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Waterlogg Radio Network's 3rd Week of Programming- Friday, July 13, 2013

"Heavenly Harmonies: The Ink Spots Meet The Andrew Sisters"; "A Tribute to Joe Barbera"; "Homeland Security Comes to Camp Waterlogg"; and "The Cartoon Carnival Jazz Special" ... 
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 WRN, The Waterlogg Radio Network, the new 24-hour online audio podcast venue, entered his third week of broadcast, Friday, July 12, 2013.

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WRN's Friday, July 13, 2013 Schedule:

The Jazz-O-Rama Hour
"Heavenly Harmonies: The Ink Spots Meet The Andrew Sisters"
"Stompin At The Savoy" - The Ink Spots (1936); "Shoo Shoo Baby" - Andrews Sisters (1944); "Christopher Columbus" - The Ink Spots (1936); "Straighten Up and Fly Right" - The Andrews Sisters (1944); "Don't Get Around Much Anymore"  - The Ink Spots (1943); "Rum and Coca Cola" - The Andrews Sisters (1945); "Java Jive" - The Ink Spots (1940); "Elmer's Tune" - The Andrews Sisters (!943); "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" - The Ink Spots (1941); "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon" - The Andrews Sisters (1938); "With Plenty Of Money And You" The Ink Spots (1937);"Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" - The Andrews Sisters (1942); "The Woody Woodpecker Song" - Danny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters (1940); I'm Beginning to See the Light - Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots (1945)\; "Swing High, Swing Low" - The Ink Spots (1937); "Civilization: -  Danny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters (1947)

Cartoon Carnival 
"A Tribute to Joe Barbera & Rocky and Bullwinkle Live with June Foray" 
A tribute to Joe Barbera featuring Leonard Maltin, Hanna-Barbera cartoon clips and his 1990 interview with Barbera, Mel Blanc's demo tape, Daws Butler in a never-before heard cartoon with Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound (1959), Daws Butler teaches Joe Bev how to be a voice actor, part one (1975), a live performance of Jay Ward's "Rocky and Bullwinkle" with June Foray, Joe Bev., Corey Burton, Matt Hurwitz, and Lee Harris, Part one of "Willoughby and the Professor Meet Bartizan the Genie," (1975), the song "The Twitch" from "The Flintstones" (1961), and a parody/tribute to Laurel and Hardy.

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour 
"Homeland Security Comes to Camp Waterlogg"
On the new show, Ranger Joe Bevilacqua and Ranger Lorie Kellogg improvise radio theater stories, doing most of the voices themselves, from their cabin in Catskill Mountains. This week, Jim Folly returns as Chef Ron Drysdale as Sgt. Lefty (Joe Bev) and Olive Pitts recall his arrival at Camp Waterlogg when he was a Homeland Security Officer. Also, featured is Cousin Kenny Savoy as Stinky, and audio cartoons by Daws Butler and Pedro Pablo Sacristan, and new "Lum & Abner" by Donnie Pitchford.

The Joe Bev Experience 
"The Cartoon Carnival Jazz Special"
The new radio hour is an anthology series representing the depth and breath of Bev's 40-plus year career in audio storytelling, from documentary to radio drama, and new and classic installments of Bev's older radio show Cartoon Carnival (still heard on many stations. This week, a new episode (the 53rd) of Cartoon Carnival, in which one of Bev's many alter egos Mr. Jazzbo (a talking 78 RPM record) introduces soundtracks from Max Fleischer, Famous Studios, Paramount, MGM and Warner Brothers Cartoons that feature classic jazz, including: You Don't Know What Your Doing - Merrie Melody with The Abe Lyman Orchestra - Warner Brothers (1931); Minnie the Moocher - Betty Boop & The Cab Calloway Orchestra - Max Fleischer (1932) Snow White -  Betty Boop & The Cab Calloway Orchestra - Max Fleischer (1933); The Old Man of the Mountain Betty Boop & The Cab Calloway Orchestra - Max Fleischer (1933) Katnip Kollege - Merrie Melody - Warner Brothers (1938); Me Musical Nephews - Popeye the Sailor - Famous Studios / Paramount (1942); Solid Serenade - Tom & Jerry (1946).

Joe Bevilacqua is a veteran, award-winning broadcaster. He begin his professional radio career in 1988 at WBGO, Jazz88 in Newark, NJ. He worked at WNYC, New York Public Radio until 1995, when he became among the founding employees of internet startups VeriTest, CitySearch, GeoCities and Yahoo! In 2000, combining knowledge and experience gained from working in radio and the Internet, Bevilacqua founded Waterlogg Productions, with his wife and partner Lorie Kellogg. The couple recently signed an exclusive distribution deal with Blackstone Audio. For more information, go to:

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OR click on the link to the right to hear us online

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