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Audio Classics Archive with Terry Salomonson "Buck Rogers Meets Flash Gordon"

Audio Classics Archive
with Terry Salomonson

"Buck Rogers Meets Flash Gordon"
In 1979 Buck Rogers meets Buck Rogers on TV
Buster Crabbe (the movie serial Buck),
 Erin Gray (Wilma Deering) and Gil Gerard (Buck)
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Episode 1: "Gyro Cosmic Relativator"
Originally aired on the Mutual Radio Network on April 5, 1939
Buster Crabbe in the film version
     Buck Rogers was born here right in our own times in the twentieth century. The story of how he got started on his adventure so far in the future is mighty interesting. So now we are going to turn the dial, which will project us ahead in time and find out all about it that way. The capital of 25th century America is Niagara and there it is that Dr Huer the great scientist has his marvelous laboratory. In one room of it he’s working on a strange looking device, which sends a peculiar greenish light down on to a human figure lying on a table before him… Kane and Ardala remember
sent Black Barney out from their secret headquarters to obtain supplies. Buck and Wilma meanwhile have been following Kane’s old rocket trail to the ruins of old Philadelphia but as we pick up our story tonight we find that the trail has suddenly stopped. Lets join Buck and Wilma there in the control cabin of their rocket plane.

Buster Crabbe played Buck Rogers
& Flash Gordon (Blond)
The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon, Episode 2: "Befriends Lion Men And Stops A Wedding"
Originally aired May 5, 1935
   Flash and Dale are captured by the King's men. Princess Aura appears and again saves Flash, who in turn tries to free Dale, but the king captures the princess and Flash. Rather than remain a captive the proud Aura hurls herself over the cliff, only to be caught by the terrible leaves of a constrictor plant. Flash rushes to her aid.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Episode 2: "The Gyro Cosmic Relativator Has Been Installed"
Originally aired on the Mutual Radio Network on April 7, 1939
Sponsored by Popsicle. The Gyro-Cosmic-Relativator has been installed, Buck's wounded hand is put under the healing ray, Killer Kane and Ardala have escaped.

The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon, Episode 3: "Imprisoned By Hawkmen" Originally aired May 11, 1935
By 1933 Gale was the highest-paid radio
actor in Hollywood. Two years later he voiced
the male lead opposite Mary Pickford in her radio
serial, and later did the same for Irene Rich. In the
 seasons that followed, he hit just about every big-
time show on the air, from Lux Radio Theatre to Stories
 from the Black Chamber.
 He was the voice of Flash Gordon and was
 Inspector Lestrade, complete with cockney accent,
 on Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone.
     Whilst imprisoned Flash met Boon, the powerful, huge, bearded prince of the Lionmen and Prince Barron a former member of Emperor Ming's court. Joined by Dr Zarcov, these four friends joined together to overthrow the government of Emperor Ming and rescue Flash's sweetheart, Dale Arden. They were almost successful but at the last moment, they were recaptured by Emperor Ming's soldiers and were condemned to a fate far worse than death.

    In 1932, the Buck Rogers radio program, notable as the first science fiction program on radio, hit the airwaves. It was broadcast in four separate runs with varying schedules. Initially broadcast as a 15 minute show on CBS in 1932, it was on a Monday through Thursday schedule. In 1936, it moved to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and went off the air the same year. Mutual brought the show back and broadcast it three days a week from April to July 1939 and from May to July 1940, a 30 minute version was broadcast on Saturdays. The radio show again related the story of our hero Buck finding himself in the 25th century. Actors Matt Crowley, Curtis Arnall, Carl Frank and John Larkin all voiced him at various times. The beautiful and strong-willed Wilma.

Gale Gordon
      In the “The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon” radio serial Flash Gordon was played by Gale Gordon, later famous for his television roles in Our Miss Brooks, Dennis the Menace, The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy with Lucille Ball. Dr. Zarkov was played by Maurice Franklin and Bruno Wick as Ming the Merciless. Flash Gordon was adapted for radio show in 1935, from a comic strip by Alex Raymond. The story is
Edgar Stehli
about the adventures of Flash Gordon, together with Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov. Gordon was a handsome graduate of Yale University. The plot involved the Earth being bombarded with meteors set on fire.

According to Dr. Zarkov, the meteors were from outer space, so he invented a rocket ship to locate where those came from. He then kidnaps Flash and Dale, and the three of them traveled to the planet Mongo. There, they discovered that the meteors were weapons devised by Ming, the evil ruler of the planet. On October 26, 1935, after a total of 26 episodes, the series ended with Flash and Dale's marriage. Just after two days, the series was revived as a daily show, and had 74 episodes, with the last one airing on February 6, 1936.

Deering was portrayed by Adele Ronson, and the brilliant scientist-inventor Dr. Huer was played by Edgar Stehli. The radio series was produced and directed by Carlo De Angelo and later by Jack Johnstone. In 1988, Johnstone recalled how he worked with the sound effects of Ora Nichols to produce the sound of the rockets by using an air-conditioning vent.
Joe Bevilacqua
Joe Bev in Outer Space

BearManor Radio program director Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) and BMR tour guide Professor Ludwig Von Watchmacallit (Fred Frees) have separately blasted into outer space to bring listeners 12 hours of March is "Science and Science Fiction Month" shows.

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