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Halloween MP3s for the Entire Family!

Scenes for Actors and Voices (Google Affiliate Ad)
fairies, witches,
and ghosts,
Orson Welles

stories available for easy
MP3 download at

ISBN: 978-1-4507-9449-7

ISBN: 978-1-4507-9450-3

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Take Halloween with you this year with downloadable holiday stories from Waterlogg Productions.

These audio Halloween titles for the entire family are available for easy MP3 download at, and Amazon, iTunes, Audiobookmart, Theaudiobookstore, and Audible for Kindle, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad or CD purchase or rental.

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Goblins, fairies, witches, and ghosts! These 10 short Halloween-themed stories, by noted children's author Pedro Pablo Sacristan, will charm and entertain your whole family!

Produced with wonderful sound effects and music by veteran radio-theater producer Joe Bevilacqua and performed by husband-and-wife team Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg.

Stories include:
  • "The Creature in the Attic"
  • "A Different Take on Halloween"
  • "Waking Nightmare"
  • "The Evil Goblins"
  • "The Brave Boy and the Multicolored Ghost"
  • "Forever a Monster"
  • "Bewitched Tongues"
  • "The Ugly Fairy"
  • "The Sweet Witch"
  • "Katrina the Capricious Witch"
  • "The Evil Millisphore"

What the Critics Say:  "Children’s author Pedro Pablo Sacristan is back with 10 more of his delightful children’s stories, all translated into English. And appropriate for the season, these 10 stories all have a Halloween theme. Goblins, ghosts, witches, fairies, and monsters abound in these silly and scary tales that will become instant favorites with children and parents alike. "These stories are narrated by the husband and wife team of Lorie Kellogg and Joe Bevilacqua. This is exactly the kind of work these two were made for. Kids will immediately identify with the funny and crazy voices of Joe and Lorie. I always get a kick out of listening to them myself; they always remind me of the Saturday morning cartoons I used to watch as a kid. Halloween doesn’t have to be evil and scary. With these [stories], you and your kids can enjoy the lighter side of All Hallow’s Eve!" (

CHECK IT OUT WITH A FREE AUDIO SAMPLE: Listen to "The Crashed Martian"


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A new production of the classic radio play by the voice of Yogi Bear, Daws Butler! Produced with wonderful sound effects and music by veteran radio-theater producer Joe Bevilacqua, and performed by husband and wife team Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg.

"If there was an award for best husband and wife narrating team, I think the clear winners would be Joe Bevilacqua and Lorie Kellogg…. [I]ndividually, Joe an Lorie are both extremely talented voice artists. They can both do lots of entertaining voices, not just characterizations but whole personalities, and they both have a fine flair for drama, satire, and comedy. Put them together and, well, need I say more? If you haven’t heard these two at work, you’re missing out on something special. If you’re looking for a little light listening to get you in the mood for Halloween, look no further. The audio team of Daws Butler, Lorie Kellogg, and Joe Bevilacqua have got you covered. Hey, at only 45 minutes, you could listen to this on the way to your own Halloween party!" (

All of our Audiobook Heaven reviews can be found here:


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In this 1988 documentary, award-winning NPR producer Joe Bevilacqua looks at how the landmark broadcast came about and examines its impact on broadcast history. The half-hour program includes rare interviews with Mercury Theater producer John Houseman and writer Howard Koch, actor Arthur Anderson, and the people of Grover's Mill, New Jersey, who lived through the "Martian invasion".

What the Critics Say: "The Making of the War of the Worlds Broadcast is engaging, informational, and sound rich. This program, like the original War of the Worlds, rates a listen. Thankfully, the producer interviewed WOW producer John Housman not long before he died [on the 50th anniversary of the landmark broadcast, Halloween of 1988]. The story of this legendary Orson Welles broadcast is for the most part allowed to unfold through descriptions by Housman, and writer Howard Koch, along with voices recorded at Grover’s Mills’ 50th anniversary event. You can hear traces of amazement in the voices of people who heard that broadcast 70 years ago. Housman, reflecting 20 years ago on why the program still holds fascination, said: 'It's history. It’s one of the great events of the new age of mass communications.' True still." (Sydney Lewis, Atlantic Public Media)


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The first anthology of NEW fiction based on the beloved OTR characters and shows we know and love. Old Time Radio fans have something new to listen to!

Includes: Our Miss Brooks: "One Principal Too Many, One Principal Too Meanie" by Clair Schulz; Tom Mix: "Tom Mix and the Mystery of the Bodiless Horseman" by Jim Harmon; Candy Matson Yukon 2-8209: "The Japanese Sandman" by Jack French; The Clyde Beatty Show: "Perils of the Tiger Barn" by Roger Smith; The Green Lama: "The Case of the Bashful Spider" by Bob Martin; Sgt. Preston of the Yukon: "A Call from the Storm" by Jim Nixon.

What the Critics Say: "The enthusiasm of the writers and their respect for the period is infectious." (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine)
"Joe Bevilacqua is an amazingly talented actor and producer who brings these stories to life! You will think you are listening to actual old time radio!" (Jim Harmon, OTR historian and author)

"Are you a fan of old-time radio? Do you wish they were still making those wonderful programs so you wouldn’t have to keep listening to the same old episodes again and again? Do you poop out at parties? Do you wish I would stop asking so many questions? Well wish no more o traveler of the airwaves. From Joe Bevilacqua and his Waterlogg Productions, the vita-veeta-vegemin of old-time radio, comes this echo from a bygone era. It’s The New Stories of Old-Time Radio! That’s right, creator, writer, and narrator Joe Bev has taken some of his own favorite radio programs, and created brand new episodes for all of us to enjoy. Contained in this set are all original episodes of Our Miss Brooks, Tom Mix, Candy Matson Yukon 2-8209, The Clyde Beatty Show, The Green Llama, and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon. Assisting Joe Bevilacqua on the narrating duties, is his wife and creative partner Lorie Kellogg. With these two working together, you really don’t need anyone else. They can create more unique voices between the two of them than you can shake a radio at." (Audiobook Heaven)

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