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The Joe Bev Hour Airs Monday through Friday on Dream Streams Radio

Five days per week - 11:00 am & 7:00 pm ET 
Mondays: The Comedy-O-Rama Hour            
Tuesdays: The Jazz-O-Rama Hour
Wednesdays: The Joe Bev Experience         
Thursdays: Cartoon Carnival 
Fridays: The Joe Bev Audio Theater

The Joe Bev Hour airs on Dream Streams Radio, Mondays to Friday, at 11:00 am & 7:00 pm ET.  Listen at or

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Joe Bev 
The Joe Bev Hour airs five days per week, encompassing five unique programs:
Mondays: The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
Tuesdays: The Jazz-O-Rama Hour
Wednesdays: The Joe Bev Experience
Thursdays: Cartoon Carnival
Fridays: The Joe Bev Audio Theater

 New Jersey born Joe Bevilacqua is primarily known as a radio theater dramatist. However, his career has taken him into every aspect of show business, including stage, film and television, as a producer, director, writer, actor, and even cartoonist.

Not content to hide behind his microphone, Bevilacqua will be seen acting in the upcoming feature films: "The Green Blade Rises" directed A.J. Edwards, "The Fly Room" directed by Alexis Gambis, "Cold in July" directed by Jim Mickle, and "Hits" directed by David Cross. He will be seen as British General Bernard Montgomery in the upcoming History Channel WWII miniseries. Joe Bev also tours the NY-NJ area as Bud Abbott to Bob Greenberg's Lou Costello, and will portray Jimmy Durante in the drama Coney Island Criminals at Coney Island the entire month of October.

Dream Stream Radio is also the home of Uncle Floyd Radio, The Mom and Pop Shop, The Wolfman Jack Show, Harmonica Joe's Back Porch and many others along with the music from yesterday and today.
The Joe Bev Hour

September 30, 2013
The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
"Camp Waterlogg: Bon Appetite"
On the show, Ranger Joe Bevilacqua and Ranger Lorie Kellogg improvise radio theater stories, doing most of the voices themselves, from their cabin in Catskill Mountains. This week, Chef Ron Drysdale is missing and Olive Pitts (Lorie Kellogg) temporarily takes over as chef while Ranger Lorie interviews potential new  chefs. Joe Bev plays Sgt Lefty, Ellis da Boatkeeper, Woody, Adam Maxwell and Lil Orphan Andy. Kellogg is also heard as Lkie. Plus, the audio cartoons "Donnie and the Piggy Bank" by Daws Butler and "The Little Glutton" Pedro Pablo Sacristan.
The Joe Bev Hour

October 1, 2013
The Jazz-O-Rama Hour
"A Jazz Holiday"
78 RPM recordings heard in the hour:
Hells Bells - Art Kassel and His Castles in the Air (1932) [Jazz-O-Rama opening theme]
A Jazz Holiday - Benny Goodman's Boys (1928)
A Jazz Holiday - Abe Lyman's California Ambassador Hotel Orchestra (1928)
The World's Jazz Crazy, Lawdy So am I - Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band (1940s)
Doctor Jazz  - Jelly Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers (1926)
At the Jazz Band Ball - Bix Beiderbecke.and His Gang (1927)
Micky Maus - Albert Henry Samson (1930)
Jazz Cocktail - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra (1932)
Jazz Convulsions - Duke Ellington & his Cotton Club Orchestra (1929)
Jazz a la Carte - Barney Bigard & His Jazzopators (1937)
Jazz Me Blues - Bix Beiderbecke.and His Gang (1927)
Jazz Me Blues - Charles Pierce and his Orchesta (1928)
The Jazz Me Blues - Gene Krupa and His Chicagoans (1940s)
Little Jazz - Artie Shaw And His Gramercy Five (1040s)
Black Jazz - Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra (1931)
White Jazz - Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra (1933)
Hells Bells - Art Kassel and His Castles in the Air (1932) [Jazz-O-Rama closing theme]

The Joe Bev Hour

October 2, 2013
The Joe Bev Experience
parts 1 of the serialized audio dramatization of Ancient Rising, the SCI-FI Fantasy novel by JC De La Torre, the Victor Gates cop comedy series "Streets of Staccato: Stench of the City," and a new old time radio show, The Green Lama: "The Case of the Bashful Spider" by Bob Martin.

"Joe Bevilacqua is an amazingly talented actor and producer who brings these stories to life! You will think you are listening to actual old time radio!" (Jim Harmon, OTR historian and author)

The Joe Bev Hour
October 3, 2013
Cartoon Carnival
"Daws Butler on Truth or Consequences"
Host Joe Bevilacqua presents: Audio from TV's "Truth or Consequences" with Bob Barker and Daws Butler (Yogi Bear) from 1960, Stan Freberg in the 1957 Warner Brothers cartoon "Three Lil Bops,", a live performance of Jay Ward's "Fractured Fairy Tales" with June Foray, Joe Bev., Corey Burton, Matt Hurwitz, and Lee Harris, part two of "Willoughby and the Professor Meet Bartizan the Genie," (1975), Daws Butler teaches Joe Bev how to be a voice actor, part two (1975), and Uncle Dunkle and Donnie in "Alexander Remembers" (2009).

The Joe Bev Hour

October 4, 2013
The Joe Bev Audio Theater
This half-hour anthology represents the best of more than forty years of storytelling by Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev), the veteran, award-winning actor, writer, producer, director.

Selections from Pedro's Parodies: Fractured Fables in Famous Funny Voices, written by Pedro Pablo Sacristan, produced, directed and voiced by Joe Bevilacqua.
1. "The Mysterious Thief of Thieves": Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet
2. "The Deductive Mr. Horsefly": Gary Cooper, W.C. Fields, John Wayne, Mae West
3. "The Full Warren": Sam Elliott, Clint Eastwood, Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, Jack Benny
4. "A Strange Bird Shop": Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson
5. "Johnny the Lizard": Leon Redbone, Cheech and Chong
... and...
"Oedipus Noir" by Ralph Tyler is a Simon Studio Presents production, directed by Roger Hendricks Simon. The half-hour audio play features an original jazz score by renowned bassist Jay Leonhart and performances by Roger Hendricks Simon, Matty O'Shea and Mr. Leonhart.

In the tough guy hard boiled detective manner pioneered by Raymond Chandler, this radio play takes the tragic Greek hero down some contemporary dark streets. But this American Oedipus won't accept his fate! It was first developed and performed before live audiences at the West End Gate in N.Y.C.

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