Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sgt. Lefty & Squeaky are gonna inform you! Comedy-O-Rama 2 Hour Block- NEW!

Sgt. Lefty & Squeaky are gonna inform you!

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Sirius XM's Bob Edwards Makes a Cameo on This Saturday's

"Camp Waterlogg" Expands to 2-Hours 
Saturday March 17th, From Noon to 2pm (ET) / 9am to 11am (PT) 
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Exclusively on

Sirius XM Radio host Bob Edwards makes a cameo guest appearance this Saturday when radio's The Comedy-O-Rama Hour becomes The Comedy-O-Rama Two-Hour Block!

Two "Camp Waterlogg" episodes will air back-to-back, this Saturday, March 17 from Noon to 2pm (ET) / 9am to 11am (PT) - tune in live for free, heard exclusively on

"We are going to repeat last Saturday's "Camp Waterlogg". Then the current week's show will be on right after it at the usual time. So if listeners missed last week's show they can re-hear it and "Camp Waterlogg" will actually be on in a 2-hour block. If this goes well we might do this weekly," says Terry & Tiffany DuFoe, creators and owners of Cult Radio A-Go-Go!

Comedy-O-Rama is the brainchild of veteran public radio producer Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev.) and his wife Lorie Kellogg. The show had a four year successful run on XM Radio.

"For the XM show, we created 60 hours of original comedy radio theater over a four year period. For CultRadioAGoGo, we are doing a brand new hour of comedy every week!" explains Bevilacqua.

To accomplish this grueling pace, Bevilacqua and Kellogg have moved away from written scripts and instead improvise at least 50% of the show each week.

On the new show, which takes place at the fictional Camp Waterlogg, Ranger Joe and Ranger Lorie improvise radio theater stories, doing most of the voices themselves, recording the show from their cabin and surrounding woods in Napanoch, New York, in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.

"Listeners are always amazed that we are most of the characters at Camp Waterlogg," beams Lorie Kellogg. "And Joe post-produces our show with fun music and sound effects!"

The result is a brand new full scale radio theater every week.

On this week's show, Chef Ron is missing and Homeland Security is looking for him. Meanwhile, the chipmunks, squirrels, ducks and chickens start attacking the camp.

There will also be an episode of The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Adventures of Teaman, and a story by Pedro Pablo Sacristan entitled "The Angry Brothers".

In addition to Bevilacqua, Kellogg and Edwards, the cast includes Matt Hurwitz, Jim Folly, Tom Giannazzo, Henry J. Quinn, Vernon Morris, Jan Meredith, Mitchell Pearson and the DQD Theater of Philadelphia.

Upcoming "Camp Waterlogg" guest stars include Julie Newmar (Batman), Stuart Pankin (HBO's Not Necessarily the News), Janet Waldo (The Jetsons), Bob Camp (Ren & Stimpy) and Judy Tenuta (The Weird Al Show).

Emmy award-winning actor, writer, comedian Rick Overton (Seinfeld, The Dennis Miller Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm) will guest star on the March 31 show in a segment called "Ask Dimitri," which Overton and Bev hope to make a reoccurring part of Comedy-O-Rama.

A Kickstarter campaign is underway to keep The Comedy-O-Rama Hour on the air beyond 13 weeks:

Article about the return of The Comedy-O-Rama Hour:

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour is a Waterlogg Production. For more great Waterlogg audio, via Amazon, iTunes, Audible, Kindle, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and iPad, go to

Coming celebrity guests: Julie Newmar, Rick Overton, Stuart Pankin, Bob Camp, Judy Tenuta. 

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