Monday, April 23, 2012

Listen to the Comedy-O-Rama Hour on Cult Radio-Go-Go!

Listen to the
Comedy-O-Rama Hour 
on Cult Radio-Go-Go! 

1:00 pm EST 
10:00 am PST

Please toon in to hear us make with the funny on the internet and have fun!
As Chuck McCann says "Let's Have Fun!"

Lorie Kellogg
creates the voices of Ranger Lorie, Olive Pitts, Lkie (Sqweeky), the gal at the Too Big or Too Small Store, and oodles of voices in the Perdro cartoons.

Joe Bevilacqua creates the voices of Ranger Joe, Sgt. Lefty, Ellis the Boat Keeper, Andy the Little Orphan Boy, all the voices in the "Uncle Dunkle and Donnie" cartoons, and the other voices in the Perdro cartoons.

Let us know what you think. 
Post on this blog or on our 
facebook pages...

Many of our projects are for sale on our website

and we can voice anything you want...
just send us a script!

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