audio title is brought to life by veteran radio-theater producer Joe Bevilacqua and Alan Reed Jr., featuring rare interviews with Alan Reed himself, an interview with Joe Barbera, and clips from Reed's radio, TV, and film career, including The Fred Allen Show, The Shadow, The Life of Riley, Life with Luigi,Duffy's Tavern, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Viva Zapata, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and The Flintstones.

Alan Reed as General MacGruder
in Batman (1967)
Then, in the conclusion of Stench of the City the first episode of Victor Gates's hilariously naughty "70's cop show with a modern sense of humor", Sgt. Staccato and his men battle it out with stinky pirates as Father Kelly from Belfast tags along. Craziness ensues as events lead to an epic showdown at Mr. B's Ballroom.

Sgt. Staccato - Elie Hirschman; Sgt. Berk - David Sobkowiak; Chief Kilvinski - W. Ralph Walters; Father Kelly - Victor Gates; Officer Chuck - Victor Gates; Officer Ted - W. Ralph Walters; Officer Zombie - Scott Wentworth; Narrator - W. Ralph Walters; Streetwalker - W. Ralph Walters; The Trucker - Mindy Rast; Mr. B - W. Ralph Walters; Cutthroat Carl - Scott Wentworth; Salty Sam - W. Ralph Walters; Skinny Bill - David Sobkowiak; The Barmaid - Elie Hirschman; Bob Wolfenbridgen - Bill Holiweg; Marlea Ledford - Mindy Rast; Guy Kowabunga - W. Ralph Walters; Max Goldman - Victor Gates; Mayor Zimmer - Victor Gates

Written by Victor Gates and W. Ralph Walters. Additional dialogue by Elie Hirschman and Mindy Rast. Theme music mixed by W. Ralph Walters. Produced and directed by Victor Gates. Distributed by Waterlogg Productions. Extras: Staccato's Police Blotter #1: Interview with Ralph Walters


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