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Another great review! 5 out of 5 stars Ancient Rising

great review!

5 out of 5 stars

Ancient Rising

February 16, 2015

 GET YOURS NOW!5.0 out of 5 stars

Review By Pennie Mae Cartawick. 
Pennie Mae Cartawick
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There is nothing I like better than to explore a good fantasy adventure especially when recorded in stereo to bring the readers experience up close and personal to 'Ancient Rising' in audio book format. A scenic delight that sets sail to far off lands through Mexico, Greece, and Egypt. 'Ancient Rising' is the first installment in 'The Rise of the Ancient Saga' series.

Meet Dan Ryan, the main character who's family tragically died in a car accident and now, he feels that his life is over until an ancient messenger of God named 'Hermes' appears to him. The Gods have chosen Dan to find the lost world of Atlantis. This leads him on an adventurous exhibition to the Greek Islands where Hermes reveals to him the location of the lost ancient tablet. This tablet reveals clues that then leads him and his crew closer to finding the lost city (no spoilers).

A fast paced thrill seeking experience takes us listeners in search for Atlantis that grips a sense of well played imaginative proportion. The extremely talented voices of Joe Bevilacqua has an infectious attitude as he smoothly breaths life into an escapade of non-stop entertainment. Joe sets the scene for a performance of enhanced sound effects with the back drop of music scores that play an important role in this audio drama's success. He is an award winning radio theater personality who really shines with affluence with his unique and creative influence in 'Ancient Rising: Book 1'. Highly recommended.

SECOND REVIEW: 4.0 out of 5 stars audiobook review, 
February 12, 2012
By Jonathan Esterman (Oregon, USA) 
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This review is from: Ancient Rising:
The 3D Audiobook Experience 

"Music, creaks, sirens, knocks, rings, shouts - it's all there as part of the experience. During times of non-action (such as the character caught in thought), appropriate music guides the listener through to more gripping scenes. Bevilacqua's narration, in and of itself, is also superb, providing not just proper inflection, dramatic pause, and artistic narration, but a performance worthy of pairing to the sound effects. Thus, a consistent and appropriately-timed sound effect did not cover the narration, but complemented it to great a truly astounding audio experience for the listener. Listeners, such as myself, will find themselves so caught up in the experience that time will pass by with this emotionally gripping tale of love and loss."
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Leo peered up at her, eyebrows raised. Lydia. What's wrong? She kept screaming over and over. You''re bleeding... Lydia felt her hands balling involuntarily into fists, and she felt a new round of screaming building inside her. Leo glanced down at his shirt. His eyes grew as large as dinner plates. Oh my God....what is that?
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Luke walked up to the girl in the playground and asked, "Why aren't you swinging? The girl looked at him and said nothing for a minute. He was struck by the darkness of her irises, which were almost impossible to distinguish from her blacker-than-black pupils. He swallowed. He was about to turn away when she said, I was swinging, but I don't swing any more.
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