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Classic Jazz Cartoon Soundtracks Air Saturday, March 30 at 3:30 pm ET on CRAGG!

The Jazz-O-Rama Hour is part of The Joe Bev 3-Hour Block, which includes The Comedy-O-Rama Hour & The Joe Bev Experience, EVERY SATURDAY starting 2:30 pm ET / 11:30 am PT on

Extended versions of the music of Cab Calloway, Abe Lyman, Scott Bradley, Winston Sarples and Carl Stalling will fill the air on the 35th edition of Joe Bev's Jazz-O-Rama Hour airing Saturday, March 30rd at 3:30 pm ET / 12:30 pm PT, at (part of Joe Bev 3-Hour Block, beginning at 2:20 pm ET / 11:30 am PT).

Joe Bev presents a special Cartoon Carnival edition of The Jazz-O-Rama Hour, in which one of Bev's many alter egos Mr. Jazzbo (a talking 78 RPM record) introduces soundtracks from Max Fleischer, Famous Studios, Paramount, MGM and Warner Brothers Cartoons that feature classic jazz, including: 
  1.  You Don't Know What Your Doing - Merrie Melody with The Abe Lyman Orchestra - Warner Brothers (1931)
  2.  Minnie the Moocher - Betty Boop & The Cab Calloway Orchestra - Max Fleischer (1932)
  3.  Snow White -  Betty Boop & The Cab Calloway Orchestra - Max Fleischer (1933)
  4.  The Old Man of the Mountain - Betty Boop & The Cab Calloway Orchestra - Max Fleischer (1933)
  5.  Katnip Kollege - Merrie Melody - Warner Brothers (1938)
  6.  Me Musical Nephews - Popeye the Sailor - Famous Studios / Paramount (1942)
  7.  Solid Serenade - Tom & Jerry (1946)
You Don't Know What You're Doin'! is an animated short subject, released on October 21, 1931, directed by Rudy Ising and produced by Leon Schlesinger as part of the Merrie Melodies series from the Harman-Ising studios and distributed by Warner Brothers. The musical soundtrack was done by the then-nationally famous Abe Lyman Orchestra which adds a happy energy throughout the cartoon. The eccentric virtuoso trombone playing of Orlando "Slim" Martin is prominently featured. Martin played not only music but also some rather bizarre effects on his horn (the techniques he used to produce some of his sounds continue to puzzle other trombonists). His trombone solo representing the drunken automobile is especially memorable. The Schlesinger Studio had their sound effects department construct mechanical devices to roughly reproduce some of Martin's sounds, which became standard cartoon sound effects.

In 1932, Calloway recorded the song for a Fleischer Studios Talkartoon short cartoon, also called Minnie the Moocher, starring Betty Boop and Bimbo. Calloway and his band provide most of the short's score and themselves appear in a live-action introduction. The thirty-second live-action segment is the earliest-known film footage of Calloway. In the cartoon, Betty decides to run away from her parents - who insist that she eat something despite the fact that she doesn't want to eat (to the tune of "Mean to Me"), and Bimbo comes with her. While walking away from home, Betty and Bimbo wind up in a spooky area and hide in a hollow tree. A spectral walrus — whose gyrations were rotoscoped from footage of Calloway dancing — appears to them, and begins to sing "Minnie the Moocher", with many fellow ghosts following along. After singing the whole number, the ghosts chase Betty and Bimbo all the way back to Betty's home. While Betty is hiding under the covers of her bedsheets, her runaway note is torn up and the remaining letters read "Home Sweet Home". In 1933 another Betty Boop/Cab Calloway cartoon with "Minnie the Moocher" was The Old Man of the Mountain. Snow White is a 1933 animated short film in the Betty Boop series from Max Fleischer's Fleischer Studios. Dave Fleischer was credited as director, although virtually all the animation was done by Roland Crandall.

Katnip Kollege is a 1938 Merrie Melodies animated cartoon short produced by Leon Schlesinger Studios for Warner Bros. Pictures. It features the characters of Johnny Cat and Kitty Bright playing college students. The music in the short is pieced together from a number of contemporary Warner Brothers features. The featured song, "Easy as Rollin' Off a Log" by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl, is sung by Johnnie "Scat" Davis and Mabel Todd in the film Over the Goal. Other songs used include "You're an Education" by Al Dubin and Harry Warren which was written for, but never used in Warner Brothers' 1938 feature film Gold Diggers in Paris and the Richard A. Whiting/Johnny Mercer song "We're Working our Way through College" from Warner Brothers' 1937 feature Varsity Show. Carl Stalling supervised the music soundtrack.


Me Musical Nephews is a black and white Popeye cartoon released December 25, 1942, directed by Seymour Kneitel, animated by Tom Johnson and George Germanetti, written by Jack Ward and Jack Mercer, with music by Winston Sharples. In it, nephews Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye and Poopeye are musically inclined, and they want to practice all night. But Uncle Popeye just wants to sleep. He tries to. The four nephews are practicing their square music while Popeye attempts to stay awake. Sending them off to bed, the four bored nephews devise musical instruments out of their toys.

Solid Serenade is a 1946 one-reel animated cartoon and is the 26th Tom and Jerry short, produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on August 31, 1946 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. It was produced by Fred Quimby and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, with musical supervision by Scott Bradley, and animation by Ed Barge, Michael Lah, Pete Burness, Ray Patterson and Kenneth Muse.

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Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) has been producing radio in many genres since 1971 when he was 12. At 19 in 1980, Bev became the youngest person to produce a radio show for public radio. He co-hosted The Jazz Show with Garret Gega in the early 80s, a four hour a week mix classic jazz and comedy. Bev also worked for WBGO, Jazz 88 in Newark, NJ and produced documentaries for WNYC New York Public Radio on jazz legends including Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, Count Basie, Woody Herman, Cab Calloway, and Lionel Hampton. 

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Bev also produces, directs, writes and voices half of The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, which is has been highest rated radio show on Cult Radio A-Go-Go! for many weeks. Joe Bev's other weekly radio show, The Jazz-O-Rama Hour debuted at #2.

Last year, the veteran voice actor added his third hour for Cult Radio, called The Joe Bev Experience which airs right after The Jazz-O-Rama Hour. 


Louis Armstrong's New Orleans,
with Wynton Marsalis:
A Joe Bev Musical Sound Portrait

by Joe Bevilacqua Narrated by Joe Bevilacqua, Winton Marsalis, Donald Newlove, Leonard Lopate, Louis Armstrong

Length: 59 min. 

Veteran radio producer Joe Bevilacqua hosts this entertaining, informative hour, recorded in the French Quarter of New Orleans and featuring jazz great Wynton Marsalis, jazz author and historian Donald Newlove, WNYC Radio talk show host Leonard Lopate, members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and others, on the origins of jazz, and the life and music of legendary trumpeter Louis Armstrong. Also featured is the music of Armstrong throughout his long career, and rare recordings, including audio from a 1957 CBS TV documentary with Edward R. Murrow.


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