Friday, August 10, 2012

"The Cartoon Carnival Pirates of the Caribbean Special" airs Saturday, August 11 - 3 pm (ET) on Cult Radio-A-Go-Go! (CRAGG)

Listeners will going deep inside "Disneyland" this Saturday at 3 pm (ET) when Internet radio powerhouse Cult Radio-A-Go-Go! will air "The Cartoon Carnival Pirates of the Caribbean Special" 

on the fourth edition of "The Joe Bev Experience" - part of "The Joe Bev 3-hour Block" airing every Saturday, starting 1 pm (ET) / 10 am (PT) at 

The weekly radio anthology hour presents a different aspect of the diverse audio career of Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev).

On the Saturday, August 11th show, Bev presents "The Cartoon Carnival Pirates of the Caribbean Special" when he is shanghaied by Trapper Carl DSC (Joe Bev), Chippy the parrot (Lorie Kellogg), and their marauding band of pirates who takeover the show and send the audience on a wild trip through Disneyland's "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride, including rare tracks never-before heard of Mel Blanc, Paul Frees and others.

"I took these raw tracks and orchestrated them into an hour that makes you feel like you are going through the wildest and longest ride ever!" explains Bev.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disney-made log flume themed dark ride at Disneyland Park, Walt Disney World Resort Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris. This was the last attraction which Walt Disney himself participated in designing; it opened three months after his death, in the spring of 1967. It was originally envisioned to be a walk-through wax museum attraction.[1] It is located within the New Orleans Square portion of Disneyland, its facade evoking antebellum era New Orleans, topped by a 31-star United States flag (which would indicate the 1850s). The ornate initials of Walt Disney and Roy Disney (W.D. and R.D.) can be seen entwined in the wrought iron railings above the attraction's entrance at Disneyland. An overhead sign at the boat dock names it for the famous pirate Jean Lafitte (although his name is misspelled Laffite), who fought alongside the U.S. Army at the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812. The second floor of the facade was originally designed to be a private Disney family apartment. Instead it later opened as an art-related retail/museum space called the Disney Gallery until late 2007 when it was replaced by the Disneyland Dream Suite. During the course of the indoor boat ride, guests float through an immersive, larger-than-life pirate adventure featuring gunshots, cannon blasts, burning buildings, and carousing and pillaging pirates, all accompanied by the now-iconic song "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" written by George Bruns and Xavier Atencio. (Wikipedia)

Joe Bevilacqua is a veteran radio theater producer and voice actor. He also works on stage and is the winner of the 2012 New York TANYS Award for Excellence in Acting. He has performed at the Improv, Caroline's on Broadway, Catch a Rising Star, the Comic Strip, opened for Uncle Floyd, worked with Al Franken, Shelley Berman, Louis Black and Rick Overton. Joe has also MC'd shows featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Mahr and Gilbert Gottfried. He has been regularly heard on National Public Radio and Sirius-XM Radio and has produced hundreds of hours of audiobooks.

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