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The weekly Comedy-O-Rama Hour on Cult Radio-A-Go-Go!

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The weekly 
Comedy-O-Rama Hour 
on Cult Radio-A-Go-Go!
This Saturday  at 10am (PST) / 1pm (EST) 

Celebrity guests: Julie Newmar, Rick Overton, Stuart Pankin, Bob Camp, Judy Tenuta. 

PRLog (Press Release) Feb 16, 2012 -

On Saturday,  10am (PST) / 1pm (EST)--The Comedy-O-Rama Hour returns weekly, heard exclusively on Internet radio network Cult Radio-A-Go-Go!

”Cult Radio prides itself on airing and honoring classic old time radio shows of yesterday," boasts Terry & Tiffany DuFoe, creators and owners of Cult Radio A-Go-Go!--"and now we are thrilled to welcome Comedy-O-Rama to our line up to give Cult Radio listeners a taste of classic programming with new comedic content. Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg bring Sgt. Lefty and a cavalcade of characters to life as they welcome Cult Radio listeners into their exciting imaginarium."

"I am thrilled to be on Cult Radio-A-Go-Go!" exclaims Comedy-O-Rama producer and star Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev.). "We'll begin with further improvised woodsy adventures of Sgt. Lefty and the gang at Camp Waterlogg-A-Go-Go!"

On the new show, Ranger Joe Bevilacqua and Ranger Lorie Kellogg improvise radio theater stories, doing most of the voices themselves, from their cabin in Catskill Mountains.

The real-life husband and wife comedy team are joined in the fun by celebrity guest stars, who also ad-lib as characters at the Camp.

Upcoming guests include Julie Newmar (Batman), Rick Overton (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Stuart Pankin (HBO's Not Necessarily the News), Bob Camp (Ren & Stimpy) and Judy Tenuta (The Weird Al Show).

Bevilacqua says to "expect a lot of surprises on the new show! We'll have new performances of Vaudeville classics such as Abbott & Costello's 'Who's On First?' and Burns & Allen's 'Lampchops', new radio theaters of The Great Gildersleeve and My Friend Irma in front of a live audience, and a lot more celebrity guest stars improvising with us!"

This Saturday's Cult Radio broadcast is part one of "Cupid Comes to Camp Waterlogg", which The British Universities Film & Video Council called "a modernization of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Ranger Lorie is having a big Valentine's "Kiss-Off" square dance to help raise money to save her dilapidated kids camp in the Catskills. Cupid sends the Baby of the Woods (Puck) to bring all the star-crossed lovers together, and confusion ensues. Meanwhile, Ranger Joe (Bottom) makes an ass of himself, while performing in Las Vegas."

The hour also includes Cousin Kenny Savoy, Jim Folly, Tom Giannazzo, and Reagan Leonard.

What Other Say about Comedy-O-Rama...

"An atmosphere of folk art and sophisticated sound equipment merge to create radio theater of a distinctly upbeat, G-rated variety." (Deborah Medenbach, Times Herald-Record, Middletown, New York)

"Experimental, Humorous. The Comedy-O-Rama draws characters that everyone can relate to, just turned up a notch for chuckles. The production is slick and story engaging. (Tanya Ott, WBHM-FM, Birmingham, Alabama)

"The Comedy-O-Rama Hour is one of the most unique and original productions out there these days. With Joe's talent for different voices, I never know what's coming next, or what it will sound like. Another thing that makes these shows stand out is that it is quite obvious to the listener that Joe and his cast are having fun making these shows, and that makes them fun to listen to as well." (The New York Times)

"Great parodies of old time radio icons, classic moments with legendary comedians and wonderful voice-acting, The Comedy O Rama Hour picks up where great radio comedy left off decades ago. Heck, it's even produced in the Borscht Belt." (Steve Karesh, former XM Radio Program Director)

"If there was an award for best husband and wife narrating team, I think the clear winners would be Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg. Come to think of it, why isn’t there an award for best husband and wife narrating team? Somebody needs to look into that. Anyway, individually, Joe an Lorie are both extremely talented voice artists. They can both do lots of entertaining voices, not just characterizations but whole personalities, and they both have a fine flair for drama, satire, and comedy. Put them together and, well, need I say more? If you haven’t heard these two at work, you’re missing out on something special." (Steven Brandt,

Cult Radio-A-Go-Go! will be airing the "Best of Comedy-O-Rama" until March 31 when new "Camp Waterlogg-A-Go-Go!" episodes will begin. More details to come.

Kickstarter campaign is underway to keep The Comedy-O-Rama Hour on the air beyond 13 weeks. Go to: ...

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Best to you all,

Joe Bev.

Joe Bevilacqua is a veteran award-winning actor, writer, author and producer. His audio is available at Amazon, iTunes, and Audible for Kindle, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad download, or CD purchase or rental. Find out more!

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Waterlogg Productions is a multimedia entertainment company founded by husband and wife team Joe Bevilacqua & Lorie Kellogg. Their combined talents spanning over 40 years have garnered many awards in radio.

There new radio program The Comedy-O-Rama Hour airs weekly on Cult Radio A-Go-Go!

In 2009 Waterlogg Production ventured into the world of audio books and in 2011 released over 600 hours of sound. Their work can also be found on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible for Kindle, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad download, or CD purchase or rental.

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