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Lorie's Book Nook with guest Eric Niderost, author of Sonnets & Sunspots: "Dr. Research Baxter and the Bell Science Films" and Dr. Frank Baxter on The Burns and Allen Show

Lorie's Book Nook with Lorie Kellogg

Guest Eric Niderost, author of Sonnets & Sunspots: "Dr. Research Baxter and the Bell Science Films"

and a Blast from the Past: Dr. Frank Baxter on The Burns and Allen Show: "The Shakespeare Paper" 

Eric Niderost
Can science be fun? That's the question Lorie Kellogg asks her guest Eric Niderost, author of the book "Dr. Research Baxter and the Bell Science Films", which can be purchased at:
Gracie Allen visits Frank Baxter at USC
There will also be a Blast from the Past: Dr. Frank Baxter on The Burns and Allen Show: "The Shakespeare Paper" - Directed by Rod Amateau; writing by Keith Fowler, Harvey Helm, and William Burns, with George Burns, Gracie Allen, Harry von Zell, Bea Benaderet, Larry Keating, Ronnie Burns, Sandra Burns, and Yvonne Lime. 


Lorie's Book Nook  

Frank Baxter and Richard Carlson
This edition of Lorie's Book Nook is one of 12 "March is Science and Science Fiction Month on BearManor Radio" specials. (A complete list is at the end of this announcement.)

Now on its 11th month, The BearManor Radio Network is heard streaming 24/7 at, and podcast on demand at

Francis Condie Baxter and Eddie Albert
Francis Condie Baxter (May 4, 1896 – January 18, 1982) was an American TV personality and educator. He was a professor of English at the University of Southern California. Baxter hosted Telephone Time in 1957 and 1958 when ABC picked up the program and ended the tenure of John Nesbitt. During the 1950s, his program Shakespeare on TV won seven Emmy Awards.

Sonnets and Sunspots: “Dr. Research” Baxter and the Bell Science Films combines several of author Eric Niderost’s varied interests. Born in New York, he grew up in California and continues to live there. Even as a youngster he loved history, the movies, and popular science, so one could say the seeds of Sonnets and Sunspots were planted decades ago. Some of his most cherished memories took place in the seventh and eighth grade, circa 1962, when some of the Bell Science films were shown. These movies were engaging and entertaining, quite unlike the educational films of the day, and when the last scenes ended you found you had actually learned something too. But the star of the show was Dr. Frank Baxter, charming and avuncular, who made even the most complicated subjects accessible and fun.
Frank Baxter
After obtaining both a Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree in history, it was natural for Niderost to go into teaching that subject. But writing was also a passion. Beginning in the 1980s, and continuing to the present, Niderost has been a freelance writer/journalist for a score of publications, chiefly popular history magazines. His work has appeared in such varied journals as Military Heritage, Wild West, World War II, History Magazine. Most unusually—at least for a history professor—he has written for a number of film and nostalgia publications, including Starlog and  has interviewed people such as actors Vincent Price, Janet Leigh, George Takei and Glen Close. He has one screen credit: historical consultant on the feature film, Moll Flanders. The latter starred Robin Wright and Morgan Freeman. Altogether his publishing record to date includes 300 articles and four books ( Civil War Firsts. A Nation Transformed, Fighting Techniques of the Oriental World, Sonnets and Sunspots:”Dr Research Baxter and the Bell Science Films). Niderost lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Elaine, who is originally from Shanghai.

Burns and Allen was an American comedy duo consisting of George Burns (1896–1996) and his wife, Gracie Allen (1895–1964). They worked together as a comedy team in vaudeville, films, radio and television and achieved great success over four decades. In 1950, Burns and Allen transitioned to television with The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. An immediate success,[46] the half-hour situation comedy was broadcast October 12, 1950 – September 22, 1958, on CBS. The show was initially staged live in New York and presented every other week. In the fall of 1952 it became a weekly series filmed on the West Coast.[47]:280–281 With 291 episodes, the show had a long network run through 1958 and continued in syndicated reruns for years.

BearManor Radio program director Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) and BMR tor guide Professor Ludwig Von Watchmacallit (Fred Frees) have separately blasted into outer space to bring  listeners 12 hours of March is "Science and Science Fiction Month" shows.

First up, its:

1. The Voice Actor Show with Joe Bev
Guest Janet Waldo

Janet Waldo
Judy Jetson herself, Janet Waldo, joins noted fictional newsman Walter Cockeyed (substituting for Joe Bev while he is in "outer space") for a tribute to Hanna-Barbera's "The Jetsons",  plus a Blast from the Past: "The Jetsons: Jet Screamer" premiere episode from the Colpix LP.

Coming soon! More March is "Science and Science Fiction Month" on The Bear Manor Radio Network shows:

2. Lorie's Book Nook with Lorie Kellogg
Guest Eric Niderost, author of Sonnets & Sunspots: "Dr. Research Baxter and the Bell Science Films"
Blast from the Past: Dr. Research on "The Burns and Allen Show"

3. The J-OTR Show with Joe Bev
"Dimension X Meets Willoughby and the Professor"

4. Fred Frees Favorites
From the movie Flash Gordon
Chapters 1 of
Scott Viguie's Doctor Geek's Laboratory of Applied Geekdom.
and Sonnets & Sunspots: "Dr. Research Baxter and the Bell Science Films" by Eric Niderost

5. Aroma Thyme Radio with Chef Marcus Guiliano
"The Science and Science Fiction of Food"

6. Audio Classics Archive with Terry Salomonson
"Buck Rogers Meets Flash Gordon"

7. A Comedy-O-Rama Special
"Joe Bev in Outer Space"

8. The Jazz-O-Rama Hour with Joe Bev
"Jazz-O-Rama Goes to Outer Space"

9. Cartoon Carnival with Joe Bev
"Cartoon Carnival Explorers Outer Space"

Then, back down to earth for...

*10. Movies on the Radio with Bryan Hendrickson
The Lux Radio Theater: "It Happened One Night"

11. The Lost OTR Show with Joe Bev
Cisco Kid #32 "Valley of Hunted Men"
Cisco Kid #34 Professor "Howard's Hobby"

12. Mid-Atantic Nostalgia Convention Celebrity Interviews
Author Jim Rosin talks about the classic television show "Adventures in Paradise"

*New series! 

 All the Waterlogg Titles can be found here...
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