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Abbott & Costello, Django Reinhardt, O. Henry and Tom Terrific On The Joe Bev Hour

A new tribute to Abbott & Costello, the 78s records of Django Reinhardt, radio drama by O. Henry and a Tom Terrific cartoon highlight The Joe Bev Hour for the week of November 18, 2013.

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The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
Camp Waterlogg:
Abbott and Costello Meet Ranger Joe

Listeners will be treated to a new Abbott & Costello routine called "Luzon Station" and more when they tune in to The Comedy-O-Rama Hour this week. It is all part of this week's Camp Waterlogg, featuring special guest star Bob Greenberg.

The improvisational radio theater program is written by husband and wife Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) and Lorie Kellogg and produced and directed by Bevilacqua. During the comedy hour, Ranger Joe goes back in time to 1938 and meets Abbott & Costello--played by Bevilacqua and Greenberg, respectively, in sketches performed and recorded before a live audience.  "We tried to capture the high energy of 1938, a time before Abbott & Costello became top Hollywood stars but had just hit it big on the Kate Smith show and had their own show as a summer replacement for Fred Allen," says Joe Bev, who talks to himself playing not only Abbott but Ranger Joe, Sgt. Lefty, Ellis the Boat-keeper, and dozens of other characters on the show.  Part two of Abbott and Costello Meet Ranger Joe will air next week and feature a new rendition of Who's on First?  Upcoming Comedy-O-Rama guests include Phil Proctor (Firesign Theatre), Julie Newmar (Batman), Stuart Pankin (HBO's Not Necessarily the News), and Judy Tenuta (The Weird Al Show). Past guests have included Al Franken, Lewis Black, Shelley Berman, Rick Overton, Bob Edwards, and Bob Camp.  Abbott & Costello in the Catskills  is available from Blackstone Audio and Waterlogg Productions: ABBOTT & COSTELLO  LINK

Before there was Glenn Miller there was Ray Miller. These are the less artists who helped created jazz as an art form and who first employed Benny Goodman, The Dorsey Brothers and all the legends we now hold in reverence, says Jazz-O-Rama host Joe Bev, who remasters the 78 RPM recordings to bring out their former fidelity.
The Jazz-O-Rama Hour
Small Group, Big Band and Bebop 78s of Django Reinhardt

Black Panther Stomp (1934)
Ultrafox (1935)
Stompin' At Decca (1938)
Mystery Pacific (1937)
Taj Mahal (1937)
Japanese Sandman (1937)
Japanese Sandman (1939)
Undecided (1939)
The Flat Foot Floogie (1938)
Les Yeux Noirs (1940)
Belleville (1943)
Song d'Automne (1947)
Moppin' The Bride (1948)
Babik (1947)


The Joe Bev Experience
"Tolbin's Palm" by O. Henry,
performed by Joe Bev and Lorie Kellogg.


 The recording will soon be released as an audiobook through Blackstone Audio. Bev plans on producing audio of the complete O. Henry catalog. Also on the hour, "A Freneau Sampler," poetry and prose of Philip Freneau combined with an biographical play about his life written and directed by Joe Bev(ilacqua). Funded by The New Jersey Historical Commission and The Monmouth County Historical Society.

The archive database of Animation Resources consists of biographical information, images and filmographic data culled from from a variety of sources. In a remarkably short span of time, the collection grew to contain over 6,000 digitized animated films and over 125,000 high-resolution images. These assets are searchable by keywords, and all of the data is cross-linked within the database structure.


Cartoon Carnival
Tom Terrific - part 1

Listener Kevin Butler talks about TV theme songs, the story of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive with June Foray, Jerry Beck, Steve Worth, rare Popeye cartoon raw tracks, Daws Butler teaches voices (1975), Willoughby and the Professor Goes to Hollywood part 1 (1972), Popeye in Giantland part 2 (1935), Huckleberry Hound narrates a rare Yogi Bear cartoon (1958), Paul Frees as Ludwig Von Drake sings The Spectrum Song in the very first Disney's Wonderful World of Color," part two (1961) , Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Moose, Tom Terrific Robinsnest Caruso part 1 and The Green Grass Grew All Around (1957).


The Joe Bev Audio Theater

Akrotiri - Chapter Three of Ancient Rising &
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes - Episode Two: "My Dinner at Baker Street"

Akrotiri - Chapter Three of Ancient Rising
by JC De La Torre
Produced & directed by Joe Bevilacqua
Narrated by Joe Bevilacqua
Available for sale at
"This audio production of Ancient Rising is touted as a '3-D Audiobook Experience.' I was pretty curious about that; what is a 3-D audiobook anyway? Well, it didn’t take me long to find out. Ancient Rising is performed, and I do mean performed, by long-time theater and radio talent Joe Bevilacqua. Don’t confuse him with other Joe Bevilacqua’s, the name is Joe K Bevilacqua. Joe does great voices for all the characters, and the whole thing is recorded in stereo. The main narration comes through the center channel as usual, but the character voices, along with sound effect enhancements, come from the left or right channels, giving the audiobook a real 3-D feel. With Joe’s voices, the sound enhancements, and the 3-D recording, this is a top-notch audio production. Ancient Rising is a non-stop thrill ride through the world of the ancients. I found De La Torre’s blend of history and mythology to be fascinating and compelling. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this one." -

The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes
Episode Two: "My Dinner at Baker Street"

Available for sale at: DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE STORY HERE
Holmes invites his old math teacher to dinner, not knowing he is the evil Moriarty who is there to kill him. The story ends with a hilarious sword fight (with REAL swords, choreographed by Broadway's Ed Easton.) Sherlock Holmes: Vernon Morris; Dr. John H. Watson, MD: Henry J. Quinn; Mrs. Hudson: Jan Meredith; Professor Moriarty: Ed Hyland.
"I wrote this one by hand on a legal pad in 12 hours one day in 1983 when I was visiting Daws Butler. He had dropped me off at LAX and my flight was delayed. I was stuck so I bought a pen and pad and what you hear on this show is exactly what I wrote that day!" explains Joe Bevilacqua.
Joseph K Bevilacqua
New Jersey born Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) has been producing radio in many genres since 1971 when he was twelve. At 19 in 1980, Bev became the youngest person to produce a radio show for public radio. He co-hosted The Jazz Show with Garret Gega in the early 80s, a four hour a week mix classic jazz and comedy. Bev also worked for WBGO, Jazz 88 in Newark, NJ and produced documentaries for WNYC New York Public Radio on jazz legends including Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, Count Basie, Woody Herman, Cab Calloway, and Lionel Hampton. Bev is primarily known as a radio theater dramatist. However, his career has taken him into every aspect of show business, including stage, film and television, as a producer, director, writer, actor, and even cartoonist.

Lorie B Kellogg - Waterlogg Productions Co-Producer
Not content to hide behind his microphone, Bevilacqua will be seen acting in the upcoming feature films: "The Green Blade Rises" directed A.J. Edwards, "The Fly Room" directed by Alexis Gambis, "Cold in July" directed by Jim Mickle, and "Hits" directed by David Cross. He will be seen as British General Bernard Montgomery in the upcoming History Channel WWII miniseries. Joe Bev also tours the NY-NJ area as Bud Abbott to Bob Greenberg's Lou Costello.

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