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The Comedy-O-Rama Hour "Blast from the Past #4": The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes:“A Study in Lavender” & Old Time Radio Parodies, Episode 4:"Brute Ballingham, Private Detective"

Henry J. Quinn, Jan Meredith, Joe Bevilacqua and Vernon Morris
The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
"Blast from the
Past #4":
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes:
 “A Study in Lavender”

Old Time Radio Parodies,

Bogart! Lorre! Greenstreet! Astor! None of them are in this one, but the "sound-alike" actors will keep you guessing in the first black and white radio broadcast in history! Sponsored by White House Cigars: "steal a box today!"

Written by William Melillo and produced and directed by Joe Bevilacqua. Featured in the cast were Joe Bevilacqua, Jan Meredith, William Melillo, Alison Nead, and Jay Snyder. (28:03)


PART 1: The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes, Episode 4:
"Sherlock Holmes in Trouble"
by Daws Butler.
Produced and Directed by Joe Bevilacqua.
Vernon Morris as Sherlock Holmes

Holmes: Vernon Morris
Watson: Henry J. Quinn
Mrs. Hudson: Jan Meredith
Bert Stover: Joe Bevilacqua

AUDIO BOOK Length: 4 hours& 56 min.

Comedy and mystery are happy bedfellows in The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes. Veteran award-winning radio producer Joe Bevilacqua’s ten-part radio theater series pays humorous homage to the classic characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The stories are filled with sly references to the original “Canon,” and even the Baker Street Irregulars and other Holmesian groups and scholars have enjoyed this about the series.

Titles include:
Episode One: “The Mystery of the Creepy Hack Writer”
Episode Two: “My Dinner at Baker Street”
Episode Three: “Sherlock Holmes in Trouble”
Episode Four: “A Study in Lavender”
Episode Five: “The Death of Mr. Sherlock Holmes”
Episode Six: “The Giant Rat of Sumatra”
Episode Seven: “Tales From the Vienna Wards”
Episode Eight: “His Second to Last Bow”
Episode Nine: “Revenge of the Beekeeper”
Episode Ten: “Holmes’ Creepy Christmas”

Old-Time Radio Parodies by Joe Bevilacqua, William Melillo, Robert J. Cirasa
Old Time Radio Parodies,
Episode 4: 
"Brute Ballingham, Private Detective"

Written, Produced and Directed by by Joe Bevilacqua

CAST: Joe Bevilacqua, William Melillo, Alison Nead, Peter Nevargic, Thomas Babkowski. and Jay Snyder.

INCLUDED IN: The New & Old Time Radio Collection
Length: 8 hours  8 CD Set or Download

A tribute to the golden age of radio from veteran producer Joe Bevilacqua, The New Stories of Old Time Radio is a collection of radio dramas and parodies featuring beloved radio characters and shows.

The New Stories of Old Time Radio: 
Volume One, Set One
Produced, directed, and voiced by Joe Bevilacqua, with Lorie Kellogg, this is the first anthology of new fiction based on the beloved old-time radio characters and shows.

The New Stories of Old Time Radio:
 “Fibber McGee” and “Duffy’s Tavern” 
A follow-up to the first volume, this radio theater production features two new old-time radio stories, complete with sound effects and music.

Old Time Radio Parodies: 
The Best of Comedy-O-Rama Hour, Season Two 

Producer Joe Bevilacqua parodies some of the most beloved old-time radio shows, including The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, and War of the Worlds.

 All the Waterlogg Titles can be found here...

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