Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fred Frees Favorites: Plain Beautiful: The Life of Peggy Ann Garner & Son of Harpo Speaks! A Family Portrait

Fred Frees Favorites,An Audio Book Sampler 

Excerpts from:

Hard Boiled Joe Bev
Plain Beautiful: The Life of Peggy Ann Garner written and read by Sandra Grabman

Son of Harpo Speaks! A Family Portrait written and read by Bill Marx. 

Trying to decide which audiobook is best for you? Let Fred Frees pick out some samples for you! This series of hour-long programs presents the first chapters of Fred’s handpicked favorite BearManor and Waterlogg audiobooks.

The New Stories of Old-Time Radio:

Also, in the hour: Fred Frees in more Professor Whatchamacallit's Interstitial and a Blast from the Past: An excerpt from the premiere broadcast of "Flywheel, Shyster, Flywheel" with Groucho and Chico Marx, originally aired on NBC''s Blue Network on November 28, 1932 .


From Blackstone Audio and Waterlogg Productions:

By: Sandra Grabman Foreword by Margaret O’Brien
Read by: Sandra Grabman

Peggy Ann Garner first won the hearts of Americans everywhere with her performance as the title character in the 1943 film adaptation of Jane Eyre. Twelve-year-old Peggy Ann then gave an Oscar-winning performance in the 1945 film A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, going on to appear in many other films over the course of her career. After the studio system broke up, she guest-starred on many of television’s top series from the 1950s to 70s, including Studio One, The US Steel Hour, Bonanza, Naked City, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Untouchables, Batman, and Police Woman. In Plain Beautiful, Sandra Grabman has painted a loving, but evenhanded portrait of Peggy Ann Garner through family letters and communication with friends Carol Burnett, Gregory Peck, Johnny Sheffield, Margaret O’Brien, and others.

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Bill Marx is the last living person to have worked professionally with the three Marx Brothers: his uncles, Chico and Groucho, and his father, Harpo Marx. Because Chico and Groucho had children that had written about them, Bill Marx wanted to complete the Marx Brothers’ literary trifecta by authoring a book about the personal and professional relationships that he had with his father. Son of Harpo Speaks!, in addition to offering a unique perspective of a very special man and revealing many stories never before in print, is also a book about a “too-Hollywood-to-believe” life-altering quirk of fate that ultimately brought him together with his parents.

The background for this remarkable revelation unfolded unassumingly over a glass of wine and some conversation in the famous 1960s nightclub, Dino’s Lodge, on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. It would subsequently lead the author to explore the complex life task of dealing with his emotional scars of rejection and the secure feelings of acceptance, the latter due to his overwhelmingly good fortune of having been adopted by two loving parents. Plenty of “show-biz” and “sizzle” are also sprinkled throughout to make for a very enjoyable read.
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