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The Joe Bev Hour Sunday Edition: "A Joe Bev Cartoon Collection'' is LIVE!

The Joe Bev Hour Sunday Edition:
"A Joe Bev Cartoon Collection''

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A Joe Bev Cartoon

Selections from the new "A Joe Bev Cartoon Collection'' from Blackstone Audio and Waterlogg Production.  Award-winning radio producer and voice actor Joe Bevilacqua, a.k.a. Joe Bev, presents 'Hard-Boiled Joe Bev', an hour of film noir parodies; 'Joe Bev at Sea', an hour of sea adventure parodies; 'Joe Bev Joins the Circus', an hour of big-top parodies; 'Joe Bev Goes West', two hours of horse opera parodies; 'Joe Bev in Outer Space', an hour of sci-fi parodies; and 'Joe Bev in the Jungle', an hour of jungle adventure parodies. It's hours of fun for the whole family!
Pete the Pelican

The Deductive Mr. Horse Fly, Pete the Pelican, The Mystery of the Missing Coins, Never Make Fun of a Rhino, The Careless Clown, and The Camp Kilmore Case. 

These recordings and 120 other "Joe Bev" audiobooks are available for purchase on CD and MP3 download through,, and all online vendors.

Fill your ears with the entertaining
& imaginative world of Joe Bev!

A Joe Bev
Cartoon Collection

Selected, produced,
and directed by Joe Bevilacqua

Featuring works by Joe Bevilacqua, Pedro Pablo Sacristán, and many others

Performed by Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, William Melillo, and others

Genre: Fiction/Humor
ISBN-13: 978-1-4830-1554-5

Length: 7.7 hours

8 CD Set or Download

In A Joe Bev Cartoon Collection,
award-winning radio producer
and voice actor Joe Bevilacqua, a.k.a. Joe Bev, presents …

Hard-Boiled Joe Bev:
A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 1

An hour of film noir parodies, including
  1. The Mysterious Thief of Thieves
  2. The Safe
  3. The Japanese Sandman
  4. The Mystery of the Missing Coin
  5. The Camp Kilmer Case
Joe Bev at Sea:
A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 2

An hour of sea adventure parodies, including
  1. An Octopus in Trouble
  2. Britty the Starfish
  3. The Good Pirate
  4. Pete the Pelican
  5. Lola the Whale
  6. Birth of the Turtles
  7. Sherlock Snail Finds a Home
  8. The Cockerel, the Duck, and the Mermaids
  9. Stickybeard’s Treasure
  10. A Warm Whale
  11. Maddie’s Treasure
Joe Bev Joins the Circus:
A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 3

An hour of big-top parodies, including
  1. The Careless Clown
  2. The Happy Sweeper
  3. Perils of the Tiger Barn
  4. Sticky Wicket
  5. The Mysterious Juggling Clown
  6. The Traveling Extravaganza, or, His Name is Bub

Thanks for checking out Joe's work!
Have a grEAT DAY!
LOVE, Lorie & Joe
cartoon carnival holiday
You can get each one
separately too!

Joe Bev Goes West:
A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 4

Two hours of horse opera parodies, including
  1. The Deductive Mr. Horsefly
  2. The Mystery of the Bodiless Horseman
  3. Johnny the Lizard
  4. The Lonely Ranger
  5. Deadeye Dunbar
  6. Rapunzel and the Bandit
  7. The Old Ranger
  8. The Full Warren

Joe Bev in Outer Space:
A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 5

An hour of sci-fi parodies, including
  1. The Crashed Martian
  2. The Red Moon
  3. The Best Robot
  4. The Hypersensor
  5. Squidge Attack
  6. Huck Goes to the Moon
  7. Drums in Space
  8. Timmy in the Future
  9. Robot with a Virus
  10. The Old Man on the Moon

Joe Bev in the Jungle:
A Joe Bev Cartoon, Volume 6
An hour of jungle adventure parodies, including
  1. A Lion without a Roar
  2. Johnny the Giraffe
  3. The Colorless Tiger
  4. Ice in the Jungle
  5. The Tickling Scales
  6. The Mocking Tiger
  7. Jemima the Nosy Giraffe
  8. Never Make Fun of a Rhino
  9. The Photographic Elephant
  10. Peter Bergman and the End of the World
  11. The Boo Boo Monkeys
© 2014 by Joe Bevilacqua, Waterlogg Productions
 All the Waterlogg Titles can be found here...

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