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Six Hours of Audio Valentines on The Joe Bev Hour beginning Monday, February 10, 2014

The Joe Bev Hour produces five hours per week
on radio stations 7 days a week - around the world.

The Joe Bev Hour airs five different shows per week--on Dream Stream Radio, Sound Stages Radio, WHRO-Norfolk, VA, The 1920s Radio Network, Toon Radio, Pawling Public Radio, Radio New Zealand, and WGTD, Wisconsin Public Radio.

Joe Bev is not content to offer one Valentine's special. The veteran award-winning radio personality is offering SIX of them!

Joe Bev is not content to offer one Valentine's special. The veteran award-winning radio personality is offering SIX of them!

From Monday, February 10 through Monday, February 17, 2014, The Joe Bev Hour will present six hours of Valentine audio offerings--including A Camp Waterlogg Valentine Revisited part 1, A Jazz-O-Rama Valentine, The Joe Bev Valentine Treat, The Cartoon Carnival Valentine Special, Cupid Comes to Camp Waterlogg, and A Camp Waterlogg Valentine Revisited part 2.

Joe Bev & Lorie Kellogg partners in FUN!
Joe Bevilacqua co-founded Waterlogg Productions with his wife Lorie Kellogg. In 2012, he signed an exclusive distribution deal with Blackstone Audio, for his more than 40 years of audio work. He has released more than 90 audio titles, including hundreds of hours of audio documentaries, comedies, dramas, autobiographies. He also appears in TV and films, and on stage.

The internationally syndicated radio omnibus is produced and hosted by veteran award-winning personality Joe Bevilacqua (aka Joe Bev) and includes five unique programs each week: The Jazz-O-Rama HourCartoon CarnivalThe Comedy-O-Rama HourThe Joe Bev Experience, and The Joe Bev Audio Theater.

The series is also podcast free on the web at iTunes and others, including,  http://www.comedyorama.com, and


The app provides information about Waterlogg Productions with and easy links to our audio titles and free podcasts.

ADVERTISEMENT.... (but it's all our good stuff for download or on CDs!)
More than 75 audio titles are available from Joe Bev at
On this week's shows:


Length: 29.5 hours
CD Set or Download
cartoon carnival holiday

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour...
A Camp Waterlogg Valentine Revisited - part 1


What Others Say about Comedy-O-Rama...

"The Comedy-O-Rama Hour is one of the most unique and original productions out there these days. With Joe's talent for different voices, I never know what's coming next, or what it will sound like. Another thing that makes these shows stand out is that it is quite obvious to the listener that Joe and his cast are having fun making these shows, and that makes them fun to listen to as well." (The New York Times)

"An atmosphere of folk art and sophisticated sound equipment merge to create radio theater of a distinctly upbeat, G-rated variety." (Deborah Medenbach, Times Herald-Record, Middletown, New York)

"Experimental, Humorous. The Comedy-O-Rama draws characters that everyone can relate to, just turned up a notch for chuckles. The production is slick and story engaging." (Tanya Ott, Vice President, Georgia Public Radio)

"Great parodies of old time radio icons, classic moments with legendary comedians and wonderful voice-acting, The Comedy O Rama Hour picks up where great radio comedy left off decades ago. Heck, it's even produced in the Borscht Belt." (Steve Karesh, former Sirius-XM Radio Program Director)

"If there was an award for best husband and wife narrating team, I think the clear winners would be Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg. Come to think of it, why isn’t there an award for best husband and wife narrating team? Somebody needs to look into that. Anyway, individually, Joe an Lorie are both extremely talented voice artists. They can both do lots of entertaining voices, not just characterizations but whole personalities, and they both have a fine flair for drama, satire, and comedy. Put them together and, well, need I say more? If you haven’t heard these two at work, you’re missing out on something special." (Steven Brandt,



The Jazz-O-Rama Hour...
 A Jazz-O-Rama Valentine

Lorie Kellogg and her alter ego Mrs. Jazzbo fill in for Joe Bev and Mr. Jazzbo, to play songs about love, including:
Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra - Love Nest (early 1930s)
Gene Krupa And His Orchestra ‎– Lover (1945)
The Boswell Sisters - Everybody Loves My Baby (1932)
Little Jack Little - I'm In The Mood For Love (1935)
Pinky Tomlin - A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid (1935)
Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You - Orlando & his Gleneagles Hotel Dance Orchestra (1937)
Frances Langford - I'm in the Mood for Love (1935)
Annette Hanshaw -Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love (1930)
Mildred Bailey and Her Orchestra - It's Love I'm After (1936)
Clifford Brown - Falling in Love With Love (1956)
King Pleasure - I'm in the Mood for Love (1952)
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - When Your Lover Has Gone (1960)
Anita O'Day - What Is This Thing Called Love (1959)
Tal Farlow - The Love Nest (1948)

A Waterlogg

A Waterlogg Double Feature: 

'The Joe Bev Valentine Treat' 
The Comedy-O-Rama Hour Valentine Special 'Cupid Comes to Camp Waterlogg'

by Joe Bevilacqua Narrated by Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, Kenny Savoy, Jim Folly, Tom Giannazzo

Length: 2 hours & 20 min.



The Joe Bev Experience...
The Joe Bev Valentine Treat


This is a charming hour of stories (real and fictional) about love, hosted by veteran public radio producer Joe Bevilacqua. 

The hour includes:

 (1.) "Who's Afraid of a Virginian's Wrath?": a parody of the Edward Albee play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, as played by George and Martha Washington. 

(2.) "A Valentine From Graham Nash's Mac": On February 12, 1996, an email from rock artist Graham Nash's Macintosh laptop triggered a series of bizarre coincidences, which led to the meeting of Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg.

(3.) "Ode to a Transfer Station", or "Love Poem for the Dump". 

(4.) "A Mathematical Valentine": Joe Bevilacqua tracks down his former mathematics professor, Ron Reummler, to hear how math can explain lost love. 

(5.) "The Love of Lee the Horselogger": Joe Bevilacqua meets a man who set out in a covered wagon in 2006 to find his childhood sweetheart and fell in love with America instead. 

(6.) "Marian the Librarian Finds Love at the Bookmobile": The true story of love, in Marion's own words. 

(7.) "Valentine Vignette": a sketch by Daws Butler.


catroon carnival

Voiced by Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, Joe Barbera, Leonard Maltin, Bob Clampett, Stan Freberg, Daws Butler, Mel Blanc, Bill Marx, June Foray, Craig Marin, Janet Waldo 

Length: 2 hours & 51 min.


Cartoon Carnival...
The Cartoon Carnival Valentine Special


Pepe Le Pew
Co-hosted by real life husband and wife Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg - Stan Freberg in “John and Marsha” (1951), Mel Blanc and June Foray in Pepe Le Pew's “Really Scent” (1959), scenes from “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” (1975), Joe Bev's former Math teacher explains his “Mathematical Analysis of Romantic Love” (2005), Mel Blanc in the Bugs Bunny cartoon “Hare Splitter” (1948), Jack Mercer and Mae Questal in the Popeye cartoon “Hillbilly and Cooing” (1956), Joe Bevilacqua, Lorie Kellogg, Kenny Savoy and Jim Folly in scenes from “The Camp Waterlogg Valentine Special” (2004).


cartoon carnival holiday

Length: 29.5 hours

CD Set or Download

Part improvisation, part audio cartoon, The Camp Waterlogg Chronicles, Seasons 1–5 is a five-volume collection of the successful comedy show created by two radio-theater veterans.


Streets of Staccato is included in this collection...

cartoon carnival holiday
Comedy-O-Rama Variety Pack
Length: 5.3 hours
CD Set or Download
This variety pack includes comedy sketches and audio dramatizations that will keep you entertained throughout.



The Joe Bev Audio Theater...
Cupid Comes to Camp Waterlogg


Lorie Kellogg & Joe Bev
The British Universities Film & Video Council called "a modernization of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Ranger Lorie is having a big Valentine's "Kiss-Off" square dance to help raise money to save her dilapidated kids camp in the Catskills. Cupid sends the Baby of the Woods (Puck) to bring all the star-crossed lovers together, and confusion ensues. Meanwhile, Ranger Joe (Bottom) makes an ass of himself, while performing in Las Vegas." The hour also includes Cousin Kenny Savoy, Jim Folly, Tom Giannazzo, and Reagan Leonard.

The Joe Bev Hour is five different different shows per week--syndicated worldwide--on Dream Stream Radio, Sound Stages Radio, WHRO-Norfolk, VA, The 1920s Radio Network, Toon Radio, Pawling Public Radio, Radio New Zealand, WGTD, Wisconsin Public Radio, and soon The Radio Book Channel and The Couch TV Network.


 All the Waterlogg Titles can be found here...

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