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The Unknown Comic Collection: Journey thru the Unknown and The Kardashians Joke Book
By: the Unknown Comic,
a.k.a. Murray Langston
Read by: Murray Langston
Runtime: 12.1 Hours
Recording: Unabridged
Genre: Nonfiction/Humor ISBN-13: 978-1-4830-8332-2
Summary Related This collection of audio selections from Murray Langston, a.k.a. the Unknown Comic, includes his revealing memoir and a laugh-out-loud book of jokes that takes aim at the Kardashians.
Journey thru the UnknownThis detailed account of the highlights and lowlights of each year of Langston’s life, from June 27, 1944 until his sixty-ninth birthday on June 27, 2013, is spiced with humor, drama, and enough celebrities to warrant the alternate title Name-Droppers. Journey thru the Unknown offers surprising revelations and many stories from his exciting comic career.
The Kardashians Joke Book
Anyone who wants to enjoy a good laugh at the Kardashians’ expense will love this hilarious book! Get ready to laugh at hundreds of jokes aimed at the overly hyped, self-appointed icons the Kardashians

© 2013 by Murray Langston and BearManor Media, Waterlogg Productions
You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To:
The Letters of Paul “Buddy” Frees and Annelle Frees

By: Paul Frees and Annelle Frees Edited by: Ben Ohmart
Read by: Fred Frees and Jen Olivier Runtime: 4.2 Hours Recording: Unabridged
Productions Genre: Nonfiction/Literary Collections ISBN-13: 978-1-4815-1799-7
World War II was a difficult time for separated couples everywhere. Paul “Buddy” Frees would soon become one of America’s most popular voice-over artists. Audrey “Annelle” Frees was the love of his life. One of them wouldn’t make it through the war. This is the story of their all-too-short marriage, told in the letters they wrote to each other. With the exclusive cooperation of Annelle’s family, author Ben Ohmart has painstakingly edited this moving collection of personal correspondence into a volume that paints a remarkable picture of two wartime lovers just beginning their life together. You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To is a companion book to Ohmart’s popular biography Welcome, Foolish Mortals: The Life and Voices of Paul Frees.
© 2011 by the June Lewis Estate, the Paul Frees Estate, and Ben Ohmart


The Best of BearManor Radio, Vols. 1–5
By: Joe Bevilacqua
Featuring Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, Fred Frees, and others
Runtime: 26.0 Hours
Genre: Nonfiction/Drama/Performing Arts
ISBN-13: 978-1-4815-2568-8
A collection of the best interviews, radio theater, and classic old-time radio moments from the BearManor Radio Network, which streams 24/7 online
This collection contains six full hour-long episodes, including:
The Voice Actor Show with Joe BevVeteran award-winning radio theater wizard Joe Bevilacqua (a.k.a. Joe Bev) interviews famous voice actors about their lives and craft.
Lorie’s Book Nook with Lorie KelloggActress, comedian, and graphic artist Lorie Kellogg leads a lively discussion with BearManor Media authors in this series, produced by Joe Bevilacqua.
The J-OTR Show with Joe BevThis series of hour-long mash-ups of old- and new-time radio is hosted, written, produced, directed, and voiced by Joe Bevilacqua.
© 2014 by Joe Bevilacqua, Waterlogg Productions, Ben Ohmart, BearManor Media
Best of Bear Manor Radio

Fred Frees Favorites: An Audiobook SamplerNot sure which audiobook you want to buy? Let Fred Frees pick out some samples for you! This series of hour-long programs presents the first chapters of Fred’s handpicked favorite BearManor and Waterlogg audiobooks.
Professor Whatchamacallit’s InterstitialsThese hilarious radio theater comedy moments, complete with sound effects and music, were originally intended as introductions and closings to the BearManor Radio Network programming. But now you can enjoy them anytime. This program is written, produced, and directed by veteran award-winning radio-theater wizard Joe Bevilacqua and voiced by Fred Frees, in honor of the character Ludwig Von Drake originally voice by his dad, Paul Frees, and Sid Caesar, who’s Professor character inspired both.
Plain Beautiful:
The Life of Peggy Ann Garner

By: Sandra Grabman Foreword by Margaret O’Brien

Read by: Sandra Grabman
Genre: Nonfiction/Biography & Autobiography
ISBN-13: 978-1-4815-1807-9

Length: 6.1 hours

Peggy Ann Garner first won the hearts of Americans everywhere with her performance as the title character in the 1943 film adaptation of Jane Eyre. Twelve-year-old Peggy Ann then gave an Oscar-winning performance in the 1945 film A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, going on to appear in many other films over the course of her career. After the studio system broke up, she guest-starred on many of television’s top series from the 1950s to 70s, including Studio One, The US Steel Hour, Bonanza, Naked City, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Untouchables, Batman, and Police Woman. In Plain Beautiful, Sandra Grabman has painted a loving, but evenhanded portrait of Peggy Ann Garner through family letters and communication with friends Carol Burnett, Gregory Peck, Johnny Sheffield, Margaret O’Brien, and others.
Plain Beutiful

This audiobook is read by the author, whose other BearManor Media books include Spotlights & Shadows: The Albert Salmi Story and Pat Buttram: The Rocking-Chair Humorist. She is also the coauthor of No Retakes!
© 2014 by Sandra Grabman, BearManor Media, Joe Bevilacqua, Waterlogg Produc

Sonnets & Sunspots

My Father was Carmen Miranda! Memoirs of an English Showgirl 

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