Monday, May 28, 2012

Liquid Comedy on the Comedy-O-Rama Hour

We just recorded segments of Camp Waterlogg for the Comedy-O-Rama Hour this weekend with all of our Liquid Comedy team. Photo includesJoseph BevilacquaJames FollyLorie B Kellogg , and Kenny Savoy. Only on Comedy-O-Rama Hour Saturday 1pm EST 10 am PST on

On our show we have a lot of different voices going on at the same time. I just wanted to share who does who... Joe Bev does the voices of Ranger Joe, Sgt. Lefty, Ellis the Boat Keeper, Andy, all the voices in the "Uncle Dunkle and Donnie" cartoons, and half the voices in the Perdro cartoons. 

Lorie Kellogg does the voices of Ranger Lorie, Olive Pitts, Lkie (Sqweeky), Mrs. Terwilliger, and the other half of voices in the Perdro cartoons. 

Jim Folly does the voices of Chef Ron, Little Jimmy, Luigi, and others. 

Kenny Savoy does Peter(Stinky), Cousin Kenny, Marcello, and others.

-Lorie Kellogg

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