Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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 Download PEDRO'S FABLES: Christmas Stories here...
A Freneau Sampler    The Prose and Poetry of Revolutionary War Writer Philip Freneau 
Daws Butler Teaches You Dialects    Lessons from the Voice of Yogi Bear!
Lady Bird Johnson    Legacy of a First Lady
Old-Time Radio Parodies    The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour Season 2
Rare Daws Butler    Comedy from the Voice of Yogi Bear!
Son of Harpo Speaks!    A Family Portrait
Pedro's Christmas Fables    Stories For Children
Pedro's Halloween Fables    Stories For Children
The Bear    A Classic One-Act Play
The Best of Cartoon Carnival - Volume One    “The Interviews”
The Laugh Makers    "A Behind-The-Scenes Tribute To
Bob Hope's Incredible Gag Writers"
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes    The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour Season 1
The New Stories of Old-Time Radio    Volume 1
The Pace of Youth    The Classic Short Story
The Whithering of Willoughby and the Professor: Their Ways in the Worlds    The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour Season 3
Pedro's Fables    Translated into English
 Download Abbott & Costello in the Catskills: An Authentic Recreation of a 1930s Borscht Belt Variety Show, Recorded Before a Live Audience in the Catskills here!Uncle Dunkle and Donnie    35 Fractured Fables from the voice of Yogi Bear!
We Take You Now To Grover's Mill    The Making of the War of the World Broadcast 
Yabba Dabba Doo    The Alan Reed Story
The New Oldtime Radio Hour    “Fibber McGee” and “Duffy’s Tavern”
Daws Butler’s Halloween Happening    A Spooky Story by the Voice of Yogi Bear
A Waterlogg Double Feature    "The Joe Bev Valentine Treat" & The Comedy-O-Rama Hour Valentine Special: "Cupid Comes to Camp Waterlogg"
Abbott & Costello in the Catskills    An authentic recreation of a 1930s Borscht Belt variety show, recorded before a live audience in the Catskills.
Radio Tales For The Road, Volume 1    "Transformational journeys through time, space and memory."
Streets of Staccato    Episode 1: "Stench of the City"
Streets of Staccato    Episode 2: "Vice Grip"
All Things Joe Bev     The Best of Public Radio
The Best of Cartoon Carnival, Volume Two    The Holiday Specials
What the Butler Wrote    Scenes from the Daws Butler Workshop
The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 1    "The Camp Waterlogg Offensive"
 Download Son of Harpo Speaks!  A Family Portrait By Bill Marx here!The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 2    "Happy Birthday, Uncle Goopie!"
The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 3    "To Julie Newmar, With Love, Ellis"
The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 4    "The Beluga Battles"
The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 5    "Olympics Fever Hits Camp"
The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 6 - Season 6    "Planes, Bicycles and Dumbbells"
The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 7 - Season 6    "Really Real Reality"
The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 8 - Season 6    "Andy in the Underground, Stinky in the Cheese"
The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 9 - Season 6    "The Bollywood Wedding of Lefty & Olive"
The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles 10 - Season 6    "Chores & Pours & Porcupine Wars"
Uncle Dunkle and Donnie, Volume Two    More Fractured Fables from the voice of Yogi Bear!
Healthy Living in the Catskills     A Joe & Lorie Special
One Song at a Time    Tales from the Kerrville Folk Festival
Louis Armstrong's New Orleans, with Wynton Marsalis    A Joe Bev Musical Sound Portrait
Tobin's Palm    Classic American Short Story
Pedro's Parodies    14 Fractured Fables in Famous Funny Voices
Download The Christmas That Almost Never Was: A Classic Radio Play by the Voice of Yogi Bear here!Rare Daws Butler, Volume 2    More Comedy from the voice of Yogi Bear!
From Moonshine to Armadillos    The Birth of the Austin Music Scene
The Gift of the Magi    The Classic Christmas Story
The Christmas That Almost Never Was    A Classic Radio Play by the Voice of Yogi Bear
The Best of Cartoon Carnival, Volume Three    Pirates, Ghosts, and Moon Men
Deconstructing Laurel & Hardy    A Comedy-O-Rama Hour Special
The Complete Pedro's 200 Fables Master Collection    Translated into English
"Pedro's Fables: Goofy Kids"    Translated into English
"Pedro's Fables: Talented Kids"    Translated into English
"Pedro's Fables: Plants, Pets and Birds"    Translated into English
"Pedro's Fables: Water Creatures"    Translated into English
"Pedro's Fables: Jungle Animals"    Translated into English
"Pedro's Fables: Fairies, Witches, Wizards and Goblins"    Translated into English
"Pedro's Fables: Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and Giants"    Translated into English
"Pedro's Fables: Robots, Aliens, Planets and Outer Space"    Translated into English
"Pedro's Fables: Knights, Warriors, Pirates and Dragons”    Translated into English
The Best of Cartoon Carnival, Volume Four    "The Superstars"
 Download Daws Butler, Teaches You Dialects here!Doctor Geek’s Lab - Season 1    Investigation: The Flying Car & The Privatization of Space 
Simon Studio Presents: "Dancing in the Dark"    The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour Season 8
Simon Studio Presents: "A Midsummer's Night's Dream"    The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour Season 8
Simon Studio Presents: "The Portrait"    The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour Season 8
Simon Studio Presents: "Oedipus Noir"    The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour Season 8
Daws Butler Teaches You How to Do Voices    Technique from the Voice of Yogi Bear!
Daws Butler Voice Magician    The Audiobook
Ancient Rising    A Joe Bev Audio Theater
This Here is Your Life, Sherlock Holmes    Parody from the Voice of Yogi Bear
Rare Daws Butler, Volume 3    Huck, Yogi and Quick Draw, the Lost Recordings
Daws Butler Workshop '76    More Lessons from the Voice of Yogi Bear!
The All New "Lum & Abner" Comic Strips   
A Joe Bev Audio Theater Sampler, Volume 1   
A Joe Bev Audio Theater Sampler, Volume 2    

Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg

Waterlogg Productions is the brainchild of husband and wife creative team Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg. Together, they produce five hours of syndicated radio each week: The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, The Jazz-O-Rama Hour, The Joe Bev Experience, Cartoon Carnival, and The Joe Bev Audio Theater.


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Monday, November 25, 2013

New Who's on First?, Music of 1929, Rare Janis Joplin, Thanksgiving Cartoons, Shakespeare, New Duffy's Tavern and More on The Joe Bev Hour

Kenny Savoy (Harpo), Joe Bevilacqua (Bud Abbott)
and Bob Greenberg (Lou Costello)

On this week's The Joe Bev Hour: a new version of Abbott and Costello's Who's on First?, rare Janis Joplin, Thanksgiving themed cartoons, Shakespeare and the first new installment of Duffy's Tavern since 1954.

Lorie Kellogg (Gracie Allen)
and Joe Bevilacqua (Bud Abbott)
on the Comedy-O-Rama Hour

All these shows can be downloaded
 as an audio book.

Joe Bev, also known as Joe Bevilacqua, is not content to create one radio show per week. Bev creates FIVE different radio shows per week!


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On this week's shows:


Abbott & Costello in the Catskills  is available from Blackstone Audio and Waterlogg Productions: ABBOTT & COSTELLO  LINK

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
Camp Waterlogg: Abbott and Costello
Meet Ranger Joe part 2


''Hey, Aaaaaabott!!'' The Comedy-O-Rama Hour will present the second of two tributes to the legendary comedy team Abbott & Costello. It is all part of this week's Camp Waterlogg segments, featuring special guest star Bob Greenberg. During the comedy hour, Ranger Joe goes back in time to 1938 and meets Abbott & Costello--played by Bevilacqua and Greenberg, respectively, in sketches performed and recorded before a live audience. Joe also sings a rousing rendition of Cab Calloway's Minnie the Moocher. Lorie Kellogg is heard as Gracie Allen, among other characters.
 Download it here!

Comedy sketches performed include “Lambchops” (Bud Abbott and Gracie Allen) and “Who’s on First?” (Bud Abbott and Lou Costello). During the curtain call, Bud Abbott sings “Minnie the Moocher.”


The Jazz-O-Rama Hour
Music and News of 1929

When My Dreams Come True from THE COCOANUTS
by the Australian Cinema Orchestra will be among
the 78 RPM records heard.

Talking pictures, Popeye, Tin-Tin, Color TV--just a few things that came to flourish in 1929, says Jazz-O-Rama host Joe Bev, who also voices Mr. Jazzbo and a new character Walter Walters (a tribute to Walter Winchell) on the show. This week Bev as Walters announces news of 1929.
78 RPM records included in the hour:
St. Louis Blues - Adrian Schubert  and the Six Black Diamonds
Bajo la Luna - Bob Haring Colonial Club Orchestra
Roses Of Picardy - Red Nichols & His Five Pennies
Ploddin Along - Anson Weeks and his Orchestra
When My Dreams Come True - Australian Cinema Recording
Through - Phil Spitalny Orchestra
Broadway - Arthur Rosebery and his Kit-Cat Dance Band - From the Universal Talking Production
Georgia Pines - Marlow Hardy and his Alabamians
I'm on a Diet of Love - George Olsen Orchestra
Mona - George Olsen Orchestra
Me And The Clock - Roy Ingraham and His Orchestra
Fox Movietone Follies Of 1929 - The Brunswick Salon Orchestra
Marbles - Herman Waldman Orchestra


 Download to have your own copy.

The Austin City Skyline

From Moonshine to Armadillos (audiobook)

The Birth of the Austin Music Scene

Hosted by Joe Bevilacqua , featuring Kenneth Threadgill and others
Length 1.0 hrs • Audio Theater
 2012 by Waterlogg Productions

The Joe Bev Experience
From Moonshine to Armadillos: The Birth of the Austin Music Scene

Veteran award-winning producer Joe Bevilacqua hosts this hour long program outlining the History of Threadgill's and Armadillo World Headquarters and their contribution to the birth of the Austin music scene and their influence on the Nashville Sound and Country Rock. Featuring commentary and music by many of the key players of the 1920s-1960s.

This program offers a soup to nuts history of Austin's growth into the live music Mecca that it's become today. The show is more than just contemporary talking heads and music--it features an amazing collection of archival interviews and recordings (including tape of some never-before-heard early Janis Joplin performances, which should qualify as an authentic archival treasure). The production is well put-together, flowing smoothly between many different elements. - Eric Nuzum, NPR's Vice President for Programming.


Audio from Daws Butler
and Don Messick
in the Yogi Bear cartoon
Rah-Rah Bear! (1959)

Cartoon Carnival
The Cartoon Carnival Thanksgiving Special

Joe Bevilacqua's alter ego, noted newsman Walter Cockeyed fills in again as host and presents a wide array of classic and rare holiday themed cartoon, record and radio audio, including Arthur Q. Bryan, Mel Blanc and Sarah Berner in Friz Freleng's The Hardship of Miles Standish (1938); selections from Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America; Jack Benny has a Turkey Dream (1947), with Mel Blanc, Bea Benaderet, Eddie Rochester Anderson, Frank Nelson and the Sportsman Quartet; Jack Mercer in Pilgrim Popeye (1951); Daws Butler and Don Messick in the Yogi Bear cartoon Rah-Rah Bear! (1959); and listener Kevin Butler ( talks about the history CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade.



The New Oldtime Radio Hour:

Orson Welles: Joe Bevilacqua; 

Archie: Joe Bevilacqua; 
Eddie: Aundrae Dair; 
Miss Duffy: Lorie Kellogg; 
Allen Jenkins: Jim Folly 
Finnegan: Kenny Savoy; 
Edward G. Robinson: Joe Bevilacqua; 
Officer Clancy: Kenny Savoy; 
Shriner #1 (Bogie): Joe Bevilacqua; 
Shriner #2 (Cagney): Kenny Savoy; 
Shriner #3 (Grant): Jim Folly; 
Shriner #4 (Cooper): Joe Bevilacqua; 
Mob Voice/Art Dealer #1: Lorie Kellogg; 
Mob Voice/Art Dealer #2: Aundrae Dair; 
Mob Voice/Art Dealer #3: Kenny Savoy; 
Announcer: Joe Bevilacqua; 
Igor (Lorre): Kenny Savoy; 
Boris (Karloff): Jim Folly; 
Harpo Marx: Kenny Savoy; 
Chico Marx: Jim Folly.

Joe Bevilacqua & Aundrae Dair

The Joe Bev Audio Theater

A Midsummer Night's Dream part 1, The Unlucky Merchant, and a new Duffy's Tavern: If We All Talked Like Allen Jenkins

James Folly (Allen Jenkins)
& Joe Bevilacqua (Edward G. Robinson)
 First, Joe Bev presents part one of A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, a live performance first broadcast on the Bard's birthday, April 23, 1994 on WBAI FM, NYC, featuring Simon Studio actors Roger Hendricks Simon, Joe Bevilacqua, Felix Diaz, Bobby Rae-Foley, Susan Kenney, David Lipson, Florence Regina, Kathleen O'Dougherty and William Lewis Wexler. Directed by Roger Hendricks Simon. Then, Lorie Kellogg performed The Unlucky Merchant by Pedro Pablo Sacristan. And the hour ends with a new Duffy's Tavern: If We All Talked Like Allen Jenkins recorded before a live audience at SUNY Dutchess in Poughkeepsie, New York on March 20, 2007. 
Kenny Savoy as Officer Clancy
Archie, Finnegan, Eddie, Miss Duffy and all the gang are back "where the elite meet to eat" in this first new "Duffy's Tavern" outing since 1952. Archie tries to lure the Shriner's Convention to the tavern with promises of big stars he can't deliver, not knowing the real Warner Brothers movie actors Edward G. Robinson and Allen Jenkins are hiding in the kitchen. 
Lorie Kellogg as Miss Duffy

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