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Public Radio's Joe Bev Releases Version 1.0 of Free Smartphone App

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Public Radio's Joe Bev Releases Version 1.0 of Free Smartphone App

Listen to 15 Different Waterlogg Productions Public Radio Shows on Your Android or iPhone FREE!

 May 12, 2015 - Waterlogg Productions announces the release of version 1.0 of the Waterlogg Podcast App. The app comes in two versions, one for Android and one for iPhone. It was developed by Lorie Kellogg, which had been in beta testing for more than a year.

The app, which can be downloaded for free, allows listeners to access to more than 30 new free Waterlogg podcasts per month, as well as all archives episodes going back more than one year, plus access to hundreds of audio books and videos.

The Android version is at Waterlogg's site: http://waterlogg-productions.mobapp.at/

or the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Waterlogg+Productions.

The iPhone version is at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waterlogg-podcasts/id991623848.

All 15 different programs are produced by veteran award-winning public radio producer/host Joe Bevilacqua.

(Airing weekly on public radio stations nationwide including Wisconsin Public Radio, Spokane Public Radio, and Pawling Public Radio:)

1. The Comedy-O-Rama Hour - a weekly improvised sitcom, performed by Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, Kenny Savoy and James Folly, and featuring celebrity guests including Shelley Berman, Lewis Black, Rick Overton, Judy Tenuta, Phil Proctor, David Ossman, Julie Newmar, Bob Camp, and Stuart Pankin.*


2. The Jazz-O-Rama Hour - a weekly survey of classic 78 RPM and early LP jazz, curated by Joe Bevilacqua.*

3. The Joe Bev Experience - a weekly anthology of documentaries, interviews and radio drama, produced and host by Joe Bevilacqua.

4. Cartoon Carnival - a weekly audio cartoon show, hosted by Joe Bevilacqua, featuring rare and classic audio, new stories and interviews with animation legends such as Daws Butler (Yogi Bear), Mel Blanc (Bugs Bunny) and June Foray (Rockey J. Squirrel).*

 5. The Joe Bev Audio Theater
- a weekly hour of new and classic radio comedy and drama, produced and hosted by Joe Bevilacqua.

(Airing on the Radio Book Channel:)

6. The Joe Bev Sunday Edition - a weekly 52-minute, NPR newscast-ready, collection representing all of Joe Bevilacqua's other spoken word shows.

 (Airing on the BearManor Radio Network:)
7. The Voice Actor Show - a monthly interview with a top voice actor, hosted by Joe Bevilacqua. Guest have included June Foray, Fred Frees, Joe Alaskey, and Bob Bergen.

8. Lorie's Book Nook - a monthly interview with authors who have books published by BearManor Media, hosted by Lorie Kellogg.

9. The J-OTR Show - a monthly hour-long "mash-up" of old-time and NEW-time radio comedy and drama, produced and hosted by Joe Bevilacqua.

10. Fred Frees Favorites - a monthly sampling of audio book chapters from the Waterlogg Productions, Blackstone Audio and BearManor Audio titles, hosted by Fred Frees, the son of voice actor Paul Frees (Ludwig Von Drake).

11. Aroma Thyme Radio - a monthly hour of healthy eating and living tips hosted by Chef Marcus Guiliano, owner of Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville, New York, produced by Joe Bevilacqua.


12. Audio Classics Archive - a monthly hour of old time radio shows, selected and hosted by Terry Salomonson, produced by Joe Bevilacqua.


13. Movies on the Air - a monthly hour of audio versions of classic films, such as It Happened One Night and Ruggles of Red Gap, a monthly hour of audio versions of classic films, such as It Happened One Night and Ruggles of Red Gap, selected and hosted by Bryan Hendrickson, produced by Joe Bevilacqua.

14. The Lost OTR Show - A monthly hour of a rare transcription
discs of old time radio shows thought lost but now found, all not heard since their original broadcasts more than 60 years ago, produced and hosted by Joe Bevilacqua.


15. - The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention Celebrity Interviews
A monthly hour of interviews with actors, writers and producers of classic TV, including Time Tunnel, The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island, recorded before a live audience at the yearly Mid-Atantic Nostalgia Convention, produced and hosted by Joe Bevilacqua, with interviews by Joel Blumberg and Q&A from the audience.

(* The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, The Jazz-O-Rama Hour and Cartoon Carnival also air on The BearManor Radio Network.)

(In addition, reruns of the discontinued hour What's Cookin' with Chef Steve Mendoza are also available through the Waterlogg Productions podcast app.)

 All the Waterlogg Titles can be found here...

Under the umbrella title of "The Joe Bev Hour",
 these also programs air on WGTD, Wisconsin Public Radio, Spokane Public Radio, Sound Stages Radio, BearManor Radio, WHRO-Norfolk, VA, The 1920s Radio Network, Toon Radio, Pawling Public Radio, Radio New Zealand, Prairie Public, Moab Public Radio, KAZU, WNMU-FM, KREV, WMMT, KAWC, Red River Radio Network, Marfa Public Radio, KCUR, WEZU, WSNC, Troy Public Radio, WCMU Public Radio, WRPI, KUAT, KUHF, KVMR, WRFA, KSVR Studios: Skagit Valley Radio, WHRV, KVMR, WUCF, WFIU, KRPS, KUT, WLRN, WTIP, WNCU, KEOS, KRUA, New Hampshire Public Radio, KGOU, Delta College Public Radio, WPSU, Northeast Indiana Public Radio, KMXT, KUFM - Montana Public Radio, WEFT, Northern Community Radio - KAXE & KBXE, WRVO, WYSO, WMPG, WGUC, KRPS, WEKU, Oregon Public Broadcasting, WXXI, Yellowstone Public Radio, Robin Hood Radio/ WHDD AM 1020/FM 91.9-WLHV FM 88.1 /WGHQ AM 920, WHRV, WVAS, WDCB, WMUK, KCCK, WAMC, Here and Now, WGBH, KWIT, KDUR, WGUC, WJFF, WILL, WNPR, WCAI/WNAN, KTNA, WKSU, WKMS, AMU, KSTX (KPAC), KERA, WFCR, WUAL, KZYX, KCPW, Stan, Delmarva Public  Radio,  KRCB, WKNO, KSJD, KFSR, KUHF, KQED, Spokane Public Radio, WUIS, WEKU, WEPS, WNCU, WPSU, KUOW, KUHB, KTXK, Raven Radio, WQUB, WCOM, WMUB, KGLT, KDNK, KMXT, KSFR, WVPE, South Dakota Public Broadcasting - Radio, KSUT, KUVO, KDLG, KVNF, KUHB, Yellowstone Public Radio, WERU, KSRQ, WKSU, KRCB, GAUF, WUSM, WDNA, KUGS, WGCU, KFAI, WUTS, East Village Radio, KAOS, KBBI (check local listings).

Joe Bev and Hitler Sandwich
Bevilacqua also has over 120 audio book titles out, distributed through Blackstone Audio. He was the 2013 winner of the Kean University Distinguished Alumni Award. He has also performed in many stage productions including A Tribute to Bud and Lou (as Bud Abbott) and Vaudeville in the Catskills, for which he received a 2012 Theatre Association of New York (TANYS) Award for Excellence in Acting.

Bevilacqua began his acceptance speech in character as “Sergeant Lefty,” one of his radio alter egos, who exclaimed, “You’re givin’ a guy an award for arrested development! You know he stole all his ideas from Kean.” Reverting to his true self, Bevilacqua stated, “Without Kean, I wouldn’t have accomplished anything. This was a place where I felt at home right away—a safe environment where I could be myself.”

More about Joe Bevilacqua at http://www.joebev.com. More about Waterlogg Productions at http://www.waterlogg.com.

 Get more Joe Bev audio here!
Joe Bevilacqua, also known as Joe Bev, is primarily known as a radio theater dramatist, but his career has taken him into every aspect of show business, including stage, film, and television, as a producer, director, writer, actor, and even cartoonist. In 1971 his father bought him a cassette recorder, on which he created his first audio story, Willoughby and the Professor, acting all the voices himself at the age of twelve. In 1975 Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear and many other Hanna-Barbera and Jay Ward cartoon characters, dubbed himself Bevilacqua’s personal mentor after hearing a 120-minute cassette of Willoughby improvisations. Since 1980 Bevilacqua has produced many award-winning radio programs for National Public Radio, Sirius-XM Satellite Radio, and others.
OUR PODCASTS: http://waterlogg.com/ waterlogg-radio-network.htmJoe's IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/ name/nm5327470/

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