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Science-O-Rama "Solar Power" Video Part 2 at Online

Science-O-Rama - Episode 6

New Efforts May Harness Sun Light -  Part 2

Did you miss Episode 5 of New Efforts May Harness SUN LIGHT(Part 1)?
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6-minute short subjects based on Popular Science magazine articles spanning the 1920-60s. Each short is presented with modern context wrap-arounds by Joe Bev alter egos Willoughby and the Professor. A new Science-O-Rama video premieres every Monday.

"Lorie and I partially heat our home using very simple passive solar techniques. Our 1000 square foot 1946 bungalow in the woods came with giant picture windows on the south side," says Bev, explains in his latest blog entry.

A new Science-O-Rama video
 premieres every Monday.  
The fifth Science-O-Rama
is available 
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Science-O-Rama with Joe Bev
Ripped from the pages of Popular Science Magazine!
The past is the future!

Next week: New Efforts May Harness SUN LIGHT (part 3)

"More than ten years ago, my wife and creative partner Lorie Kellogg and I tried to erect solar panels on our property but our plans were derailed by the arcane zoning laws of our town. We do dry our clothes in the sun. It was while cooking rice in my solar oven last week that I thought of presenting this week’s Science-O-Rama," says Bev.

All episodes can viewed at:

The Popular Science archives are online and free to view at:

Episode Six
New Efforts May Harness SUN LIGHT (Part 2)
from the October 1934 Popular Science Magazine
By Robert E. Martin.

Click here for the original article:

Alexis Gambis
"We absolutely love it! ... I am beyond excited about this series and I think a lot of people will be interested," 
said Alexis Gambis.

Alexis Gambis is the Artistic Director & Founder of Science Imagine Films. Gambis is a French-Venezuelen scientist, filmmaker and founder of Imaginal Disc, a film production company focused on scientific storytelling. His work is interdisciplinary and diverse, yet focuses on bridging the sciences and the visual arts through film, exhibits and installations, research and teaching. He received his Ph.D in Molecular Biology from The Rockefeller University, a Masters in Bioinformatics from the University of Marne la Vallée and Bachelor of Arts from Bard College.

He is currently enrolled in New York University Graduate Film Program as a thesis student, where he is working on his first feature film, The Fly Room, based on a the true life story of a pioneer geneticist from the 1920s.

Joe Bev 
Joe Bevilacqua, also known as Joe Bev, is primarily known as a radio theater dramatist. However, his career has taken him into every aspect of show business, including stage, film and television, as a producer, director, writer, actor, and even cartoonist.

Not content to hide behind his microphone, Bevilacqua will be seen acting in the upcoming feature films: "The Green Blade Rises" directed A.J. Edwards, "The Fly Room" directed by Alexis Gambis, "Cold in July" directed by Jim Mickle, and "Hits" directed by David Cross.

Joe Bev (Bevilacqua) can do hundreds of voices, dialects and impressions. For the upcoming movie "The Fly Room," he not only portrayed the on screen character of Uncle Dwight, he was personally commissioned by the director Alexis Gambis, to act as vocal coach to the cast during the entire shoot and wrote, produced and voiced a number of audio sound beds in the style of old time radio for use in the film.

Bevilacqua has been selected for the role of British General Bernard Montgomery for the upcoming History Channel WWII miniseries.

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