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Camp Waterlogg: Sgt. Lefty Joins The Mustang Club

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The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
"Sgt. Lefty Joins The Mustang Club"

On this week's Comedy-O-Rama Hour, Sgt. Lefty joins a Mustang club, takes his son horseback riding, makes a pot of azuki beans and Chinese dumplings for his girlfriend Olive Pitts (Lorie Kellogg). The creator of the weekly radio hour, Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) voices both Lefty and his adopted son Andy, something he admits he could only do in audio.

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The Comedy-O-Rama is story and character driven improvisation--recorded in and around their Napanoch, NY house in the woods--that goes beyond sketch comedy to blossom into full fledged radio theater. Husband and wife creative team Joe Bev and Lorie Kellogg created the series for XM Radio in 2002. 124 shows and 13 years later, the series is heard weekly on public radio stations nationwide, streamed on the web at, and podcast anytime all over the Internet, including

"My two characters really interact a lot in this week's show, so I did a lot of talking to myself!" laughs Bevilacqua, who maps out the plot of each hour and improvises the dialogue, not from a studio but in the real world, including the woods of Napanoch, NY.

"I even cooked beans over my kitchen stove while we recorded this week's story. When we were finished we had both a new hour radio situation comedy AND a pot of cooked beans!"

camp waterlogg

Kenny Savoy & Joe Bev
Also on this week's Comedy-O-Rama, Jim Folly returns as Lil Jimmy, who loan sharks Stinky (Kenny Savoy). Ellis and Adam (Joe Bev), as Elise and Mrs. Terwilliger (Lorie Kellogg) are still cleaning up after the Camp's party when the Kerhonkson police show up.

Meanwhile, Andy (Joe Bev) critiques Lkie's (Lorie Kellogg) and mud pies, and there is still a line of elder folks blocking the gates, demanding tickets to a "thingamabob".

James Folly
The Comedy-O-Rama Hour had a four year successful run on Sirius XM Radio. Since returning, Comedy-O-Rama has attracted such celebrity guests as Rick Overton, Stuart Pankin, Bob Camp, Phil Proctor, David Ossman, June Foray, Nancy Cartwright, Bob Greenberg, Julie Newmar, and Judy Tentua.

Joe Bev attributes the positive response to his radio show as a sign today's audiences are craving radio theater.

"We are creating a fully realized storyline every week, with continuing characters, sound effects, music, full production values... plus we're funny!" says Bev, who improvises half the characters on the show. 

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour

James Folly & Kenny Savoy
"One of the funniest guys I know is Kenny Savoy. Kenny can do voices and read a script as well as any actor I know, but what makes Kenny special is is bright open upbeat personality. He lifts the energy of everyone he meets."

"Kenny is also a great improviser. When we toured as Liquid Comedy--after the rest of us struggled before the audience with parodies of current TV shows and juvenile dialogues--Kenny brought down the house by pulling out his harmonica and ad-libbing a hilarious and clever blues song. I can also count on Kenny as a close and trusted friend. I look forward to many more years of making people laugh with Kenny Savoy!"
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"The script, which I completed... poured out of me because I was inspired. I was writing it to showcase the talents of Jim Folly, the funniest man alive!"

"Jim has been a member of Liquid Comedy since we formed it in 1979. Jim is Don Rickles, Chico Marx and Allen Jenkins all rolled into one!"


"The Comedy-O-Rama Hour is one of the most unique and original productions out there these days. With Joe's talent for different voices, I never know what's coming next, or what it will sound like. Another thing that makes these shows stand out is that it is quite obvious to the listener that Joe and his cast are having fun making these shows, and that makes them fun to listen to as well."
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"Great parodies of old time radio icons, classic moments with legendary comedians and wonderful voice-acting, The Comedy O Rama Hour picks up where great radio comedy left off decades ago. Heck, it's even produced in the Borscht Belt."
 - Steve Karesh, Former Program Director, Sonic Theater XM Satellite Radio


Joe Bevilacqua, also known as Joe Bev is primarily known as a radio theater dramatist. However, his career has taken him into every aspect of show business, including stage, film and television, as a producer, director, writer, actor, and even cartoonist. Not content to hide behind his microphone, Bevilacqua will be seen acting in the upcoming feature films: "The Green Blade Rises" directed A.J. Edwards, "The Fly Room" directed by Alexis Gambis, "Cold in July" directed by Jim Mickle, and "Hits" directed by David Cross.

Incredibly, Joe Bev currently acts on stage, TV and in movies, reports for NPR (All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Latino USA), and still finds time to produce 36 unique hours of radio every month, 12 of which are underwritten by book publisher BearManor Media. They are The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, The Jazz-O-Rama Hour, The Joe Bev Experience, Cartoon Carnival, The Joe Bev Audio Theater, The Voice Actor Show, The J-OTR Show, The Lost OTR Show, and The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention Celebrity Interviews (all of which are also hosted by Joe Bev), plus shows hosted by others: Lorie's Book Nook with Lorie Kellogg, Fred Frees Favorites with Fred Frees, What's Cookin'? with Chef Steve Mendoza, Aroma Thyme Radio with Chef Marcus Guiliano, and Movies on the Air with Bryan Hendrickson.

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THE OTHER VOICE: Inspired  by the unusual Lorie Kellogg has been creating and performing since an early age. In high school she wanted to perform but since she was also an artist was left to get the 3rd highest Thespian points her Senior year by making props and performing in background roles. In art school she played with every medium at the Kansas City Art Institute sans clay and cloth. Printmaking, painting, photography, video and computer art were her main studies. Continuing with video and computer art Lorie attained her Masters Degree at Cal Arts. After graduating she worked as a graphic designer and performed with Diavolo Dance Theater in Los Angeles. And then she met Joe Bevilacqua and the world of voice acting was open to her. They quickly started creating audio projects together and formed Waterlogg Productions. They now have over 177 audio books distributed through Blackstone Audio and produce and syndicate their fifteen radio shows to online and public radio stations. Lorie continues to create graphic but is also an actress, comedian and voice artist. Her website is

12 "Joe Bev" programs stream at, and all 16 are podcast on demand at and all online podcast sites.

Under the umbrella title of "The Joe Bev Hour", these also programs air on WGTD, Wisconsin Public Radio, Spokane Public Radio, Sound Stages Radio, BearManor Radio, WHRO-Norfolk, VA, The 1920s Radio Network, Toon Radio, Pawling Public Radio, Radio New Zealand, Prairie Public, Moab Public Radio, KAZU, WNMU-FM, KREV, WMMT, KAWC, Red River Radio Network, Marfa Public Radio, KCUR, WEZU, WSNC, Troy Public Radio, WCMU Public Radio, WRPI, KUAT, KUHF, KVMR, WRFA, KSVR Studios: Skagit Valley Radio, WHRV, KVMR, WUCF, WFIU, KRPS, KUT, WLRN, WTIP, WNCU, KEOS, KRUA, New Hampshire Public Radio, KGOU, Delta College Public Radio, WPSU, Northeast Indiana Public Radio, KMXT, KUFM - Montana Public Radio, WEFT, Northern Community Radio - KAXE & KBXE, WRVO, WYSO, WMPG, WGUC, KRPS, WEKU, Oregon Public Broadcasting, WXXI, Yellowstone Public Radio, Robin Hood Radio/ WHDD AM 1020/FM 91.9-WLHV FM 88.1 /WGHQ AM 920, WHRV, WVAS, WDCB, WMUK, KCCK, WAMC, Here and Now, WGBH, KWIT, KDUR, WGUC, WJFF, WILL, WNPR, WCAI/WNAN, KTNA, WKSU, WKMS, AMU, KSTX (KPAC), KERA, WFCR, WUAL, KZYX, KCPW, Stan, Delmarva Public  Radio,  KRCB, WKNO, KSJD, KFSR, KUHF, KQED, Spokane Public Radio, WUIS, WEKU, WEPS, WNCU, WPSU, KUOW, KUHB, KTXK, Raven Radio, WQUB, WCOM, WMUB, KGLT, KDNK, KMXT, KSFR, WVPE, South Dakota Public Broadcasting - Radio, KSUT, KUVO, KDLG, KVNF, KUHB, Yellowstone Public Radio, WERU, KSRQ, WKSU, KRCB, GAUF, WUSM, WDNA, KUGS, WGCU, KFAI, WUTS, East Village Radio, KAOS, KBBI (check local listings).

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Joe Bevilacqua, also known as Joe Bev, is primarily known as a radio theater dramatist, but his career has taken him into every aspect of show business, including stage, film, and television, as a producer, director, writer, actor, and even cartoonist. In 1971 his father bought him a cassette recorder, on which he created his first audio story, Willoughby and the Professor, acting all the voices himself at the age of twelve. In 1975 Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear and many other Hanna-Barbera and Jay Ward cartoon characters, dubbed himself Bevilacqua’s personal mentor after hearing a 120-minute cassette of Willoughby improvisations. Since 1980 Bevilacqua has produced many award-winning radio programs for National Public Radio, Sirius-XM Satellite Radio, and others.

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