Friday, June 1, 2012

Liquid Comedy on Comedy-O-Rama Hour - This Saturday

Liquid Comedy Members
Reunite for Joe Bev's 
Comedy-O-Rama Hour
This Saturday, June 2, 1pm (EST) at  Cult Radio-A-Go-Go!

3-part "The Wedding of Ellis & Elise" trilogy culminates with guest star "The Love Goddess" Judy Tenuta.

Beginning Saturday, June 2, at 1:00pm (EST), The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, Joe Bevilacqua's crazy weekly radio theater comedy show will present a 3-part "The Wedding of Ellis & Elise" trilogy storyline that culminates with comedienne "The Love Goddess" Judy Tenuta guest starring (on the June 16 show).   

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour airs online every Saturday 1:00pm (EST) / 10:00am (PST). Listen LIVE from anywhere at

Here's is a video of Liquid Comedy performing as charters from Camp Waterlogg....

Listen to the
Comedy-O-Rama Hour 
on Cult Radio-Go-Go! 
1:00 pm EST   10:00 am PST 
The Comedy-O-Rama Hour is the brainchild of husband and wife Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) and Lorie Kellogg. After a successful four year run on Sirius XM Radio, the improvisational comedy radio theater hour moved to Cult Radio-A-Go-Go! online where its audience numbers have increased 10 fold in 10 weeks. Now in its 15th week, the comedy hour has helped Cult Radio-A-Go-Go! attracted more than 100,000 listeners per week worldwide.

Joe Bevilacqua, who is also known as Joe Bev, performs nearly half the characters on the show, including Ellis the Boatkeeper, Sgt. Lefty, Adam Maxwell, Lil Orphan Andy, and others. His wife and creative partner Lorie B. Kellogg also performs many characters on the show, including Elise, Olive Pitts, Mrs. Cowlick, Ellis & Elise's mother, Lkie, and others.
Joe Bevilacqua creates the voices
of Ranger Joe, 
Sgt. Lefty, Ellis the Boat Keeper,
Andy the Little Orphan Boy, 
all the voices in the
"Uncle Dunkle and Donnie" cartoons, 
and the other voices in the Perdro cartoons

The husband and wife team record the comedy hour from their home and surrounding woods of Napanoch, NY. The show takes place at Camp Waterlogg, a fictional kids camp in the Catskills.

For the trilogy, Bev and Kellogg enlisted the help of Kenny Savoy and Jim Folly, members of the Liquid Comedy troupe since 1979.

The four spent last weekend improvising over hours of new material for The Comedy-O-Rama Hour.
Lorie Kellogg creates the voices of Ranger Lorie,
 Olive Pitts, Lkie (Sqweeky), the gal at the
Too Big or Too Small Store,
 and oodles of voices in the Perdro cartoons.

Folly plays chef Ron Drysdale, a Peters Market Grocery Clerk, Rev. Cowlick, Marcello, Ellis & Elise's father and Lil Jimmy. Savoy is Cousin Kenny, Peter Moss, and Luigi.

Bev and Kellogg Skyped two scenes with Judy Tentua, one in which she gives love advise to Ellis and Elise, and the other in which Tentua sings and plays accordion at their wedding.

Joe Bev says of his cast:
"Lorie Kellogg is not only a great voice artist who can play woman, man, girls, boys, frogs, trees, chairs, or anything... she also comes up with half the funny plots we improvise!"
"Jim Folly is the funniest man alive! Jim has been a member of our troupe Liquid Comedy since we formed it in 1979. Jim is Don Rickles, Chico Marx and Allen Jenkins all rolled into one!"
"Kenny Savoy can do voices and read a script as well as any actor I know, but what makes Kenny special is is bright open upbeat personality. He lifts the energy of everyone he meets. Kenny is also a great improviser."

More about Judy and her touring schedule
 can be found at: 

"We are so honored to have Judy Tentua as a guest on The Comedy-O-Rama Hour. What can I say about the Love Goddess she hasn't already said about herself:

    Judy Tenuta is the most famous person who has ever lived...and if you don't believe it, just ask her. Judy is a triple threat in the sense that she has strong stage, television, comedy and film credits with a large fan base.  She has appeared in" The Vagina Monologues",  "Menopause the Musical" both in LA and Chicago, and she's had her own stand-up specials on Showtime, HBO and Lifetime.  Judy was the first female stand-up comic to win "Best Female Comedian" at the American Comedy Awards and is a two-time Grammy nominee for her comedy CD’S,  "Attention Butt-Pirates” and “Lesbetarians!" and "In Goddess We Trust".  That same year, she became the national spokesperson for a series of Diet Dr. Pepper commercials. The self-described "Love Goddess" and "Aphrodite of the Accordion" has made hundreds of guest and co-hosting appearances on such popular TV shows as "The View",  "Late Night with David Letterman", "Larry King Live", "Entertainment Tonight", and "Comics Unleashed".
          Judy's stand-up routine is appropriately described as outrageous, mind-blowing comedy. She recently became an ordained minister, and converts her audiences to her signature religion, "Judyism".  A strong advocate for gays, children and women's issues, the fun-loving feminist preaches that all women should be worshiped as "Love Goddesses!"
This week's Comedy-O-Rama Hour also includes the story "Madman in the City" written by Pedro Pablo Sacristan and voiced by Joe Bev as Peter Falk (Lt. Columbo) and Andy Kaufman (Latka Gravis), and Lorie Kellogg in the Eve Arden role and Joe Bev in the Gale Gordon role in the conclusion of the first new "Our Miss Brooks" story since 1959.
Listen to The Comedy-O-Rama Hour LIVE from anywhere at EVERY SATURDAY 1:00pm (EST) / 9:00am (PST).

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

We Skyped with Judy Tenuta

More about Judy and her touring schedule
 can be found at: 

Today, Lorie B Kellogg  & Joe Bev Skyped with Judy Tenuta, the Love Goddess for a Camp Waterlogg segment for the Comedy-O-Rama Hour! 

It will air in 2 wks on!!!

Bow down to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is one of her classic videos....


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Monday, May 28, 2012

Liquid Comedy on the Comedy-O-Rama Hour

We just recorded segments of Camp Waterlogg for the Comedy-O-Rama Hour this weekend with all of our Liquid Comedy team. Photo includesJoseph BevilacquaJames FollyLorie B Kellogg , and Kenny Savoy. Only on Comedy-O-Rama Hour Saturday 1pm EST 10 am PST on

On our show we have a lot of different voices going on at the same time. I just wanted to share who does who... Joe Bev does the voices of Ranger Joe, Sgt. Lefty, Ellis the Boat Keeper, Andy, all the voices in the "Uncle Dunkle and Donnie" cartoons, and half the voices in the Perdro cartoons. 

Lorie Kellogg does the voices of Ranger Lorie, Olive Pitts, Lkie (Sqweeky), Mrs. Terwilliger, and the other half of voices in the Perdro cartoons. 

Jim Folly does the voices of Chef Ron, Little Jimmy, Luigi, and others. 

Kenny Savoy does Peter(Stinky), Cousin Kenny, Marcello, and others.

-Lorie Kellogg

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